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5 Technology Trends Transforming the Fashion Industry - Fashion GPSFashion GPS. By Anish Singh, CTO, Fashion GPS The innovations taking place at the intersection of fashion and technology are profoundly amazing and transformative.

5 Technology Trends Transforming the Fashion Industry - Fashion GPSFashion GPS

In many respects, the fashion industry today bears little resemblance to that of a decade ago—and will change even more in the decade ahead. Legendary businessman Peter Drucker famously said, ”Trying to predict the future is like trying to drive down a country road at night with no lights while looking out the back window.” He’s right, which is why I’m not going to try to predict the future here. I am, however, going to energize your imagination with five trends that will help create that unpredictable future—trends that are taking shape right now, that Fashion GPS is tracking closely, and with which all of us in the fashion industry will need to grapple in the years ahead. 1. Or, for another example, imagine fashions that seamlessly and invisibly incorporate biofeedback to support an individual’s health and wellness. 2. 4. 5. Digital fashion design. "Technology is going to turn the entire fashion industry inside out".

Fashion and technology: the digital revolution presents the "biggest challenge for fashion brands" according to digital fashion pioneer Francis Bitonti who asks: "How will an industry where value is communicated by exclusivity and craft cope with this new space?

"Technology is going to turn the entire fashion industry inside out"

" (+ interview) The fashion industry has been slow to adapt to new technologies, says Bitonti, who warned: "Fashion brands are going to have to adapt to this, which is going to mean a shift in core values for many brands. " The New York-based designer initially trained as an architect but has recently focussed on applying advanced manufacturing techniques to fashion, jewellery and accessories, including a 3D-printed dress for Dita von Teese and a pair of 3D-printed shoes. "We want to redevelop everything from design methodology to material and form, to distribution and production," he said. "This technology is going to turn the entire industry inside out.

" Read an edited version of the interview with Francis Bitonti below: 15 Examples of How Technology Innovates Fashion. It was the great Coco Chanel who once said, “Fashion changes, but style endures.”

15 Examples of How Technology Innovates Fashion

Well, regardless of your thoughts on the matter, there’s another thing that changes along with fashion. It is technology. With the amount of innovation happening these days, it kind of makes sense to bring the two together. After all, technology opens up so much more possibilities. By combining style and functionality, there have been a few people who have taken fashion to the next level. We can’t say for certain if they’ll actually catch on but these futuristic fashion styles do look pretty awesome. Recommended Reading: 10 Upcoming Technologies That May Change The World CHBL Jammer Coat This coat is designed by an Austrian architecture company, Coop Himmelb(L)au and you can use it to disappear. Burberry uses first ever Snapcode to let in-store customers unlock online Snapchat content.

The Snapcode allows in-store shoppers to scan a barcode using their mobile device to unlock content from Burberry’s new campaign for male fragrance Mr Burberry.

Burberry uses first ever Snapcode to let in-store customers unlock online Snapchat content

Burberry is running the content on Snapchat’s Discover channel, offering access to style and fragrance content, including tailoring and grooming tips. The channel will also feature the full-length director’s cut and behind-the-scenes content from the campaign. The content will be available for two months. READ MORE: Burberry in Snapchat first as it premieres new fashion collection online Launching today (4 April) and directed by Oscar-winner Steve McQueen, the ad tells the story of a couple madly in love. From 25 April, there will be scent-dispensing posters in Knightsbridge, London, which will spray the fragrance directly onto the user’s wrist when inserted underneath the sensor. Customers are able to personalise their Mr. Can New Technologies Thwart Counterfeiters? LONDON, United Kingdom — Earlier this month, Jack Ma, chairman of Chinese e-commerce giant Alibaba, made headlines when he declared that counterfeiters can “make better quality, better prices than the real product.”

Can New Technologies Thwart Counterfeiters?

Ma’s comment, made to investors at a company meeting, came during an ongoing dispute over Alibaba’s induction into the International Anti-Counterfeiting Coalition (IACC). After Alibaba joined in April, IACC members Michael Kors, Gucci America and Tiffany & Co. all quit the US-based lobbying group in protest over the sale of counterfeit goods on Alibaba and its affiliate sites. In May, the IACC suspended Alibaba’s membership.

Misha Nonoo Shifts Sales Strategy, Plans Snapchat Show. NEW YORK, United States — In a strategic shift more than a year in the making, New York-based label Misha Nonoo has terminated its wholesale relationships and will sell exclusively through, which re-launches on August 23.

Misha Nonoo Shifts Sales Strategy, Plans Snapchat Show

Previously, direct-to-consumer sales made up less than a third of the company’s overall revenue. To support the strategy, Nonoo is embracing Snapchat in lieu of a live presentation at New York Fashion Week — a similar approach to her Instagram-based “insta-show”, which took place one year ago. On September 7, 2016 at 10am EDT — her slot on the official calendar — the designer will release a “live lookbook” on Snapchat, hosted on the handle of a yet-to-be-named editorial outlet.