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M. FASHION VIGNETTE. 1% Retail How Retailers Are Serving Their Best Customers. Pantone. Fashion Trends and Inspiration Board. COLOUR CODES. When I bought my plane ticket to Fez, pushed by a friend who showed me a photo of a pictoresque blue street, I was sure I was going by the sea. Sometimes it’ s extcing to leave without knowing exactly where the destination is. and what will happen. The swimsuits I put in my suitcase were not to be useful since Chefchaouen is located in the middle of the Marocain mountain chaine of the Rif, surrounded by kif fields and hills full of horned goats (the translation of Chaouen is long horns).

Even if the town was opened to foreigners in the fifties and was nominated Heritage of Humanity by Unesco, Chaouen (the way locals call the citadel) exit the classic touristic routes of Morocco as Marrachech, Essaouira or Rabat. Visiting this place in low season, you can feel to be the only foreigner. The reason being its distance from the country’s main airports. From Fez, it takes 3 hours to arrive with a taxi, but it’s surely worth it. The reality feels better than what a photo could picture. Bab Ssour. TRENDxCHANGE. TRENDxCHANGE is a new type of event presented by TREND TABLET. TRENDxCHANGE-editions are inspired by the local area, working with their community to showcase the cities we visit. After a successful launch in London, Paris and Amsterdam, the next stop is Hong Kong’s Hotel ICON. TRENDxCHANGE explores the future of food with experts on the cutting edge of their trade.

Our editor Cecile Poignant will be in Hong Kong and will have the pleasure to welcome several guests : Vicky Lau (Tate’s Michelin-starred chef), Dr Lin (City University), Veronica Yu (Eating Concept Designer), Larry Tang (Founder Sohofama|Locofama) for a thought-provoking presentation, roundtable discussion, drinks gathering, and idea exchange. Food is a complex and wide reaching subject that touches us all profoundly. ‘Food Future’ provides insights on major food trends, allowing participants to engage with the subject and uncover new ideas. Vicky Lau – Tate Dining Room, chef and owner. Veronica Yu – Eating Concept Designer. Top 65 Beauty Products in November. By: Mishal Omar - Nov 6, 2016 The top November 2016 beauty products reveal a variety of different patterns with the most prominent being the expansion of inclusivity in the beauty industry, as well as the innovative use of technology in the industry.

Although far from being comprehensive enough, inclusive projects and campaigns in the beauty industry are continuing to rise as brands both large and small recognize that there are entire populations that are not being represented in their industries. This can be seen in CoverGirl's choice to enlist a male and a young Muslim woman to act as brand ambassadors for the company – both of whom were previously carving out their own spaces online as beauty influencers.

This pattern can also be seen in smaller brands like 'Reversed Cosmetics' that are popping up and aim to create beauty products for people's who's skin tones are not often matched by larger brands. Retail Product Share Apps. Luxe Parisian-Inspired Streetwear : KITH collection.