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SEO EXPERT HUGH BENJAMIN. 'SEO Expert Hugh Benjamin' in Hugh Benjamin. Bundlr - Hugh Benjamin. Bundlr - How can optimize Videos in Seo Hugh Benjamin. Bundlr - Hugh Benjamin Seo expert and Consultant. Bundlr - Hugh Benjamin SEO expert. Bundlr - Hugh Benjamin - Facebook. Bundlr - Hugh Benjamin. Hughbenjamin Hugh Benjamin Hugh Benjamin is a business entrepreneur, Internet Marketing advisor or consultant, mentor, and motivational speaker.

Bundlr - Hugh Benjamin

Working over the United States and Pacific Rim, Hugh has helped numerous people, organizations and companies take their development to the Next level. 3 seo myths debunked. Bundlr - Hugh Benjamin. Bundlr - HUGH BENJAMIN SEO EXPERT AND CONSULTANT. HUGH BENJAMIN op Pinterest. Digital Marketing Consultant - Hugh Benjamin. 3 seo myths debunked.

SEO Expert Hugh Benjamin. Digital Marketing Consultant - Hugh Benjamin. Hugh Benjamin. Hugh Benjamin (@hughbenjamin) Hughbenjamin. Ultimate Guide to Combating Google's Robots - Hugh Benjamin. Artificial intelligence and robots surround us everywhere we go on the Web – it’s like a scene in Terminator, but without the creepy liquinators and nanotators.

Ultimate Guide to Combating Google's Robots - Hugh Benjamin

But the fact still remains – everything you do on the Internet is being watched by Google’s AI’s. “Typically, this is a great thing, especially when you’re trying to get your Web pages indexed for the first time. But there are certain pages on your site that you may not want robots to index, such as databases with private client data,” points out Hugh Benjamin, an digital marketing strategist. Why Do Google Robots Exist?

If you’re not too familiar with Web bots, they are the crawlers that go through all of the pages of websites to index, then they are ranked in SERPs. How to Control What Robots Index You can look at the robots.txt file as your website’s bodyguard. The bad news is that there are malicious spammers that also utilize robots to crawl your private pages that are trying to keep hidden. Creating Your Robots.txt File or. Is Content Marketing the 'Only Marketing Left'? - Hugh Benjamin. Why do you go online?

Is Content Marketing the 'Only Marketing Left'? - Hugh Benjamin

Most people will answer these questions the same – to find stuff and to connect with people (or just read their posts on social media). “It all boils down to one thing – content,” says Hugh Benjamin, an Internet marketing professional. Content is the king of marketing for good reason. No one cares about re-purposed ads – people want great content that is valuable. However, many businesses fail to realize the importance of quality content for their marketing plan. Hugh Benjamin. Mobile Video Marketing to Soar in 2016.

Where do you like to watch online videos?

Mobile Video Marketing to Soar in 2016

If you’re like most other people, mobile devices are your preferred method for enjoying video content. “YouTube and Facebook have seen a splurge in unique visitors each year and it’s playing a major role in why brands are converting to mobile video marketing,” Internet marketer, Hugh Benjamin, points out. YouTube’s video app comes in second place for the most unique visitors year after year. Facebook is surprisingly the winner. Facebook is planning to enhance its video platform, likely because it knows that 2016 is going to feature more brands using online video strategies. It’s worth noting that keyword research is just as important for video as it is for written content. Social networks can be utilized to intensify your video marketing. AOL did a recent study on video, which indicates that people are 4 times more likely to watch a video on a device based on convenience, rather than viewing experience.

Don't Ignore These Holiday Trends. The Internet, or better yet mobile, has transformed the way we do our holiday shopping.

Don't Ignore These Holiday Trends

It has streamlined the entire process, allowing us to easily find products at the press of a button. “This is either a win or lose, depending on how you’ve positioned your business. If you are savy, you already developed a website with a responsive design. If not, you have some catching up to do,” says Hugh Benjamin, an Internet marketing expert. Holiday trends are our way of deciphering where the market is going. Many retailers are battling this shift, especially with the looming threat of losing out on money during their most profitable time of the year – the holidays.

The following are trends we’ve seen emerging, so pay close attention and accommodate them as best you can! Creating Micro-Moments and Using Multi-Channel Touch Points People travel everywhere with their mobile devices, which gives us a grand opportunity to aggressively market to them on-the-fly. People Conversions vs Sales Conversions. How Digital Marketing Helps to Promote Website. How Beneficial Social Media for Internet marketing “Hugh Benjamin

Images are better than Text for Internet marketing - Hugh Benjamin. Creating Content That Converts. What’s the difference between good copy and great copy?

Creating Content That Converts

One reads well and may even be enjoyable, and the other exceeds expectations and gets people talking about and sharing the content. “It’s not hard to detect great content once you’ve created it – just look at the numbers. If you are receiving record engagement, then you have yourself a winner,” says Hugh Benjamin, an Internet marketing specialist. Consistency is Key The issue is continuously producing great content. Give Consumers What they Need When it comes to converting your audience, you have to focus on data-driven copy. Dig Through the Facts Browse through your analytics before you begin writing.

Just as important is finding what doesn’t work. From there, you need to diagnose why these things are happening. Don’t Be Too Salesy Avoid overselling – there are other ways to get people to click, subscribe and/or buy than simply asking them to. “Hugh Benjamin” How Beneficial SEO and PPC Together. Best use of Live Streaming videos According to “Hugh BenjaminHugh Benjamin – how Social Media Use to Damage control. Online Video SEO Secrets of “Hugh Benjamin” Know how can you Use Facebook for internet marketing by Hugh Benjamin. Hugh Benjamin Best Internet Marketing Consultant.