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Hubilo's interactive event software for stay ahead of the curve by hosting virtual conferences. The events industry is going through a significant shift and demand for virtual interactions is rising. It benefits both the job seekers and employers by speeding up the search for a company and the interview process.

Virtual Event Platform. Hybrid Event Platforms: Hubilo. Hubilo Virtual Conference Platform. Slide 1: T h e S m a r t e s t V i r t u a l E v e n t P l a t f o r m H o w t o c o n n e c t e f f e c t i v e a n d r e l e v a n t o n l i n e p l a t f o r m slide 2:

Hubilo Virtual Conference Platform

Member Engagement Platform - Hubilo. Virtual Event Platform- Hubilo. Hubilo — Virtual Event Software Platforms of 2021. Why Does Your Event Need To Go Virtual? [EventTalks] Episode 7: Virtual Events Planning & Challenges And the Measures to Overcome Them. It feels fancy thinking about how easy event planning is.

[EventTalks] Episode 7: Virtual Events Planning & Challenges And the Measures to Overcome Them

To plan parties, corporate meets, expos, and whatnot. In reality, no job is perfect and has its own set of challenges. Event planners and organizers out there who have been working in the events industry are very well aware of this reality. No wonder, I see so many event planning checklists bring promoted every now and then!! Recently we had an amazing talk on EventTalks Podcast with one of the best influencers I’ve come across in the events industry — Ashanti Bentil Dhue. The conversation was about how the state of events has shifted to virtual but still, all the stakeholders involved have to face numerous challenges before the event goes live and becomes a huge success!

Risk mitigation is a part of this process, but when we are still figuring out how to shift to a completely digital platform, how can we access the challenges, and design the risk mitigation strategy. 1. The first thing is knowing what your objectives are. 2. 3. 4. Hubilo’s Virtual Event Platform Feature Update: 22nd Sept. In addition to being shortlisted for Event Technology Awards in the category of Pivot from physical to virtual, we have rolled out a batch of new feature updates as well.

Hubilo’s Virtual Event Platform Feature Update: 22nd Sept

This will allow event organizers to deliver a hassle-free event experience for their attendees, exhibitors, and sponsors. We have always been a super enthusiastic team to work on new updates which intend to make our clients and attendees happy We are glad to incorporate all the features as some were our own observations while others were feedbacks which we took optimistically and here we are. 8 KPI's to Measure the Success of Your Virtual Event. A Hybrid Event Planning Checklist. Hashtags That Can Help in Marketing Your Virtual Event. From helping you organize the event, to helping to spread the word, hashtags can be a valuable tool for virtual event organizers.

Hashtags That Can Help in Marketing Your Virtual Event

By choosing the right hashtag, looking at existing hashtags for inspiration, and promoting your hashtag, you are well on your way to ensuring your next virtual event is high-quality. You can easily achieve this hashtag and social media marketing if you choose for a virtual event platform. Hashtags play an important role in expanding the reach and adding a little bit of personality to your pictures and posts on social media.

You can use Facetune’s selfie hashtags guide to find the perfect option or come up with one of your own. Exploring some benefits of video conferencing in the global medical industry. To offer superior care to their patients, all healthcare service providers and individuals depend on advanced technology to smoothly keep running their day-to-day process.

Exploring some benefits of video conferencing in the global medical industry

If you are running a hospital and want to offer your services to a more significant number of people, you should try out new technologies, for example, virtual medical conference software to use the power of video conferencing. Today, video conferencing is used in the global healthcare industry as it offers robust collaboration and communication technology. This technology provides excellent benefits to doctors, healthcare institutions, hospitals, and patients. They can now easily interact with patients despite being geographically distant. Let’s discuss some more benefits of this. Enhanced patient care. Event Sustainability in the Post-Pandemic Era. 10 Ideas to Host an Unforgettable Virtual Holiday Party For Your Team. HIGHER ROI WITH VIRTUAL TRADE SHOW PLATFORMS. Virtual trade show platforms are designed, for times when people find it difficult or due to some other reason, cannot meet in person.


Virtual event management and marketing are significant for the smooth functioning of trade fairs or shows through the web. The trade show platforms are virtually divided into customizable booths to make attendees feel so as if they are visiting the actual ones. Chat rooms, Live chats, one to one video calls, group video calls, Q&A, Live webinars, webcasts are some of the interactive features facilitated by virtual tradeshows. With 2020 being more challenging, exhibitors and sponsors used such trade platforms to the fullest, to reach out to the attendees.

They can be accessed, anywhere anytime in any location backed by internet access. Virtual tradeshows are arranged, on the web in a similar way as traditional trade shows, events, or fairs are done. Hubilo ( is one of the best online virtual event platforms with many hi-tech features included. FACTS ON HOSTING AN EVENT ON VIRTUAL CONFERENCE PLATFORM.

Powering an event by creating engaging valuable content for audiences, speakers and exhibitors is a highly crucial factor.


Especially when it comes to virtual conference platform certain factors like presentation, building visual identity, scheduling and promoting is required. A conference held in a virtual area or space with remote attendees, who can access live session, is virtual conferencing. An efficient virtual conference platform with technologically advanced tools causes fewer disturbances and smooth functioning of the events. The attendee needs to be dedicated, to video conferences than traditional ones. As there is no face to face interaction, it all depends on the host to make it more touchy and engrossing.

The pros are: