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10 professional tips and time savers in ZBrush. January 20, 2016 7:30 am Kurt Williams Pick up some pro tips and time savers for working in ZBrush.

10 professional tips and time savers in ZBrush

Some of these tips might be pretty basic, but if you haven’t used ZBrush for a while, it can be easy to forget using them. It’s almost as frustrating trying to remember how you did, “that one cool thing in that tutorial you saw posted uh…where was that thread again?” 1. Tile Helper Zbrush Plugin. I have been sitting on this plugin for a while and I finally got a break to clean it up for you guys.

Tile Helper Zbrush Plugin

It didn't really fit in with my other plugin so I made it into it's own. Huge, huge, huge thanks to Marcus here for getting me unstuck so many times. The guys a genius! WetClay_MTL_Tutorial_by_PabloMunozG-HighRes. Zbrush 4R7: Tiling Textures with Array+Nanomesh. BadKing » Eyelashes Brush BadKing is giving away this FREE Curve Brush that was created by Fran Hazard in Zbrush 4R5.

BadKing »

This download contains 2 individual Brushes that differ slightly and an instruction manual to explain the most effective way of applying the brush. Each Brush is made up of replicating segments allowing the user to make the Eyelashes as long or as short as needed giving complete freedom when creating a design. The Eyelashes Brush Set was created and generously donated by Fran Hazard (A.K.A _franhazard).

For more information regarding Insert Multi Mesh (IMM) & Tri Part Multi Mesh Brushes Click Here. Zbrush - 18 Stylized Rock Brushes + 3 Ztool rock meshes and mini tutorial. PengL-art. Click here to view the original image of 1052x850px.


Click here to view the original image of 2500x750px. Click here to view the original image of 1822x750px. 110 Free Custom Bolt Alphas. Hey everyone!

110 Free Custom Bolt Alphas

I recently created some bolt alphas to use for Eat3d, and we decided to give them away for free as a small thank you for all the support There are 110 alphas in the pack and they are all 512². Enjoy! *Updated on 29th May 2012. The pack has now been updated to include 60 new alphas, bringing the total to 110! Course Character: Rogue - polycount. Final images!!!

Course Character: Rogue - polycount

Don't worry guys, there's a write-up to go with these and the final weeks of the course, but i'm a little swamped right now and all i have is notes... in the middle of moving house, baby due this week, new job... so much going on! So i'm really sorry the writeup isn't ready just yet, but i'll post it when i have a little more time. in the meantime though, please allow me to thank again:Jon Troy "Hazardous" NickelJonah "Mr.

Skullface" GilbertChris "Funky Bunnies" WhitakerYekaterina "Katia" Bourykina. Pixologic ZBrush. 15 Indispensable ZBrush Resources. 5. xNormal If you spend any amount of time sculpting in Zbrush, chances are you'll eventually want to get your models, textures, and normal maps into another package at some point.

15 Indispensable ZBrush Resources

Although Zbrush provides a set of tools built in tools that are perfectly capable of accomplishing this, Xnormals are better, and the software has become the de facto choice for highpoly → lowpoly normal map baking. Xnormal can also extract a wide variety of additional maps, including ambient occlusion, cavity, curvature, height, etc., etc., etc. If you're looking to become a game developer, you might as well download XNormal right away—you're going to need it eventually. More » Official Recap 2015 ZBrush Summit. ZBrush SUMMIT 2015 Presentation - Furio TedeschiComputer Graphics. Furio will be presenting workflows for concepts using Dynamesh, then exporting the model to KeyShot with the Keyshot bridge.

ZBrush SUMMIT 2015 Presentation - Furio TedeschiComputer Graphics

He will also talk about taking the models through a production pipeline for film and video games. Breakdown of “Russian” – 3D Art in Zbrush. Young Russian noblewoman.

Breakdown of “Russian” – 3D Art in Zbrush

The traditional costume. Headdress – kokoshnik. Beaded, beads and precious stones. Jewelry – earrings and bracelets made of ancient art filigree – thin twisted wire made of silver and gold. In rich princely families dress (sundress) were made of Byzantine brocade, it shows the wealth and prosperity. Material. ZClassroom. ZClassroom. Zbrush Free Videos. The Creative Zone for 3D Digital Artist. Download Center. Welcome to Pixologic's MatCap LibraryPixologic has created a library full of amazing MatCap materials from ZBrush artists who wish to share their work with the ZBrush community.

Download Center

This library gives you one unique location to view, download, and begin sculpting with that unique MatCap look that only ZBrush can give you. Enjoy the search. Image Courtesy of Magdalena Dadela Close. 15 Indispensable ZBrush Resources. The Order 1886 Team Post. Hey everyone! My name is Adam Skutt, I'm the character lead over at Ready at Dawn.A bunch of us wanted to share some of our artwork with the Zbrush community. This was a great project to work on, there were so many talented artist involved in creating these assets. All of these images were rendered in Keyshot and sculpted in Zbrush Scot Andreason did the hair cards for Lakshmi, Majid Esmaeili sculpted the male glove and the weapons holster that was shared by most characters.If anyone has any questions feel free, beware of nudity!

Environment Sculpting and Tiling Techniques [Zbrush]

Zbrush Tutorial : How To Create Model with Realistic Skin. MATERIALS - Tutorials by Philip Klevestav. Tutorials by Philip Klevestav < Back to Tutorials Index page On this page I have tried to create a few step by step tutorials including a lot of hints and tricks I use when creating such materials. I will not go into depth too much to avoid locking the tutorials to the programs I used when creating them.

If you want some handy Photoshop actions I use frequently you can find a .atn file at the bottom of this page. The materials created here are not to be seen as tiling textures only (some of them are not even seamlessly tiling), but the point of the tutorials are more to go through material definition in general. Even if you create something with a highly stylized art direction, you will most likely want to define your materials anyhow, of course there are a lot of exceptions, but in my opinion defining good materials is not bound to realism, but rather to create a believable world, regardless if the world is a desert city on earth or a pink castle in space. Frank Tzeng on Gumroad. Creating a Character Portrait in ZBrush, the Making of "Hammerhead" In this Making Of tutorial, Nacho Riesco will guide you through the workflow he used to create his awesome Hammerhead character portrait, which was recently chosen by 3DArtist Mag as Image of the week and part of a larger collection featured on the Character Designed Served website.

Throughout this tutorial, Nacho will discuss his sculpting and rendering techniques in ZBrush, and explain how to correctly render out various passes from ZBrush, such as Ambient Occlusion, Z-Depth, Shadow and Specular using various materials and lighting configurations, before moving into Photoshop for final compositing and post work. Additional Files/ Plugins: I hope you will find this tutorial useful, and hope it helps to enrich your skills discovering other ways to do things. The model has various different Tools, organized in the Tool > Subtool Palette. They are the body, eyes and eyelids.

For the main bones and muscle structure, I used the Clay Buildup Brush. LittleViking ZBrush Material Breakdown by Nero-tbs on deviantART. [playlist] Helmet Design - Joseph Drust. This video series has been formulated to provide you with focused, and easily digestible content with one purpose in mind, to create a futuristic helmet with ZBrush. Joseph Drust will take you through each phase of the design process, including Reference, Base Meshes, Procedural Processes, Sculpting, Hard Surface Detailing, and final surface detailing. Get Started with your lessons, and prepare to be wowed! UV'ing in Zbrush by Josh Robinson.


Using masks for fine details by Gavin Goulden. In this quick tutorial, Lead Character Artist, Gavin Goulden will show you how to create fine detail in a face, like pores, wrinkles, and blemishes using a mask created from a texture in ZBrush When sculpting faces and skin, placement of details is very important, and that extra level of polish can really make your sculpture sing – but it can be tedious and time consuming.

ZBrush Detailing Clothes - Select Polygroups by UV + NoiseMaker. Youtube. Zbrush Character Modeling for The Last of UsComputer Graphics. Video featuring Michael Knowland, Bradford Smith and Frank Tzeng from Naughty Dog. Incredible team that brought us the hit game, “The Last of Us”. Michael demonstrated his approach to sculpting realistic cloth for games. Next up, Brad took us into the realm of environment props with a demonstration on tiling-textures for production. Naughty Dog UGM Extended-UPDATE #3 Frank Tzeng. Tuco Benedicto (Step process Pg2) Hi All! Friends, I want to share the process of creating work, "Tuco Benedicto.

" - ZBrush Clothes Tutorial. January 2009. David Richardson - Cloth Fold Sculpting. ZBrush Tips & Workflows #2: Designing Eyvind Earle-esque Trees With Nanomesh. ZBrush Tiling Texture Tutorial. Until recently I had always built up my tiling sculpts in ZBrush by setting the brush wrapMode to 1, under curves options in the bush palette. If you set this to 1 the brush stokes are ‘wrapped’ off the edge of the plane you are sculpting and continued on the opposite side. Although this was a very easy and quite effective technique it still required a certain amount of clean up in Photoshop afterwards and I found it difficult to get a nice flowing sculpt over the seams of the texture. 3D tip of the day - ZBrush eyebrows using Fibermesh by Glen Southern. ArtStation - Zbrush Brushes - Stylized Rock, Jonas Ronnegard. Hard Surface Assets are In The Pack! Free pack of 50 Mechanical brushes for ZBrush. Hello all, I hope it's ok posting on this section..

I would like to share with all ZBrushers here a bunch of brushes I made recently, using the 3d modeled bolts, screws, rivets and several other mech props I built for a project of mine. [ZBRUSH] – Sculpting Damage – Alphas and Brushes. Hey everyone, Free Custom Zbrush Brushes. Ztool rock meshes. Download 11 free custom ZBrush wear and tear brushes. Monday, January 20th, 2014 | Posted by Jim Thacker. ZBrush Custom UI Showcase. It might be very slightly different in R2. Basically go to Preferences: Config: Enable Customize.