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Arthur Hall

Former Abitur teacher, writer, seminar designer, language and management consultant, esl course designer, specialist in gifted education, change agent

How to write a short story

Character creation. Setting, foreshadowing, atmosphere & voice. Plot and Structure. Dialogue. Short Stories. Novel Writing. Writing websites & blogs. Novelists. Famous writers' advice. Prompts for writing. Word choice, apposite grammar and general writing rules. Languaging. Writing tools. Collaboration. Publishing. Poets & Troubadours. Playwrights / Dramatists / Screenwriters. Belle Lettres. Storytelling. Creative Writing Blogs. Reading Sources. Hypertext. Blogs & Website Listings. MOOC courses - free! Divergent thinking / learning diversity.

Connectivism. Metacognition. Creativity. Learning Strategies 1. Learning Strategies 2. Gifted, Talented, High Achievers, Hochbegabt. Gifted, Talented & High Achievers: Quality Sources.


Ideas 1. Ideas 2. ESL. Intercultural Studies. Management Sciences. Teaching Literature (OIB) 3D future. Life. Kindle freebies. SEO (Search Engine Optimization) The Arts. Psychotherapy. Healing.