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Arthur Hall

Former Abitur teacher, writer, seminar designer, language and management consultant, esl course designer, specialist in gifted education, change agent

Short Stories

Flash Fiction. Storytelling. Start Writing 1. Start Writing 2. Start Writing 3. Start Writing 4. Languaging. Poets & Troubadours. Poetry Competitions. Novelists. Playwrights / Dramatists / Screenwriters. Reading Sources.

Belle Lettres

Creative Writing Blogs. Publishing & Collaborating. Hypertext. Creations, reflections and intuitions. Blogs & Website Listings. Short Story Writing Competitions. Language Use.

Writing Styles. Plot and Structure. Character Creation. Setting & Atmosphere.

MOOC courses - free!

Gifted, Talented, High Achievers, Hochbegabt. Gifted, Talented & High Achievers: Quality Sources. Creativity. Metacognition. Connectivism. Learning Strategies 1. Learning Strategies 2. Elearning. Online Teaching.

Ideas 1.

Ideas 2

ESL. ESP: engineering & commercial vocab. Intercultural Studies. Management Sciences. Teaching Literature (OIB) 3D future. Webcam techniques. Life. Brexit. Wikileaks collection. Japanese Culture. Reject TTIP / TPP / CETA.

News. Streaming. Tools. SEO (Search Engine Optimization)


The Arts. Science. Maths. Psychotherapy. Healing.