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Hybrid MMA & Fitness

Hong Kong’s World Class Personal Training, Group Fitness, Kids Training and Martial Arts Fitness Center. At Hybrid, our mission is to help you unleash greatness. At Hybrid we believe in an approach to training that fuses together multiple disciplines, a smart approach to nutrition, it is a style of living that celebrates a community of like minded people coming together to do what we love, transforming mind, body and soul.

New Year Same You? - Hybrid. Every year we get to January and hear a raft of ‘new year new me’ quotes plastered over social media….great.

New Year Same You? - Hybrid

What is baffling is why we wait till the start of the new year to do so. Is there any difference between this week and the last? Our Training Schedules. How To Choose the Perfect Gym for Your Fitness Needs? - Hybrid. While there are many gyms in Hong Kong, choose a gym which ensures that you achieve your fitness goals.

How To Choose the Perfect Gym for Your Fitness Needs? - Hybrid

Anyone interested in finding the best gym in Hong Kong will need to evaluate some things before making a final decision. When it comes to assessing the gyms in the area, individuals will want to look into things such as sanitation, cleanliness, available classes, hours, location, and fees. Fortunately for those interested in using the best gym in Hong Kong, we provide many benefits that will allow you to use a high-quality gym each day. Professional Personal Trainers One of the main things that you will want to look into is qualified personal trainers. Qualified Instructors. Self reliance. ZA2012. 15-Minute Ab Workout. Every move in this workout strengthens the muscles of your abs, back, and hips.

15-Minute Ab Workout

But this core routine, from Mike Mejia, M.S., C.S.C.S., also loosens your hamstrings, lower back, calves, hip flexors, and other areas, so you'll finish feeling stronger and stretched. Perform the ab workout as a circuit, moving from one exercise to the next without rest. Pause 60 to 90 seconds after each circuit, and do three circuits in all. Do the workout 3 days a week, taking at least a day off between workouts. (Kick it up a notch! Pike WalkStand with your legs straight and your hands flat on the floor. Straight-Arm Side BridgeLie on your left hip with the outer side of your left leg flat on the floor and your upper body propped up on your left arm. Glute Bridge with AbductionLie on your back with your knees bent, feet flat on the floor. Hindu PushupStart with your feet shoulder-width apart and your butt high in the air.

Website Tools. Fitness. Fitness. Fitness. Personal Fitness Training Hong Kong. Whether you’re looking to learn some of the basic techniques, get fit or become a high level mixed martial artist, Hybrid offers it all.

Personal Fitness Training Hong Kong

What Draws People Towards MMA Training? - Hybrid MMA & Fitness. Mixed Martial Arts fighters are always in great shape due to their training regime that involves everything a person would want from a workout.

What Draws People Towards MMA Training? - Hybrid MMA & Fitness

The strength and power required by these athletics are incredible, and they look and feel great as their bodies are their destructive weapons. MMA is, therefore, a great technique to get in shape. If you are not sure where to begin, you can join the MMA Classes For Beginners. Studies have shown that participating in martial arts can improve mental stability and reduce stress. There are primeval movements that people perform, and they are recognized each time you do them at the machine in the gymnasium. MMA training comprises all these primal movements without you noticing. Kickboxing For Kids Hong Kong. At Hybrid, we believe learning how to live an active lifestyle is best taught from a young age – it builds the foundation for a healthy adult lifestyle.

Kickboxing For Kids Hong Kong

That’s why we provide kids martial arts, Muay Thai, Brazilian jiu-jitsu, and, kickboxing for kids and under-18s of various age groups, catering to all skill levels. Our specialised kickboxing for kids fitness classes are available for children and teenagers aged: 5 – 7 years old8 – 12 years old13 – 16 years old. Hot Shower VS Cold Shower - Hybrid. Are you a hot shower person or a cold shower person?

Hot Shower VS Cold Shower - Hybrid

We shiver to think of showering in cold water early in the morning. But when it’s a hot, sweltering day, nothing sounds better than a cold and refreshing shower. Showers are not only cleaning and cleansing, but they could also help promote bodily functions, depending on the temperature. Hot showers are usually more pleasant than cold ones. They may also be beneficial for health. Improved cardiovascular health Warm water appears to improve blood flow in people with chronic heart failure. A study explored the effects of warm water immersion on arterial stiffness, which occurs when the arteries within the body become less flexible. This same reason will also give you relief from migraines, congestion and menstrual cramps. Improved muscle and joint health Hot showers encase blood flow, helping soothe stiff joints and tired muscles. Online vs Virtual Personal Training, Which One is Best for Me? - Hybrid.

But isn’t Online Personal Training and Virtual Personal Training the same thing I hear you asking?

Online vs Virtual Personal Training, Which One is Best for Me? - Hybrid

Yes, but no. Both online personal training and virtual personal training are delivered in the online space but there is one major difference. Online personal training gives you the blueprint to your health and fitness journey. 5 Ways To Set A Goal - Hybrid. Lockdown has certainly thrown a few spanners in the works and has caused us all to adopt a new daily routine.

5 Ways To Set A Goal - Hybrid

This can be hard, especially at the start, as it is unfamiliar and goes against the grain. Like many of us, it has made us rethink, readjust and reevaluate our goals to coexist with our current circumstances. Despite what is happening we can always set a goal, create habits and execute a plan given any situation. Below are 5 top tips for resetting your goals to get yours through this rollercoaster ride of a time. 1. Today is a great day to look back at the goals you wrote down at the start of the year, pick one and go get it! 2. Hybrid MMA & Fitness Hong Kong. Group Training Hong Kong. Take your health and fitness to the next level, and harness the energy of Hybrid Group Training!

Group Training Hong Kong

We offer customised workouts in a group setting, from conventional modalities of fitness training through to elite levels of strength and conditioning. With 7 different types of workouts for you to choose from throughout the week from 5:30 AM through to 9PM, there is a class for every ability, and schedule. Each of our classes is between 45-60min in length and kept to an intimate semi-private group of 8-1o people. Secret Benefits of Personal Training Sessions - Hybrid. Introduction Investing in health should be the first step in realizing personal health goals. Know How a Personal Trainer Helps People Attain Their Fitness Goals - Hybrid. Many people who want to go to the gym usually ask the question: Why do I require the services of a personal trainer?