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Best VPNs for South Africa 2020 – A Steppe Closer to Unlimited Surfing. Why VPN Protocols are an Important Part of Security. Best VPN for Nvidia Shield TV – Stream Endlessly in 2019. Make Your VPN Faster With The Best Tips To Boost Your VPN Speed! VPN services are a must for activities such as online banking and shopping where privacy and unrestricted internet access are a must.

Make Your VPN Faster With The Best Tips To Boost Your VPN Speed!

In case you experience a reduction of performance, in this article, we explain why your VPN is slow and how to make a VPN faster. Why is my VPN slow? Using the internet to connect to the world is like using super highways to cross continents at the speed of light. It is an extensive and dynamic network that routes packets of data between billions of devices all over the world. However, sometimes these routes fail in which case the data takes alternate routes. Since the purpose of a VPN is to secure your internet connection, it is dependant on the base speed available to it in terms of bandwidth. Furthermore, a VPN must first encrypt data packets before they leave your computer and decrypt data packets as they arrive. Distance. CyberGhost VPN Review 2019 – Enhance Your Ghosting Skills Securely. What Is a VPN – The Essential Privacy Tool That You Should Know About. What Is a VPN – The Essential Privacy Tool That You Should Know About.

5 Best Dedicated IP VPNs - Here’s Why You Need One. Surfshark VPN Free Trial 2019 - Test the Waters with 3 Simple Steps. We may earn a small commission from our affiliates with every service you buy through our website.

Surfshark VPN Free Trial 2019 - Test the Waters with 3 Simple Steps

Learn more. AVG Secure VPN Review 2019- Is It Really Worth Your Money? What is a VPN to you?

AVG Secure VPN Review 2019- Is It Really Worth Your Money?

For the majority, a VPN should be able to provide every ounce of security measure when we surf the internet. I mean that’s all we’re asking for. Surfshark VPN Review 2019 – Let All Your Surfing Be Shark Free. Ever been on the wrong side of the internet or want to access a page that is often restricted?

Surfshark VPN Review 2019 – Let All Your Surfing Be Shark Free

Well, that makes the two of us. And it’s honestly very frustrating when we pay a huge sum of money for internet access only to have restrictions put our way. Well, let’s just say we’re closer to finding an end to all our surfing problems with my detailed review on the Surfshark VPN, which is seeming to hit the benchmark; landing it among the best VPN’s till date. I know this may seem like just another review or the more famous term “clickbait” but take a minute and truly see why Surfshark may just land up being your personal favorite. Surfshark – A 2019 Abridged Review. Official Guide on the Best Linux Distros for Beginners. Linux is one of the most widely-known operating systems that powers millions of devices worldwide and has amassed a huge following.

Official Guide on the Best Linux Distros for Beginners

Linux has always strived to make itself easier to use. For those who are unaware, Linux comes in many versions known as distros. Each form of Linux is easily configurable, and each is better than the other in some regard. We’ve created this blog on the best Linux Distros. Try the Best Working Kissanime Alternatives. Kissanime was a well-known anime streaming website hosting the largest collection of anime’s for any genre you can possibly think off.

Try the Best Working Kissanime Alternatives

However, constant updates and annoying bugs hampered their success in the industry. After a certain point, the developers of that website had hemorrhaged enough revenue to official decide that it was time to shut down. Thus, the doors closed on of the best ad-free anime websites in the world. The Best 20 YTS Proxy Sites – Unblock YTS with FastestVPN. YTS is the biggest torrent downloading source on the internet today.

The Best 20 YTS Proxy Sites – Unblock YTS with FastestVPN

YTS has been providing their service for many years but countries have started to block YTS on copyright grounds. For that reason, people have turned to proxy sites to get past this issue. Proxy sites have their downside, and although you can use a proxy site to unblock YTS, it doesn’t mean your online data is secure when using a proxy website. VPN is the most secure way of downloading through YTS. The Best Kodi Repositories You Should Install – Kodi Repository List for 2019. Kodi is the most used media center in the world.

The Best Kodi Repositories You Should Install – Kodi Repository List for 2019

Its versatility and ability to install add-ons and add endless features to the platform is the real strength. To download and install themes, add-ons, programs, and much more, you need to access the repository. To find and download the add-ons, the repository is the place where there are many add-ons for Kodi available for installation and update. In fact, by adding the repository and installing the add-ons of the repo, you can automatically receive the updates. How to get the Top 5 best Gaming VPNs in 2019. In a world of increasing cyber threats, one cannot understate the importance of VPN services.

How to get the Top 5 best Gaming VPNs in 2019

VPNs are not only crucial for protecting yourself online but also others whom you interact with; thus protecting your online activity from other third party websites. When it comes to gaming, you might be wondering why you need the best VPN for gaming at all. Like everything else, certain games are not always available in every country across the globe due to geo-restrictions.

Moreover, both ISP throttling and DDoS attacks can seriously affect your gaming experience. In fact, DDoS attacks are so widespread nowadays that numerous players have tried using multiple preventative guidelines, which includes always running a VPN while playing. As experts in the field of VPNs, we realize not every provider offers the same standards of performance, while looking for the best VPN for gaming we have analyzed hundreds of VPNs and thus narrowed it down to these top 5 picks. How to Update Kodi Media Center – A Quick Guide for All Devices. If you search for applications for streaming and playing multimedia content on the Internet, you will quickly end up with the software named Kodi.

How to Update Kodi Media Center – A Quick Guide for All Devices

But what is Kodi exactly and what can be done with it? And can you update Kodi? Here’s everything you need to know about Kodi! Get VPN Now The Ultimate Multimedia Center Kodi is a cross-platform multimedia center software that is under the GNU GPL license and thus completely free. Unlike comparable solutions like Plex, Kodi is constantly being improved and developed by an enthusiastic community. Kodi is an all-in-one solution for multimedia content. Play and stream video content (e.g., movies and TV shows )Build libraries with movie posters, action texts, etc.Listen to Internet radiosView pictures and slideshowsAccess multimedia content on the networkPlay and record TV programsSurf the InternetMedia libraries from ARD, ZDF, and othersPlay and stream video games and much more.

How to Watch US Open on Kodi – Roger Federer, Simona Halep & More. Grand Slam continues as the final stage of the tournament is set to unfold in August. After the incredible Wimbledon champion that saw Novak Djokovic and Simona Halep that the Men’s Singles Trophy and Ladies’ Singles Trophy, respectively. US Open has a long history. It dates back to the 18th century when it was called the US National Championship. Over the course of decades, it came to be known as US Open; since 1987 to be exact. It’s a hard court championship which means that the surface is made up of asphalt or concrete – also known as DecoTurf in the US Open. As expected, this year’s US Open will take place in the United States at the iconic USTA Billie Jean King National Tennis Center in New York.

Be Safe! with 2019's Biggest and Best VPN Services. What is a VPN? Virtual Private Networks (VPNs) are an increasingly popular services in the wake of cybersecurity threats. A VPN works by securing a public network with another more private network, enabling customers to access the network freely without the fear of getting targeted by hackers, geo-restrictions and unwanted ads and popups. The Best VPN for FireStick Roundup for 2019. Through our blog on best VPN for FireStick, you can safely and privately stream the best FireStickTV apps and other streaming channels. However, regardless of what streaming channel or app you use on your FireStick device, it requires a VPN to remove any geo-restrictions, protect against malware, and avoid irritating ads and popups.

Note: Regardless of whatever streaming site you access, subscribe to Fastest VPN for FireStick & attain complete online anonymity while streaming. What features make up the best VPN? Every VPN is different, but the best VPN for Firestick needs to allow faster streaming, anonymous free streaming, should be easily downloadable, no monitoring of internet activity, provide malware protection, and an incredible customer support center. Best VPN for Hulu 2019 - How to Stream Hulu without Restrictions. Hulu has a vast range of on-demand videos. However, these videos may not be available to everyone due to geo-restrictions.

Thus our blog on the best VPN for Hulu should help you overcome these issues while at the same time protecting your privacy against hackers and other third-party sites along with various other features. Get VPN Now What is Hulu? Hulu is the world’s leading and most premium streaming service, which offers live and on-demand movies, and TV shows without commercials, and at the leisure of your home. Moreover, they are the only service that gives viewers instant access to all of the latest and current shows from every major U.S. broadcasting network. FastestVPN Here is a list of all the pros and cons that FastestVPN offers: Pros: The desktop client is fastSupports Five Protocols with AES 256-Bit EncryptionP2P Optimized ServersInternet Kill Switch.Prevents DNS leaksZero log policy Cons: No Free TrialsLess number of servers.

What are The 5 Best VPN for BBC iPlayer? A Quick & Easy Step Guide. BBC iPlayer is the world’s best and most popular streaming service, intending to grant its users access to thousands of the best free and legal media content, from anywhere in the world. However, as some of us may know by now, it is paramount also to download a VPN provider like FastestVPN while watching any streaming content.

How to Watch Live TV with Acestream Channel List for 2019. Acestream is an incredibly popular media platform that owes its success to its users worldwide. Acestream channels are also compatible with numerous devices, including your Android, Kodi, Windows, and Mac. An Essential Tool for Gamers: Best Gaming VPN for 2019. VPN Lifetime Subscription Offer.