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Having been in business since 2001, we've learned a few things. In the ever-evolving landscape of brand, building strong lifestyle brands and startups for our visionary clients means staying on top of — and ahead of — the latest trends in brand strategy, marketing, digital/tech, social media, and what works when it comes to Millennial marketing + Millennial culture.

Marketing Firms for Startups. "Fast-Fashion brands serve a much savvier consumer than the retail world has ever seen.

Marketing Firms for Startups

Fashion consumers are online, they know the trends, and they know how much they're willing to spend to get them.” Source: Independent fashion labels stake a legitimate claim to delivering designer looks to the masses for less, without all of the negative connotations that come with fast-fashion mall shopping. However, in their pursuit of young, cool customers, independent designs have become increasingly similar to the industries established elders. As fast-fashion jumps into the big leagues, independent brands will have to confront a challenge: running the risk of becoming the very thing they set out to disrupt. After the #menswear boom of the mid-to-late aughts, guys began looking in the mirror at their chambray shirts, raw selvedge denim and moc toe boots and wondering what was next for their sartorial lives. The times are changing once again. Share this: WhatsApp. Marketing A Startup. "It follows that the results of a new study of brands favored by Gen-Y consumers, released today, is chock full of familiar names.

Marketing A Startup

Despite its public image woes, Uber gained the most ground in YouGov BrandIndex’s latest ranking. " Source: It’s probably no surprise that millennial consumers tend to spend their time and money with big digital brands. After all, many in this age cohort (now somewhere between 18 and 29 years old) were hitting their teens right around the time that today’s online Goliaths were grabbing their first market share. So it follows that the results of a new study of brands favored by Gen-Y consumers, released today, is chock full of familiar names. YouGov BrandIndex, a public-perception research firm that interviews over 1.5 million consumers yearly, just unveiled the results of its latest survey, which ranks the brands that notched the biggest gains in making millennial consumers into current customers.

Share this: WhatsApp. Startup Marketing Companies. Pets have increasingly become valuable members of the family for Millennials, and are no longer “just a pet.”

Startup Marketing Companies

When looking at pet ownership in the United States, Millennials are now the largest demographic of pet owners, with over 35% now owning at least one. Just like generations before, Millennial pet owners are treating their dogs and cats not just as a co-habitating animal, but as precious members of the family, and in turn, the pet industry is seeing a spike in the amount of dollars owners are dishing out. 75% of Millennials own a dog, and over 50% own cats. For the now largest generation of young people on the planet, adopting a dog or cat is a sort of “training ground” for having a baby. “Pet parenthood” is a preview of what shared experiences Millennials will face when settling down and having children of their own. At last estimates, the pet industry has now boomed to $69.36 billion industry. Branding Agency For Startups. Fast Fashion May Suffer Due to Changing Millennial Tastes Millennials are moving from buying fast fashion clothes from brands like H&M and Forever 21 towards durable brands such as Patagonia and The North Face.

Branding Agency For Startups

Previously, a person wearing clothing from one of these brands conjured up images of mountain climbers and outdoor enthusiasts. Today, the same clothing can be found on Millennials hanging out at coffee joins (yes, beards optional), or out simply running errands. Marketing Plan for Startup. Millennials make up nearly one-fourth of the country’s population, and startups are constantly seeking new and innovative strategies to attract that demographic.

Marketing Plan for Startup

Current estimates suggest Millennials have a current buying power exceeding $200 billion per year. If you’re considering creating a new startup -- a new business that can effectively reach and connect with Millennials -- there are several key strategies when it comes to building and marketing a startup. Get to Know Millennials Baby Boomers have long been the buying market of choice for brands and marketers alike, but now that Millennials have the majority share of focus, it’s important to note that Millennials approach the actual buying experience much differently than their predecessors. For example, they are: Additionally, Millennials make extensive use of social media platforms to both obtain and share information.

Take Time to Define Success Sure, sales and profits are nice. Fast profitability? Partner with the Right Team Cheers, Marketing Campaigns for Startups. Looking for startup marketing resources because you're in bootstrap-mode and not quite ready to engage a specialized agency like ours?

Marketing Campaigns for Startups

No problem! For you — the Startup Founder, the Visionary, the Entrepreneur — we've put together this handy list of awesome marketing tools and resources that we recommend you check out. We not only recommend them, we stand behind them (many of them we use here in our day-to-day). HypeLife loves ya baby, we got your back. Personizely Supercharge your Shopify ecommerce store with Personizely.

While our clients needs in the digital & ecommerce department are often very specific (a custom digital platform is necessary 99% of the time), we know many startup founders are bootstrapping in the early days and using off-the-shelf e-commerce products like Shopify to get started. If this describes you, Personizely is something you'll want to check out. And with easy-to-install widgets, you don't have to be a coding wizard to put it to work for you.

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