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Social Media in the Middle East: The story of 2016. Social Media in 2016: key stats and trends. 10 ways to find relevant Google+ users to circle - TNW Google. With an amazingly active community on Google+, there’s still a significant number of ghost-town profiles, where countless people have received the coveted invite, taken one confused look, and promptly turned around never to be seen again.

10 ways to find relevant Google+ users to circle - TNW Google

So how do you sift through all the empty profiles, to find the really interesting people worth following? There’s actually quite a few ways you can find interesting people to circle on Google+, based on location, type of posts, occupation and more. Whether it’s using third party sites, or checking out what’s going on right there on Google+, you’d be surprised at just how easy it is to find people posting interesting and valuable information on Google+. Circle Sundays. Google+ Insider's Guide » Pro-Tips, Feature Updates, & Who to Circle. Twitter's Jack Dorsey on How Entrepreneurs Should Use Twitter. Don't think too hard about a formal social-media strategy for your business, says Jack Dorsey, the co-founder of micro-blogging site Twitter.

Twitter's Jack Dorsey on How Entrepreneurs Should Use Twitter

"When you start saying words like ‘social media,' or phrases like ‘social media,' it becomes this big, abstract thing that of course it is hard to understand," says Dorsey, who will be joining Small Business Administration chief Karen Mills in a panel discussion on small-business best practices tonight in honor of National Small Business Week. Dorsey's presence in Washington, D.C., will add some oomph to what has historically been a pretty sleepy week celebrating small-businesses. Related: SBA Roadshow for Small Business Week's 50-Year Anniversary Think about social media in a very personal way, says Dorsey. New York Fashion Week: Meet Oscar de la Renta's Twitter Girl - WSJ.

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There is an assortment of social media tools available for major networks like Twitter or Facebook, and, for those who are not too familiar with their functions, they may all sound the same. As a social media manager, you may find that trying to figure out a difference between a sentiment analysis and an online influence tool is taking up the time you could be spending mapping out a successful social media strategy for your business. How 3 Social Superstars Built Huge Followings Fast. Bodyguards, supercars, models, playboy mansions, helicopters, private jets, and "baller" lifestyles.

How 3 Social Superstars Built Huge Followings Fast

Sound like a movie—or the dream of every 16-year-old teenage male? Think again. These are part of the daily social media feeds from the biggest players on the planet.