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Contexts Quicklit: 7 Recent Findings on Disney (not just about gender) - Contexts. Flickr Creative Commons // Tom Bricker by Megan Wilhelm | July 1, 2015 Why are so many sociologists so enthralled with Disney-related research and critical analysis?

Contexts Quicklit: 7 Recent Findings on Disney (not just about gender) - Contexts

Joel Best and Kathleen Lowney suggest that Disney’s “close associations with what are widely considered positive moral values serve to make it an attractive target for a broad range of social problems claimsmakers.” Or, maybe, the nearly universal public familiarity with Disney provides a useful cultural bridge to help sociologists connect with and engage broader audiences. Whatever the reason, there is ample research on Disney films. Introduction to Sociology/Aging.

Introduction[edit] Aging is both biological and sociological.

Introduction to Sociology/Aging

Aging (often alternatively spelt as ageing) is both a biological and sociological process wherein human beings experience and accomplish stages of biological and social maturation. Aging may be seen as a relatively objective biological process whereby one becomes older and experiences varied biological developments. “Up” – Ballooning the ageist view of older adult main characters in Disney-Pi... ( Up is a 2009 Disney-Pixar film, which tells the story of an older adult widower named Carl Fredricksen, and a young boy “Wilderness Explorer” named Russell.

“Up” – Ballooning the ageist view of older adult main characters in Disney-Pi...

9 Harmful Stereotypes We Never Realized Our Favorite Disney Movies Taught Us ... Photo via The FW Aladdin would have you believe a long list of stereotypes of Arab culture.

9 Harmful Stereotypes We Never Realized Our Favorite Disney Movies Taught Us ...

For one, Jasmine's clothing is extremely revealing compared to cultural and historic norms, and the women in the movie are all portrayed as sexy, exotic dancing sirens. (Which also buys into the racist and sexist idea that non-white women are all sexual or animalistic.) The Middle East is shown as a brutal place full of brutal people. The original lyrics of the opening song, "Arabian Nights," actually included the lines "I come from a land/From a faraway place/Where they cut off your ear/If they don't like your face/It's barbaric, but hey, it's home. " Gender stereotypes in mass media. Case study: Analysis of the gender stereotyping phenomenon in TV commercials. Mass media play a significant role in a modern world, by broadcasting information in fast pace and giving entertainment to vast audiences.

Gender stereotypes in mass media. Case study: Analysis of the gender stereotyping phenomenon in TV commercials.

They consist of press, television, radio, books and the Internet. The latter is now the most developing medium, however, TV also has a wide field of influence. By creating a certain type of message, media can manipulate people’s attitude and opinions. I would like to focus on this problem by investigating commercials structure; I will also attempt to specify gender stereotypes, which are used in advertising as a persuasion technique. Stereotypes People organize their knowledge about the world around them by sorting and simplifying received information. The Depiction of Arabs in Disney: How Media “Others” Racial and Ethnic Groups.

There are carefully chosen ethnic and racial groups in the media, especially in the Disney cartoons and Hollywood films, that are consistently portrayed in a very stereotypical way.

The Depiction of Arabs in Disney: How Media “Others” Racial and Ethnic Groups

Beyond controversy, ‘Middle Eastern people’ are the one racial group who are exposed to the perpetual stereotyping in the media. With a small portion of exceptions, almost in every film or cartoon, Arabs are portrayed as camel riding extremely violent terrorists/people (sometimes as dumb characters) with a depiction of animal resemblance face with long whiskers. In the documentary film “Reel Bad Arabs: How Hollywood Vilifies a People” Dr. Jack Shaheen analyzes the characteristics of the stereotyped Arabs by referring to the various Hollywood films and a Disney cartoon film called Aladdin and argues the reasons why Arabs are depicted as violent terrorist characters in such movies.

He estimates that one of the possible reasons for Arabs to be shown in exaggerated violence is that the memory of 9/11. Challenging Gender Roles in Mona Lisa Smile. Britain needs a new approach to class if inequalities are to be addressed - School of Social Sciences - The University of Manchester. 02 Nov 2015 Working, middle and upper class stereotypes are a thing of the past, according to new book co-authored by Professor Fiona Devine.

Britain needs a new approach to class if inequalities are to be addressed - School of Social Sciences - The University of Manchester

Politicians and policy-makers must take a new approach to class if the unacceptable rise in inequalities that have characterized the opening decades of the 21st century are to be addressed. This is one of the calls made in a new book by academics from The University of Manchester, the London School of Economics and Political Science (LSE) and University of York. Social Class in the 21st Century charts the rise of a new class system in Britain and examines why existing thinking about class, which tends to focus on the divide between middle and working classes, is outdated.

a2-level-level-revision, sociology, mass-media-0, age-social-class-ethnicity-gender-sexuality-disability. After studying this section, you should be able to understand: mass media representations of gender theoretical perspectives on media representations of gender mass media representations of sexuality, disability, social class and age mass media representations of ethnic minorities Media representations of gender KEY POINT - Almy et al. (1984) argue that media representations of gender are important because they enter the collective social conscience and reinforce culturally dominant (hegemonic) ideas about gender which represent males as dominant and females as subordinate.

a2-level-level-revision, sociology, mass-media-0, age-social-class-ethnicity-gender-sexuality-disability

Sociologists argue that media representations not only stereotype masculinity and femininity into fairly limited forms of behaviour, but also provide gender role models that males and females are encouraged to aspire to. Revgmm4. Portrayal of Women in Mass Media. Role of Women in Mass Media, How Mass Media is changing their Lives. In modern society, everyday people are bombarded with graphic advertisements, slogans, and images that underlie a major issue; objectification and exploitation of women in mass media.

Role of Women in Mass Media, How Mass Media is changing their Lives

In fact, a recent study found that consumers view on average 247 advertisements each day. Although it is beneficial for company’s revenue sake, there are negative side effects attached to this crucial element of marketing. People begin to subconsciously believe in what they see and try to apply it to their reality. Moreover, women have negatively changed their lives according to the psychological influences from mass media about what makes for a beautiful woman. Gender roles are shaped mainly by mass media influences including television, advertisements, music, promotions, commercials, billboards, Internet, cosmetics, and social media. Cited Sources.


BBC One - Paxman in Brussels: Who Really Rules Us? Socialism Today - The new capitalist elite. Plutocrats wield power and influence by virtue of their wealth.

Socialism Today - The new capitalist elite

The ultra-free-market, globalised capitalism of recent years has produced a new breed of super-rich plutocrats. Wealth gives them influence, which gives them power, which enhances their wealth. The Brexit drippers continue to hammer home their message. Last week I wrote about the way in which national newspapers influence their audiences by hammering home the same message day after day. I dubbed the rightwing papers urging readers to leave the European Union the Brexit drippers. They use every opportunity to carry anti-EU headlines, articles, editorials and cartoons. It is a heady mixture of migration crisis, attacks on David Cameron and the recounting of the EU’s alleged bureaucratic failings. So how did the Sunday and Monday titles do? Does Britain's rightwing press really want to bring about Brexit?

Anyone surprised by this opinion poll finding? UK media are regarded by the British public as the most rightwing and biased in Europe. That’s the finding of a YouGov poll conducted across seven European nations which asked people how they perceived the media in their own countries. IfM - %5BTony Bennett, James Curran, Michael Gurevitch, Ja(BookFi. Pluralist and Marxist Theories o. Pluralist and Marxist Theories of the Mass Media: An Introduction Click here for article from London Review of Books by Paul Myerscough on the mass media and Jeremy Corbyn New Link added October 2015Click here for article from The Conversation on alleged bias at the BBC by Professor Ivor Graber Of University of Sussex New Link added August 2015 Click here for Loughborough University coverage of the Mass Media in the 2015 General Election New link added May 2015 Click here and here for two recent Guardian articles on the BBC in the Thatcher years. Edusites Media Studies Teaching & Learning Resources.

Vertical Integration Commercial institutions try to combat the power of the BBC by becoming larger and creating vertical integration. This is where an institution has shares or owns each part of the production and distribution process. 10 Global elites and the transnational capitalist class. Stream convenors Nathalie Belhoste Francois GoxeSteve McKenna “Any city, however small, is in fact divided into two; one the city of the poor, the other of the rich; these are at war with one another” (Plato, Republic).

In recent years important contributions have been offered to the discussions about global capitalism, and also within this context, about the networks and mobility of the contemporary power elite or transnational capitalist class. An important element of this work is the idea that the neoliberal globalised world is sustained and perpetuated through a global elite who structure the ‘World Order’ with the help of their agents and functionaries (globally mobile professionals, executives, diplomats etc). Socialism Today - The new capitalist elite. Ideology - definition of ideology in English from the Oxford dictionary.

10 Orwellian Technologies That Exist Today. Technology Although George Orwell was a little premature in predicting a total surveillance state in 1984, based on some of today’s technology, he wasn’t too far off the mark. In earlier lists we’ve mentioned a few paranoia-inducing inventions, such as Google Glass, facial recognition software, and brain scanners. If those things didn’t motivate you to don a tinfoil hat, here are 10 more scientific developments to give you the heebie-jeebies. With tools capable of tracking our every movement, reading our minds, and meddling with our brains, Big Brother now has power that Orwell’s Thought Police only dreamed of. 10 Implantable Memories After the disclosures from government whistleblowers such as Manning and Snowden, most of us realize anything we say, do, or look at online is subject to monitoring by a third party.

The scientists have already successfully inserted false memories into mice by using optogenetics to turn individual brain cells “on and off.” 9Power To See Through Walls 3 Kinect.