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Leverage digital technology to help you manage your digital data overload.

Grow Your Career With Us. How to Manage Your Remote Teamwork Effectively? How can HyLyt enhance your productivity? Are you someone who has to juggle a lot between finding relevant information on different platforms, saving them in one place, and sharing it with your peers?

How can HyLyt enhance your productivity?

While you continue to multitask do you find it hard to keep a track of your daily notes and reminders? By the end of the day, do you often feel that you wasted more time sorting things rather than working on it? Well, according to a McKinsey report, employees spend 1.8 hours every day searching and gathering information. On average it almost takes up 20% of your productive hours. Remote Team Management Software. What impact does HyLyt have in any industry? - What impact does HyLyt have in any industry?

What impact does HyLyt have in any industry? -

HyLyt is an Information management app that provides a solution for any problem that arises in personal or professional needs. It is a ‘Digital India Initiative’ developed by SocioRAC. It helps in effectivet management by allotting productive hours for handling multiple tasks on a priority basis. It can be used in any type of industry as it can be adapted easily by various sectors.

HyLyt is a one-click solution for all the multitaskers. Let us go through some of the live cases where HyLyt, the information management app, can efficiently solve your problems. 1. Many of us arrange everything by saving files with related names. HyLyt can also be used in the desktop version, which is convenient for working, especially business operations. App For Managing Time - How To Manage Time At Office Effectively? We are all familiar with time management woes at the office.

How To Manage Time At Office Effectively?

We wake up optimistically, which will complete all our tasks on time, meet our deadline, and then will hit the gym and go out for dinner with family. Then reality hits. We leave late, got stuck in an office, and reach the office already irritated and frustrated. Work From Home: Solving Technology and Security Challenges - HyLyt. The global COVID-19 pandemic is changing how an enterprise collaborates, conducts business and helps employees to adapt to the remote ways of working.

Work From Home: Solving Technology and Security Challenges - HyLyt

With the current work scenario, entire organizations are forced to make employees work from home, that too for an unforeseeable future. This has led to serious concerns on business continuity planning and maintaining the required employees’ productivity with cost optimization measures. In today’s time, the biggest technology challenge being faced by enterprises is to identify the most effective remote collaboration tools to securely boost productivity when employees work remotely. For every enterprise, it is absolutely critical to have business continuity in order to overcome the massive global lockdown. In order to maintain business as usual, almost 70% of the work critical applications are being moved to the cloud. When it comes to Working from Home : HyLyt is Your Partner. Making Virtual Meetings More Effective With Hylyt - HyLyt is an enterprise management and team collaboration app that helps keep the information and work flowing in an office.

Making Virtual Meetings More Effective With Hylyt -

It provides a one-stop solution for all the major problems that can otherwise make an office environment inefficient and slow. The app keeps the office connected virtually and ensures smooth collaboration on projects. One other important use of HyLyt is that it is also a video conferencing app. Besides, the HyLyt app provides all the important information and features like notes, folders, calendar, chats and reminders on a single screen.

This makes meetings more effective, as all your meeting requirements are right in front of you. 1. First, HyLyt allows you to create groups and share information among those groups in a secure manner. The schedule of meetings also gets marked on everyone’s calendars due to HyLyt. The features on the app help the participants to prepare effectively for such meetings. 2. The participants can take notes on the app during the meeting. 5 tips to make your meetings more Productive - For many of us, meetings are not the favourite part of our day.

5 tips to make your meetings more Productive -

And yet, believe it or not, they make up 39 % of our average work time. On top of that, according to a survey 47% of employees find meetings to be the biggest time-waste and distraction at work, they’re simply a necessary evil for any effective organization. The good news is, there are ways to make meetings less painful for everyone, and more importantly, more meaningful and efficient. Keep reading to find tips onhow to plan meetings that are actually worth your time: 1) Rethink your attendance list We’ve all been in meetings where we asked ourselves “why…WHY am I here?”. 2) Preparation is everything, exchange as much information as possible in advance 3) Start on time, even when others don’t As the old and ever-relevant adage goes, time is money. 4) Schedule shorter meetings This might be the easiest way to ensure meetings are more enthusiastic than draining. 5) Always end meetings with a plan of action. Best App For Task Management.

Things to consider while buying Team Collaboration Application. Have you ever realized that on average how many hours do you spend on exchanging emails and how much time does it take to you to brief your team about the project if your answer makes you cringe, you should start thinking to update your team collaboration apps?

Things to consider while buying Team Collaboration Application

What is a Collaboration App? Firstly, let’s get an understanding of the collaboration app. It is a platform where employees share ideas via posts and links to solve a business problem or achieve a goal. HyLyt — Things to consider while buying Team Collaboration... Team Collaboration Apps - Hylyt. Video Conferencing App, a boon for Remote Work. Various innovations in technology have significantly changed how and where we operate a business with a large number of people working remotely, the rise of instant, on-demand communications, and the globalization of businesses.

Video Conferencing App, a boon for Remote Work

It is very important for an organization today to build and maintain good relationships with clients, teams, investors, suppliers etc. With major employees working from home today, video conferencing apps enhance productivity, save time, reduce travel cost and overall promotes collaboration. The advantage of video conferencing is the ability to facilitate all of those benefits without requiring constant travel for face-to-face communication. These apps provide countless opportunities to business, let’s read a few. Reduce Travel The major advantage of using video conferencing is that it reduces travel time and expenses. Enable the Digital Workforce Employee Retention Competitive Advantage.

Best Time Management App, Time Management Apps.