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Creative Writing Blogs - Symbaloo Gallery. How to Start Blogging: A Definitive Guide for Authors. This post was originally published in 2011 and has been extensively updated.

How to Start Blogging: A Definitive Guide for Authors

This will be a strange way to begin a guide to blogging, but I want to save you time, trouble, and heartache: The average author does not benefit much from blogging. Yet blogging is still recommended to authors as a way to market and promote. Why? Because blogging does work, if certain conditions are met. The problem is that few authors meet those conditions. What it takes to become an effective blogger First things first: I define “blogging” as publishing material to a site that you own and control—such as your author website. Blogging is an art form If you approach blogging as something “lesser than” your other writing, you’re more likely to fail at it.

The good news is that if you treat blogging seriously, all the writing or content that you generate for your blog can have another life, in another format or within another publication. Using Blogs for Peer Feedback in a Creative Writing Course - An Exploratory Study. Top 15 Creative Writing Blogs In India - Baggout. It is rightly said ‘Pen is mightier than sword’.

Top 15 Creative Writing Blogs In India - Baggout

Pen had brought revolutions in the history also. Creative writing is expression of feelings and thoughts through pen. Everybody has got power of words. I Got The T-Shirt - Bikozulu. This year I got an Infinix phone from Tecno Mobile.

I Got The T-Shirt - Bikozulu

Don’t pretend you have heard of this phone. Wait, have you? I hadn’t. To be honest, for me it sounded like a pharmaceutical company that manufactures antibiotics. But it’s actually an android phone that feels plastic-y. I was happy to learn that it costs a little over 6,000 bob. For purposes of context, I have a Samsung Note 4 currently, (excellent phone), before that I had the Samsung Note 3-neo (lousy phone) and before that I had the Samsung S5 (brilliant phone), so going by this trajectory you can imagine my glee when I was told I had won this antibiotic worth 6K!

The other goodie I received along with the phone was a Tecno power bank. The other goodies included stuff from the sponsors – Airtel. Looking for creative writing blogs. Top 50 Writing Blogs for 2016. Today I have the honor of presenting the Top 50 Writing Blogs for 2016!

Top 50 Writing Blogs for 2016

Welcome to the THIRD annual Top Writing Blogs Awards on Positive Writer. The annual awards post for best Writing Blogs are a special treat for everyone, you’ll discover new blogs, celebrate and congratulate your favorite ones, and, if you’re one of the winners, enjoy a well deserved award of recognition for your hard work! The best-of-the-best blogs are chosen for: 1} quality of content, 2} how routinely they are updated, 3} the amount of reader engagement (comments and social media shares, etc.) and, 4} several blogs were selected from the list nominated by Positive Writer readers. Be sure to visit all of the blogs and since there are quite a few, bookmark this post for future reference. And, of course, feel free to forward it to fellow scribblers in the Craft. CONGRATULATIONS to all of the Champions! Top 20 Creative Writing Blogs - Practical Creative Writing. Hi everyone – it’s always good to get a surprise especially when it’s a really nice surprise.

Top 20 Creative Writing Blogs - Practical Creative Writing

Practical Creative Writing has been selected as one of the top 20 Creative Writing Blogs I am over the moon. It’s great to know I’m doing something right especially since I do everything on the site myself. It’s been a learning process and not always easy, but I have loved every minute of it. The 100 Best Websites for Writers in 2015. UPDATE: Our 2016 list is now live!

The 100 Best Websites for Writers in 2015

Check out The 100 Best Websites for Writers in 2016. Ready to improve your writing — and maybe even make a living as a writer — this year? Our 100 Best Websites for Writers list is back and better than ever. Thanks to your suggestions, this year’s list of writing websites includes both well-established favorites and bold newcomers. We struggled to whittle it down to just 100 — there are so many fantastic resources out there for writers! We’ve broken the list into eight categories: blogging, creativity and craft, entrepreneurship, freelancing, literary agents, marketing, publishing, and writing communities.

If you want to start your own website or blog, here’s our step-by-step guide. Whether you’re keen to find better-paying freelance writing jobs or self-publish your NaNoWriMo project, build your email list or strengthen your SEO skills, these sites will help you reach your goals. 1. Creative writing: blogs and personal stories. Top Writing Blogs - Creative Tourist. We’ve compiled the pick of the top 10 writing blogs- our favourite UK-based go-tos.

Top Writing Blogs - Creative Tourist

Do you spot a glaring oversight? Submit your recommendations using the form on the right. Otherwise, pop the kettle on and get stuck onto the blogging goodness. 1. Yoruba Girl Dancing Stop here for witty meanderings from journalist Bim Adewunmi, who is also Acting Women’s Editor at the Guardian and all-round “cool woman of the internet.” 2. You’re faced with shelf upon shelf of shiny new paperbacks all vying for your attention at your local high street bookshop. 3. The blog from literary magazine Granta offers substantial handpicked essays from their quarterly print edition, alongside wonderful new writing exclusive to their online enclave. 4. One of our foolproof go-to bookmarks, Aussie ex-pat Jessica Stanley compiles wonderful lists of “the thoughtful, complex, beautiful and good.” 5. 6.

“Stories transport you” is the mantra of Litro, which primarily focuses on new and emerging writers. 7. 8. 9. 10. The Top 100 Creative Writing Blogs. By LitNews | July 7, 2012 15 Comments Whether a creative writer’s heart sits with prose, poetry, or both, there likely exists an author or aspirant author out there with something to offer his or her work.

The Top 100 Creative Writing Blogs

And that, friends, is why the Internet stands as one of the best possible tools for today’s emerging literati. Thanks to the online input of industry pros and fledgling dreamers, today’s writers enjoy some incredible opportunities to finely-tune their craft and seek personalized advice from those who came before. We have updated our previous list to include some pretty nifty new reads since then, and we hope you’ll find them as advantageous and informative as we do! Please keep in mind that entries are not to be read as ranked in any particular order. General These reads cover a broad range of subjects concerning both novice and old-timer authors alike, making them particularly well-rounded starts to exploring the writerly corner of the blogosphere. Writer Unboxed: Write Anything:

Top 99 Creative Writing Blogs. By Staff Writers From poetry to lengthy prose, creative writing classes in an online English degree can be a great way to express yourself.

Top 99 Creative Writing Blogs

Of course, even the best online college students and writers can use a few tips, a little inspiration and a whole lot of help getting their work out there. These blogs offer all of that and more. 10 Outstanding Creative Writing Blogs. Posted by Melissa Donovan on December 10, 2012 · The best creative writing blogs.

10 Outstanding Creative Writing Blogs

Over the years, I’ve found some truly outstanding creative writing blogs. Today, I’d like to share a few of my favorites. Some of these blogs offer helpful writing tips, techniques, and ideas. Others broadcast the latest news and information in the world of reading, writing, and publishing. I hope you’ll check them out. The Write Practice: Each post presents an essential writing concept (with an emphasis on storytelling) and includes an exercise at the end, which prompts you to put the concept into practice.Writer Beware: Keeping writers informed and safe, Writer Beware publishes “warnings about the schemes, scams, and pitfalls that threaten writers.”

10 Terrific Creative Writing Blogs.