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Hunters Fitness is a platform where you will get information about health and fitness which will help you to improve your fitness level.

BEST WORKOUT SELECTION. The most important step to design an effective training program is the selection of exercises with the greatest effects such as maximum muscle gain and fat loss.


Exercises can be classified into two categories based on the joint movement. It can be either isolation (single joint) or compound (multiple joints) movement. In this post, you will find all the detailed information about isolation and compound exercises which will help you to select the best exercises to achieve your fitness goal. Isolation Exercises Isolation exercises are single-joint exercises or movements in which only a single muscle is trained. Following are some examples of isolation exercises Biceps curlTriceps extensionsLeg extensionsPreacher curlFront raisesLateral raisesCalf raises When an exercise involves curling (flexion) or extension movement in a single joint it is an isolation exercise that targets the single muscle. Compound Exercises Following are some examples of compound exercises. HUNTERS FITNESS. Are you really fit?


What is your fitness level? Fitness is not only about building muscles by working out in the gym or walking or running on treadmill, ground, or doing yoga. Fitness is more than this. Fitness is growth in daily functional strength and energy. It is the ability to perform daily activities with energy and alertness and without fatigue. Cardiovascular Endurance Cardiovascular Endurance is the capacity of the heart to provide oxygen and nutrients to all the muscles through blood supply for a long period of time. Cardio means heart and Vascular means blood vessels. Muscular Endurance Muscular Endurance is a working or contraction ability of our muscles for a long period of time in low intensity.

To improve Muscular Endurance, we need to do aerobic activity. To improve the muscular endurance of our whole body (upper and lower) we need to do activities like swimming, rowing, and elliptical training. Muscular Skeletal Strength Flexibility Ideal body Composition. CARDIO OR WEIGHT TRAINING FOR FAT LOSS? When it comes to fat loss, people tend to do a lot of cardio and diet.


What actually cardio do? Cardio shrinks you down. It not only shrink your fat but also your muscles. Yes, only high intense cardio can shrink your muscles. It can lead to muscle loss and then people think that they have loose their fat when they see their dropped weight on a weight machine. Why weight training is better than cardio for fat loss? How weight training helps to burn fat after a workout? This process is called the afterburn effect. Our body performs various functions in resting time such as CNS System, cardiovascular system, respiratory system, digestive system, muscular-skeletal system, muscle reparation system, and many more. Now how much your body can burn extra calories after a workout depends on how good is your BMR (Basal metabolic rate). FREE WEIGHTS VS MACHINE WEIGHTS.

Free weights or machine weights?


What is best for building good muscle mass? Some people who are working out in the gym for many years suggest that free weights are better for building a good amount of muscles and some people suggest that machine weights are better as they feel more muscle soreness by using it. But in reality, giving a maximum range of motion and putting a sufficient tension on muscle help to build muscle optimally. You can either use free weight or machine weight to apply tension on muscle. What’s most important is to create optimal tension on target muscle that cause the muscle hypertrophy (muscle growth).

Keep in mind two important factors while selecting your exercise, Does your selected exercise gives a maximum range of motion? Range of Motion Range of motion is the measurement of muscle movement. BEST WORKOUT SELECTION. HUNTERS FITNESS. Hunter Fintness Training. Hunter Fintness Training. Hunter Fintness Training. How to shape chest muscles? Many people in the gym come to me and ask one of the most interesting questions, how to shape chest muscles?

How to shape chest muscles?

Everyone who comes to the gym to gain muscles wants to build muscles in an attractive shape, especially chest, arms, back, and traps. People try all the possible ways to build their muscles in an attractive shape. But is it really possible to shape our muscles or we can only build and develop our muscles? Unfortunately, we can’t change the shape of our muscles. Our muscle shapes are genetically predetermined. Chest muscle Pectoralis major is a large fan-shaped muscle in chest that composed of clavicular (upper chest) and sternocostal (lower chest) muscle fibers.

So, the following are some most important chest exercises that will definitely help you to develop chest muscles. Bench Press Bench press is one of the most common and effective exercises for chest muscles. Let’s have a look into which bench press works better for which pectoral muscle. Incline bench press Decline bench press. Creatine : Meaning, types and doses.

What is Creatine?

Creatine : Meaning, types and doses

Creatine is found naturally in our muscle cells. It helps our muscles to produce energy during heavy lifting or high-intensity exercise. Our bodies also produce creatine. It is also founded in high protein foods like fish and red meat. Many people in the gym use creatine as a supplement to build a muscle mass at their beginning level. Best type of Creatine Creatine is available in different forms.