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Article Written By: Danielle DeVor There is a wide disagreement wether pointe work for men is useful. Some men are interested in experimenting with pointe to strengthen their feet, while others want to learn because they plan on teaching pointe or choreographing and they want to have first-hand experience to fully understand the process. Richard Sais, Associate Professor at Florida State University at Tallahassee, believes that pointe training offers male students a whole new level of stretch which is not possible on demi-pointe or in ballet shoes. Rodney Irving, who teaches pas de deux at the Ruth Page School in Chicago, thinks that a male that has experienced pointe finds it easier to understand the difficulties of his female partner. He also feels that the experience helps a male choreographer understand the limits of pointe work. Men and Pointe Technique Men and Pointe Technique
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Style inspirations – President Servalan « Catherine Daze's Blog Style inspirations – President Servalan 04Aug10 Here’s one of my stranger style inspirations: the charactor of Servalan in Blake’s Seven. If you don’t remember the TV series, it was a BBC science fiction drama that ran in the late 70s and early 80s. Style inspirations – President Servalan « Catherine Daze's Blog