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Farming and Water

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AB 32 Cap-and-Trade Hearings High on Speculation, Low on Details. A recent poll about the implementation of AB 32 shows that California voters and taxpayers aren’t real crazy about cap and trade or regulatory reporting regulations.

AB 32 Cap-and-Trade Hearings High on Speculation, Low on Details

Cap and trade programs mandate reduced emissions, while providing a trading mechanism for emissions “credits.” Despite the entire program being speculative, and the dismal poll results, the California Air Resources Board is moving ahead with a cap and trade program and its first carbon auction in November. Additionally, a strange informational hearing about cap and trade took place Wednesday in the Senate Select Committee on California and Mexico Cooperation. More of a dog-and-pony show to gin-up interest in cap and trade, the hearing was supposed to be about California and Mexico becoming carbon trading partners.

But Mexico does not have a cap and trade program, does not have a climate change law in place like AB 32, and pulled out of the Western Climate Initiative. Collections - California State Archives. The California State Archives' collections document the broad scope of California government and its impact on the people of the state.

Collections - California State Archives

Over 105,000 cubic feet of records of all types are represented including millions of documents and bound volumes, 20,000 maps and architectural drawings, 250,000 photographs, 7,500 video and audio tapes, as well as hundreds of artifacts. Some of our more prominent collection areas are listed below. To search more collections, try our online descriptive catalog Minerva. In addition, finding aids that describe our processed collections are available on the Online Archive of California. Recently processed records at the California State Archives. Label Search. Gar Tootelian, Inc.