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Nancy Verdi

Nancy Verdi designs dynamic and affordable websites for start-ups, small businesses and organizations by utilizing the most current technology and CMS. You can reach her at:

So You Think You can Do It Yourself. Your eyes catch a glimpse of a stunning, crafted kitchen table sitting, vacant, perfectly level and meticulously finished.

So You Think You can Do It Yourself

You approach this table, admiring the craftsmanship and upon further inspection begin to think to yourself: “I can build a table like this; I’m handy.This will be a great little project and I’ll save a lot of money by doing it myself.” So you begin the project and then, reality sets in. The initial excitement—and delusions of grandeur—of the project begins to wain: some of the screws aren’t fitting, the wood keeps cracking and the joints aren’t lining up flush. Does Your Web Design Company in New York Utilize Proper UX & UI?

4 Ways to Positively Combat a Negative Review. Here’s some of what we covered. a.

4 Ways to Positively Combat a Negative Review

We discovered that positive customer reviews can influence search engine results. b. We learned that a staggering number of consumers read and use reviews as reassurance that their decisions are the right ones. One study claimed that “72% of consumers say that positive reviews make them trust a local business more” (Anderson 2014). c. If Google Ruled the World - Hummingbird Web Design. The ironic thing about the title of this blog is, well, the “if.”

If Google Ruled the World - Hummingbird Web Design

When you think about it, in many ways, Google does rule the world! As parents, when our kids ask questions, we hop on Google as fast as we can without our children noticing to find the correct answers. As patients, we Google local doctors to find out who has the best reviews before we call to make an appointment. And as consumers, you bet we jump on Google to find the closest local restaurant with the best food, the most popular hair salon, or the hottest sneakers on the market. So how important is finding yourself on the front page of Google to your business? Boost SEO Ranking – Ask Your Clients for Online Reviews. Why are online reviews so influential?

Boost SEO Ranking – Ask Your Clients for Online Reviews

Online customer reviews are an enormous part of the web and their importance seems only to be on the rise. A 2013 study conducted by Dimensional Research showed staggering numbers of online customers, “were influenced into buying a product or using a service based on their reading of positive reviews.” How to Utilize the Psychology of Color When Picking Web Design Layouts. The importance of color goes back to when we all were children.

How to Utilize the Psychology of Color When Picking Web Design Layouts

Teachers spend a great deal of time teaching their students to match colors with their appropriate name. But while some of us feel that we learn a lot of useless information throughout our education, those pre-school teachers might have been onto something. There is a whole psychology to the attitudes and emotions using the right colors can evoke. In fact, studies have shown that colors actually can affect human behavior. As a business owner, if this is in fact true, we want to know one important thing when it comes to color.