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Sourcing premium quality protective equipment from top brands across the world, at Hymark Trading

Safety Equipment. Asbestos Removal. You need optimum protection when you are dealing with removal of asbestos - also known as asbestos abatement.

Asbestos Removal

Get the best possible asbestos removal equipment from us! There are certain materials in a building that contain asbestos. The removal is an intricate procedure, in order to control the release of fiber from the harmful toxic. Asbestos was widely employed in building materials which included the ceiling tiles, flooring, joint compound, cements and much more. Therefore, it is highly important that before you start any form of building improvements, restructuring or repairs - to test for the presence of asbestos. Asbestos removal involves steps like: encapsulation, encasement, and removal. At Hymark Trading, we want you to be well prepared. . · Hymark type 5-6 Coveralls· Asbestos Bags· Decontamination Unit· Glove Bags· Numatic HZ570 Vacuum · Asbestos Tape· Neg Air Unit· Sundstrom Half-Face Mask We are here to help you choose the right products. Disposable Coveralls. Disposable Clothing that Keep you Safe and Comfortable Disposable coveralls are incredibly versatile options to safeguard yourself against contaminants and other hazardous elements at work.

Disposable Coveralls

With industries discovering the importance of workplace safety, the demand for disposable coveralls and other safety gears is constantly increasing. What you wear while you work makes a huge impact on your health, particularly if you are exposed to extreme conditions or harsh chemicals. Hearing Protection. Effective Noise-Blocking Hearing Protection Hearing protection provides safety and productivity when you are working in a variety of environments.

Hearing Protection

Improper protection may lead to permanent auditory damage, which in some cases might limit your work capabilities. This makes an appropriate pair of earplugs an indispensable factor to keep your ears protected against harmful workplace noises, which cannot be controlled by any other means. Ear muffs are a must for professionals who work in routine industrial jobs, noisy environments or outdoor events. Our earmuffs are light in weight and comfortable. Quality Products Coupled with Superior Services Convenience, quality and superior service are some of the paybacks of choosing us. Call us now to Place your Order If you want to place an order or have any queries, please feel free to reach us on (03) 5984 9999 or drop a mail to .

To view our range of Hearing Protection, please click here... Gloves. Cut Resistant Gloves. Designed for Optimal Cut Resistance Improper handling of sharp objects leads to unwanted workplace hazards.

Cut Resistant Gloves

Unanticipated cuts, slits, lacerations and amputations top the list of potential hazards. To address this challenge and provide employers and the employees with peace of mind, at Hymark Trading, we supply premium quality cut resistant gloves. These gloves help you in curbing finger and hand injuries, when administrative or engineering controls are not sufficient to mitigate accidental risks.Our cut resistant gloves are designed to protect your hands from coming in direct contact with sharp objects, such as metal, glass, ceramics and various other materials.

We source high quality gloves from top brands across the globe. Hassle-Free Shopping with Personal Assistance Our exhaustive online catalogue will make it easy for you to browse through our products. Rigger Gloves. Are also referred as reinforced gloves.

Rigger Gloves

They usually have a leather strap over the knuckles, has a fabric back, and a leather palm. The rigger glove can also be described as leather general all purpose glove that will protect your hands from any form of abrasion. They are specifically designed for rigging and cable pulling purposes. Kevlar Gloves. Kevlar gloves are also described as PPE - personal protective equipment.

Kevlar Gloves

It is made up of a strong synthetic fibre known as Kevlar. These gloves protect its users from heat, abrasions and cuts. They are also popular for being comfortable, lightweight and flexible. In addition, kevlar gloves are strongly flame-resistant. Chemical Resistant Gloves. There are different kinds of chemicals - and this calls out for different kinds of coatings for protection.

Chemical Resistant Gloves

Safety is paramount and we pay close attention to the production of our chemical resistant gloves. Our experienced team has engineered a wide range of chemical-resistant gloves to help you defend against harmful chemicals. We are certain - that you do not have to worry about your safety - when you have selected the right pair of gloves from Hymark Trading. Our chemical resistant gloves are used by professionals at the following industries:· Mining· Automotive· Petroleum· Chemical processing/clean-ups· Fisheries· Pharmaceutical· Farming · Heavy industrial· Shipping chemicals· Light/medium fabrication· Durable goods assembly · General plant use, petrochemicals, and various kinds of laboratories.

Personal Protection. Safety Glasses. Before any of our product reaches out to you, our team puts in a lot of effort to ensure that it adds value in your daily routine - whether it is at work or home.

Safety Glasses

We always lay strong emphasis on design, R&D, manufacturing, safety and comfort as well. Polarised Specs Hymark Trading is one of the leading provider of safety equipment in Melbourne. Headwear. Hard hats are predominantly employed in workplaces such as construction and industrial sites.


They will help protect your head from any form of injury like: falling objects, debris, dust, dirt, or electric shock. A hard hat or protective headgear at these kinds of worksites will also assist you from scraping or bumping your head on equipment or structure projections. With hard hats, there are suspension bands that are present inside the helmet. The bands help in spreading the helmet's weight and any kind of force or impact. Between the helmet's shell and the wearer's head - a suspension also provides a space of approximately 30 mm or 1.2 inches. Adhesive Tapes.

When you have the traditional fixings like: screws, rivets, bolts, nuts, clips, staples and liquid adhesives - they are often considered as the most favorable methods to combine two substrates.

Adhesive Tapes

However, you have brilliant and proven alternatives to these methods in the form of films, foams and adhesive tapes. In certain scenarios, they even match and exceed when it comes to their strength, durability and overall performance. They also provide exceptional benefits that will not be found with traditional fastening techniques like: insulating, shielding, dampening and sealing. We have paid close attention to the needs and requirements of different industries. The Hymark Trading team works hard in order to produce the high quality adhesive tapes for you.

We have a vast array of adhesive tapes that are applicable to different kinds of applications and suit your various needs: You can also take a look at our other top quality products like: work safety gearand asbestos removal equipment.