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Key Points to Know About Light Weight Armor Passenger Vehicles – IACphilippines. Armored vehicles can be broadly defined as a specially manufactured vehicle which is typically used for the purpose of safety and protection.

Key Points to Know About Light Weight Armor Passenger Vehicles – IACphilippines

These types of vehicles are extensively used by armed forces during wars and by important governments who are being indentified of having life threats from internal or external sources. In some countries like Afghanistan and Iraq all government officials use armored vehicles for travelling. In the market, as per the usage, three different types of armored vehicles are available namely: Military armored vehiclesArmored vehicles for carrying valuable goodsPassenger armored cars The design and structure of each of the categories are different so as to effectively serve the purpose. Light weight armor vehicles are generally constructed by replacing the windows of any luxury cars or SUVs with bullet proof glasses. Like this: Turn to IAC Philippines When in Need of the Best Armored Car Company. An Overview about Bulletproof/Armored Vehicles – IACphilippines.

Introduction Bulletproof cars are used where security is the main concern.

IAC Philippines / TomArmor System offer a range of bulletproof cars as per the requirements of our customers. We have all major brands of car to convert them armored and bulletproof car like – Toyota, Lexus, Chevrolet, Ford, BMW, Mercedes Benz, Porsche etc. – iacphilippines

The glass used in car is made from bulletproof material to protect the inside area from criminal activities.

An Overview about Bulletproof/Armored Vehicles – IACphilippines

Now a days bulletproof cars or vehicles are growing in trend just looking for the security. Bulletproof Cars Protection Philippines. January 2016 – One of the sad realities of today’s world is that we are forced to co- exist with several risk factors that affect our safety and security.

IAC Philippines / TomArmor System offer the facility of bulletproof car in Philippines that suits to your personal styles and needs. We work with all major brands of cars like – Toyota, Lexus, Chevrolet, Ford, BMW, Mercedes Benz, Porsche etc. – iacphilippines

Hijackings are trending alarmingly upwards and the scourge of the developing economies, kidnappings are becoming ever more frequent.

Bulletproof Cars Protection Philippines

This only increases during election season despite the gun ban. The chances of being attacked as you are parked in your driveway and then forced into your house where your family is subjected to the criminals has increased markedly, and latest studies show that the Philippines is one of the most dangerous countries in Asia to live. The majority of crimes in the Philippines are crimes inflicted on other people. Index crimes which last year accounted for 59.3% of the total reported crimes in the country. Additionally the proliferation of illegal firearms and black market threats in the Philippines has been a major contributing factor in the rise of violent crime. Lightweight Armored Vehicles. Armoring in general Today ballistic steel is still the material of choice when armoring a vehicle, this is due to the low attractive cost and quick manufacturing times whether a military tank or a passenger vehicle.

Lightweight Armored Vehicles

Over the past 40 years, the technology has advanced and is still continuing to change. During this time light weight synthetic fiber ballistic laminates were developed and were introduced into the armoring industry. Synthetic fiber laminates were developed by companies such as Allied Signal (a large US chemical and fiber manufacturer) and DuPont Products (1965 DuPont introduced the first Kevlar® fiber, DuPont customers, inventors, and entrepreneurs have been finding ways for Kevlar® to help protect, strengthen, and enhance the world around us).

Armoring Vehicles for Current Technology. Considering an armored vehicle and choosing best protection available Overview: As an innovative company that is quickly rising to become the leader in a rapidly growing market for armored passenger vehicles IAC Philippines / TomArmor Systems has dedicated many resources to technological advances; these teams who’s primary focus is on research and development, product testing, application processes and component combinations to continue promoting these most current technological advances.

IAC Philippines / TomArmor provide a vehicle security system that is able to maintain mobility with one or all tires flat in order to escape danger and return the crew to safety. Our SAFETY CRF solution is designed to achieve 50 km at 50 km/h while our ESCAPE CRF is designed to achieve 15 km at 50 km/h – iacphilippines

Many pre-existent companies are comfortable remaining in the same old armoring processes and materials, which leave vehicle heavy, poor performing along with poor handling and maneuverability, although this is the least expensive and quickest way to design and build an armored passenger vehicles while at the same time inexpensive – This is yesteryears technology.

Armoring Vehicles for Current Technology

Materials, Processes and Required Specifications: Armored Car Truck Vehicle Manufacturing Company. IAC Philippines / TomArmor Systems is an innovative company and has many products to offer IAC Philippines / TomArmor Systems is the sole distributor for the highly sought after TATTArmor™ Ultra Lightweight armoring materials used in the armoring processes of the passenger vehicle armoring industry, an example of our product lines include but not limited to- A large range of personal passenger vehicles including most major brands (i.e.

IAC Philippines / TomArmor Systems has in place a detailed production process timeline with very strict quality control procedures at each stage. We work with all major brands to provide your armored car and use ultra light armored materials for it. – iacphilippines

American, European Japanese – Toyota, Lexus, Chevrolet, Ford, BMW, Mercedes Benz, Porsche, Trucks, Sedans, Limousines as well as specialty vehicles such as Police cruisers, specialty SWAT Vehicles, Observation Towers (Sky-Bunker™) and much more.

Armored Car Truck Vehicle Manufacturing Company

IAC PHilippines TomArmor systems has the capability to develop and design specialty products, commercial or residential applications, safe rooms, and much more Current capabilities with our current Philippine manufacturing facility is the ability to produce up to 20 units per month with certified technicians. Armoring Materials.

Armored vehicles can be compromised when immobilized by ballistic or terrain related tire damage. Security vehicles operating in unsafe surroundings must be properly equipped in order to be able to complete the mission and carry the crew to safety. – iacphilippines