Digital Identity Mapping
In a previous article, we discussed the Web of data, which is about inter-linking open data sets and, thus, turning them into machine-accessible structured data. In this post, we'll draw a picture of how the emerging social Web could serve as a Web of identities, which is essentially a people-data version of the Web of data. W3C's The LOD approach is very good for static and encyclopedic knowledge, but what about accessing our personal data? Technically, modeling our identity, profile data, social graph, groups, activity stream, assets, and other kinds of personal data is straightforward. The Web of Identities: Making Machine-Accessible People Data The Web of Identities: Making Machine-Accessible People Data
Identity Landscape - IdCommons Identity Landscape - IdCommons The Identity Landscape is a community project to create a shared living "map" of the Internet identity space -- the projects, technologies, and standards that are coming together to create an interoperable identity layer for the Internet. Note: this page is currently a placeholder for the outcome of presentations and discussions at the Internet Identity Workshop to be held in Mountain View December 4-6. In the meantime, feel free to add any content you feel would be appropriate to building an identity landscape. A lot of the material in the next three sections was taken, with permission, from the blog article of Johannes Ernst at