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Heating Repair, Maintenance and Installation—Electric vs. Gas Furnace. A furnace is a common sight in many Philadelphia homes. Some own an electric furnace, while others prefer the gas-powered variety. Despite their differences, both furnace types perform an essential service in terms of household heating needs. Perhaps you’re wondering which type is ideal for your home. Below are the pros and cons of each furnace type for your consideration. Electric furnace pros Electric furnaces are generally cheaper than their gas-powered counterparts. Heating and Cooling Considerations: Make the Most of Your Home Furnace. Heating is an energy-intensive area of home ownership in which a lot of energy can go to waste if used incorrectly.

It accounts for more than 30 percent of energy use in an average American home. That’s why with the right gas furnace, the average Philadelphia homeowner can benefit from greater energy efficiency, lower heating costs, and lower impact on the environment. How a Gas Furnace Works A gas furnace goes into action when the room temperature drops below the set temperature. Once detected, the furnace thermostat signals the system to deliver natural gas to the burners and for the blower to turn on. The burning gas creates heat in the heat exchanger, where air is pushed in, then out to the rooms through ductwork. Like this: Like Loading... DIY or Call the Experts? What You Need to Know About Furnace Repair. Knowing When to Replace or Repair Your Air Conditioner in Philadelphia. As a resident of this city of neighborhoods, you must already be aware of the extreme weather patterns, heat waves, blizzards, and whatever comes in between. Now that summer season is on, the temperature is expected to rise to potenially dangerous levels.

So you rely on your ACs to keep your home warm, but maybe due to constant usage, it may have developed some fault. To repair or replace is a key question that baffles most homeowners. For one, the cost of repair can potentially be as as high as the cost of replacement, but the prospect of surviving the summer with an AC blowing much cooler air is quite alluring. When making this type of decision, the are usually three main factors to consider: current conditon, life expectancy, and output. Each must be carefully considered before arriving at any conclusion.

Like this: Like Loading... Some Maintenance Tips for Central Air Conditioning in Philadelphia. Summertime is here, and the heat is sure to make people fire up their ACs to cope with it. Central air conditioners are among many cooling devices to be at the mercy of the demand, which can see them working harder than they’ve had to all year prior to this scorching season.

Regular central air conditioner maintenance is a given to ensure that the appliances run smoothly and more efficiently, which can subsequently save up to 15 percent on yearly bills. In addition, a properly maintained unit can last longer and better resist breakdowns since the compressor won’t get too overworked trying to maintain cooler temperatures indoors. Central air conditioners feature a closed loop system, which contains specific components like the condenser located outside and the evaporator which is placed inside. Heat Pump Issues: Know When You’ll Need Professional Heating Repair? Get Professional Help Maintaining Your Heating and Cooling Systems. Philadelphia residents will need an efficient and highly functioning HVAC system in their homes to keep themselves comfortable through the harsh days of winter and summer every year. Proper heating and cooling of homes can only be ensured when the various components of the HVAC system are maintained to keep them in great condition.

In brief, these HVAC parts need particular attention: The Thermostat Your HVAC system’s thermostat is what controls the temperature indoors. When you have problems with it, you may end up with rooms that aren’t as warm or as cold as they need to be. Like this: Like Loading... Call your Heating Contractor to Make Checks on Furnace in the Summer. In the summer heat, Philadelphia homeowners may think that they won’t have to worry about their heating systems; it’s at rest, after all, taking the much-needed break. Summer, however, doesn’t last; Before long, winter takes its place, and your heating furnace once again takes a beating. If you want to make sure you furnace can take the stress and will not fail you in the coldest of nights, you need to consider a day in the summer season for calling in an experienced heating contractor like DN HVAC Services to do the necessary maintenance check on your furnace. Repair or Replace? When having your HVAC system checked this summer, you would have to decide whether your furnace simply needs maintenance or repairs of minor problems, including replacement of small parts—or if you might settle for a complete replacement of your current furnace.

Philadelphia AC Repair: 4 Popular Air Conditioning Myths Debunked. Philadelphia Air Conditioning Service—Time to Replace Your A/C Unit? In the face of hot, humid weather, few appliances mean more to the quality of a person’s life than an air conditioner. An air conditioner filters, dehumidifies, and cools the air, making your home surrounding very comfortable for you.

With all its beneficial functions, there’s no doubt that AC units play an important role in the total wellbeing of the homeowner. Just like any household equipment, an air conditioner will eventually conk out at one point in time. If the unit stops working, then not only will your family feel the heat, your health could be at risk, too. According to the American Lung Association, out of 277 metropolitan areas, The City of Brotherly Love ranked 29th for 24-hour particle pollution, 20th for high ozone days, and 11th for annual particle pollution. Like this: Like Loading... A/C Blowing Warm Air? Have an HVAC Technician Sort the Problem Out. When HVAC pioneer Willis Carrier introduced the first modern air conditioner in 1902, he had one single purpose for the machine: to cool us down when the heat becomes a bit unbearable. Since then, comfortable indoor air conditioning has been a must-have (with summer here, even more so).

What will you do, though, if your trusty air conditioner suddenly begins to blow warm air? If that happens, don’t sweat it (pun intended). In numerous instances, the problem is due to simple malfunctions or lack of necessary precautions on your part. You can’t also ignore the possibility of a bigger problem, but then, professionals from Philadelphia HVAC companies such as DN HVAC Services have your back in situations like these.