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Tecnológo en Desarrollo de Software

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Web, Mobile, UX and UI Designers. Los Tres Paradigmas en Investigación. InVision – Free Web & Mobile Mockup and UI Prototyping Tool. Why to teach UX? 5 Steps for Getting Started in UX Design. Keep your goals in sight.

5 Steps for Getting Started in UX Design

You’ve made your resolutions — we want to help you keep them (at least the ones that aren’t food related). That’s why we’ve put together five simple things you can do to get started in User Experience Design. Commit to reading a post a day (or week) from 52 Weeks of UX. Other UX blogs we like: UX Booth, Konigi, Smashing Magazine, Little Big Details.Explore common mobile UI elements at pttrns and Inspired UI.Curl up with a good book. Get into the UX mindset with The Design of Everyday Things.Put pen to paper. Take your interest in UX Design to the next level.


BuenVivir. HCI-Estudio-Pedagogia. 5 Reasons User Experience Is More Important in 2015 Than Ever Before. In 2014, Google and Facebook cracked the whip on pageview practices such as blackhat SEO tactics and click-bait headlines in order to increase the quality of information users see on these platforms.

5 Reasons User Experience Is More Important in 2015 Than Ever Before

With the focus of two Silicon Valley giants shifting to user experience, others are sure to follow suit in 2015. Digital marketers need to be armed with knowledge to take on these changes. While a lot of the advice you’ll hear about how to adapt your strategy to recent changes can get pretty complicated, we think there’s an easier approach: always think about your content marketing through the lens of user experience. Simple, right? Google wants your content to be valuable In 2014, Google made changes to its algorithm to make the user experience its priority. For example, let’s use Peter Morville’s User Experience Honeycomb, your content should be: Facebook wants social media marketers to be better storytellers Facebook has recently made changes to the way the News Feed works for its users.


User Experience Design. I’ve been practicing information architecture since 1994, and from Gopher to Google have seen dramatic changes in the landscape of organization, search and retrieval.

User Experience Design

Through these ten tempestuous years, I’ve found the infamous three circle diagram to be a great tool for explaining how and why we must strike a unique balance on each project between business goals and context, user needs and behavior, and content. Three Circles of Information Architecture While this diagram was conceived with IA in mind, it’s equally useful for explaining UX. In conjunction with Jesse’s masterpiece, I use the three circles to illustrate the distinction between user experience and user-centered design. I’m still not convinced UCD exists outside the realm of theory, but I practice user experience design every day.


MODULO_DE_PLANIFICACION_CURRICULAR.pdf. MODELOS PEDAGÓGICOS Y DISEÑO CURRICULAR (Mayo Octubre 2011) Results (page 1): Untitled. Usability. Understanding Design for Dynamic and Diverse Use Situations. Understanding Design for Dynamic and Diverse Use Situations Mieke van der Bijl-Brouwer 1,* and Mascha van der Voort 2.

Understanding Design for Dynamic and Diverse Use Situations

Designing a robust user research approach - Peak Usability. Get your user research into shape with triangulation - February 2013 by Amber Dean Research is not unlike the computer science concept of 'garbage in, garbage out'.

Designing a robust user research approach - Peak Usability

Usability Evaluation Handbook for Electronic Health Records - Linda Harrington, PhD, DNP, RN-BC, CNS, CPHQ, CENP,CPHIMS,FHIMSS, Craig Harrington, MS, LMSW, CPHIMS - Google Libros. The product usability weblog. Managing Product Usability: How companies deal with usability in the development. Problem statement: Even though there is a large amount of methods for user-centred design, the usability of electronic consumer products (e.g., portable music players, washing machines and mobile phones) is under pressure.

Managing Product Usability: How companies deal with usability in the development

Usability is the extent to which a product can be used by specified users to achieve specified goals with effectiveness, efficiency and satisfaction in a specified context of use. That the usability of electronic consumer products is under pressure is attributed to an increase in the functionality they offer, a decrease in size, their usage in networks, and the large variety of contexts of use. Furthermore, the development of these products has become increasingly challenging due to their increasing complexity, pressure on time to market, globally distributed product development teams, and the commoditization of electronic consumer products.

Three case studies: In total three case studies were conducted. Computer Information Systems Degree. Untitled. Welcome to the Research area of the Purdue OWL.


This section houses scholarship and research - past and present - on OWLs. Please check back as we continue to expand this section. We're always looking to update this bibliography with annotations of additional scholarship. Acknowledgement of authorship will be given to all published annotations. New submissions (in MLA format) can be sent to the Purdue OWL Coordinator. Introduction Welcome to the Research area of the Purdue OWL. Background The goal of the Research area of the Purdue OWL is to provide visitors and scholars with more information about work in theory and research that contributes to literacy resources accessed by millions of global users ever year.

We believe this section also answers the call from scholars like Davida Charney (“Empiricism is Not a Four-Letter Word” 1996) and Richard Haswell (“NCTE/CCCC’s Recent War on Scholarship” 2005) who underscore the value of empirical work in rhetoric and composition studies.