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Environment Sculpting and Tiling Techniques [Zbrush]

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Tut_TilingRock. ZBrush for Environments with Ben Mauro - Zbrush. ZBrush Tileable Textures 04 - Zapplink & Basic Render Passes. Pixologic Release - Learning Series: Tileable Textures. ZBrush Tilde Key For Seamless Texures. TUTORIAL – creating perfectly tiling meshes in Zbrush for use in videogame environments. This tutorial walks you through a workflow that I have developed that allows you to create perfectly tiled normal maps on perfectly tiled lowpoly geometry, especially useful for cliff faces and rough stone surfaces.

TUTORIAL – creating perfectly tiling meshes in Zbrush for use in videogame environments

Stage 1- create a height map in ZBRUSH - First create a Ztool, I created a simple beveled cube in maya, then stamped some shapes into it in Zbrush and saved it out as a tool. - Create a new document at the size of your intended map. - Load the tool in and start drawing them on the canvas, draw them in empty space but don’t go over the edge of the document. - Use the Tilde key(~ or @ if in the UK) to offset the canvas (hold it down and move the canvas so the centre is offset to the edges). - Fill the space in the middle. - Repeat until canvas is filled making sure no gaps are left.

Stage 2- apply heightmap to flat plane - Create “plane3d” and convert to polymesh. Creating Tileable Textures in ZBrush. ZBrush Tileable Textures 02 - Finishing Up. ZBrush Tileable Textures 03 - Lighting. Zbrush stone sculpt. Environment Sculpting. ZClassroom. Environment Sculpting with David Lesperance. The Gnomon Workshop has recently released a new video from tutorial from veteran artist David Lesperance.

Environment Sculpting with David Lesperance

“Environment Sculpting” gives an in-depth look at David’s workflow when designing environments. He uses ZBrush to sculpt rocks with DynaMesh, create vines using ZSpheres, and more. This lecture is essential if you need to brush up on your environment creating skills. David Lesperance has a degree in fine arts and has been working as an environment artist in CG entertainment industry for nearly 8 years. Environment Sculpting in Zbrush. ZBrush Environment Development (1.Introduction) 3d Modeling Architecture part 5: Creating tiling textures in z-brush.