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When the body becomes a work of art « Sable Verity. World Bodypainting Festival - Latest News: Body Painting, Photography, Nude Photography, Body Art and Eroti. SkinCity Body Painting. The Girls Entertainment Netwo. Body Painting Photos - free high res body painting photos from t. Body Paint. Extreme Funny Humor - Amazing Pictures - Bodypaint face. Page 1 of nature photography site photos. Evamis » Blog Archive » woo hoo for body paint. Body paint have for a long time intrested me …. how cool does skin look when its a differant colour ,i got in trubble loads at college for painting my hands green then trying to take photos on the cracks inthe paint and the contores lines and shapes in my skin…………you can see the obvious problem……… paint on hands+camra in hands= no photo of hands i wasted many many paint and got many many strange looks ……..but never mind that im gonna paint some one (offers would be nice : ) blatantly pushing his luck ) found these ……………… the loverly dita von teese^ how cool is that random shit ^ random dude^ intreasting camoflage^ and some more random body paint pics one for bytey p some thing very very very wrong some thing very very very very very very very very wrong more dita to make things wright after many many wrongness so yeah any offers ?

Body painting image by MELISSAUSA_2007 on Photobucket. Body Painting - a true art. Body Painting is considered by many to be the most ancient form of art.

Body Painting - a true art

Unlike tattoos, body painting is temporary, painted on the skin it lasts only a few hours or at most a few days. The body painting movement started in the 60′s when it was impulsed by the liberalization of social mores regarding nudity. Used by soldiers for camouflage, by tribal cultures as a form of social interaction, by football fans as a mean to support their team, body painting has even been featured in the annually Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue.

It’s also been used in many commercials and magazine shots, such as Demi Moore‘s birthday suit on the cover of Vanity Fair (August 1992). In the hands of a true artist, body painting is truly an art, a form of expression, a delightful result of special creativity, and the images below are proof of that. Artist : Emma Hack. Top Bodypainting Information. Bodypainting (Choose your Language) BodyPainting, is the art of using a male or female, live human body, as the canvas for the painting, of a non-permanent decorative art piece.

Top Bodypainting Information

Body painting also has the added pressure on the artist that the "canvas" cannot wait for days while the artist relaxes or looks for further inspiration. A body painting session is normally completed and photographed within a day. The model is then free to wash off the art piece. The only remaining record, left behind; the photographs and memories of the event. This picture and the following 2 in the series, plus the picture entitled "Stripes" is kindly supplied by the up and coming body artist Craig Tracy.

The models normally pose nude or with scant covering over their private parts. This picture for the New Orleans Mardi Gras reminded me of an idea I saw for a Mardi Gras Party. You can hear Craig's passion for bodypainting on the video clip: the "Painted-Alive gallery". Painted Alive: Boldly Brilliant Body Paintings. Painted Alive: 15 Boldly Brilliant Body Art Paintings Article by Delana, filed under Drawing & Digital in the Art category.

Painted Alive: Boldly Brilliant Body Paintings

Craig Tracy is dedicated to creating surreal moments in time. Without the use of digital manipulation or photographic tricks, he creates dazzling body painting compositions that have elevated this particular type of artistic expression into the realm of fine art. He recently opened a gallery in New Orleans: the first gallery in the world dedicated to fine art body painting images. Although he’s been an artist his whole life, it took Craig Tracy a number of years to truly find his passion. Pictures from Body Painting Events. Body Paint - Body Art Pictures Galle. Privacy Policy More Sharing ServicesShare|Share on facebookShare on myspaceShare on googleShare on twitter Japanese Body Art Gallery Japanese Body Art Gallery - Art of body painting has long been known in Japan.

Body Paint - Body Art Pictures Galle

I think the most popular design is the Dragon body painting above. Below are another Japanese body paintings. Japanese Body Art Gallery 1 comment: sitaMarch 24, 2010 at 11:52 AMvery goodReplyDelete Load more... Hi, please feel free to share your comment here.For example: Which pictures is the best? Newer PostOlder PostHome. Beautiful Background of Body Paint. Stunning Body Painting Artistry.