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The Brass Lion – Steampunk Recumbent. You'll recall I posted a picture of my recumbent bike last week and that one of things I wondered aloud was how one would go about steampunkifying a bike? Well Eric and Alan – a.k.a. Steuben's Wheelmen – sent me a whole passel of new photos that show exactly how one would go about this process! This is a 'tadpole' configuration recumbent trike that Eric and Alan built from scratch! I was privvy to some of the early construction photos and I'm happy to say it was at my urging that Eric installed the brass coach lamps. His initial reaction was that they were 'over the top' but thankfully I managed to convince him that the steampunk aesthetic was at it's very best when pushed just beyond the limits of good taste! The choice of lighting is as follow: acetylene headlamp up front, kerosene coach lamps amidships and what I believe is an incandescent tail lamp.

The steering gear is quite elegant in it's simplicity and on viewing the movie below you will see the geometry is bang on. Ah! Bébéléphants et Cie. GreenHandSculpture. Jonathan Fuller Sea Glass Sculptures. Index. MARGO KLASS - PORTFOLIO. Schedule for 2014 Through January 5 Group show, Earth Fire Fibre XXIX, Anchorage Museum, Anchorage, AK with travel to Alaska State Museum, Juneau, AK (Jan. 31 – March1), Bear Gallery, Fairbanks Arts Association, Fairbanks, AK (May 2 – 31) January 9 Workshop, Artist Books: Concept to Completion, University of Alaska Fairbanks, Fairbanks, AK February 6 – April 20 Solo show, Proximity, Patricia B.

Wolf Exhibition Series, Anchorage Museum, Anchorage, AK March 31 – April 4 Workshop, The Wrap-Around Binding, Osher Life Long Learning Institute, University of Alaska Fairbanks, Fairbanks, AK April 11 – 13 Workshops, Naturalist’s Woodland Journal and Pochoir: the Art of French Stenciling, Newport Paper Arts Festival, Newport, OR May 30 – June 1 Workshop, Coptic Binding, University of Alaska Fairbanks, Fairbanks, AK June 6 - 28 Group show: BOOKS AS ART: Structure, Image, Text, sponsored by Northwoods Book Arts Guild of Fairbanks, Bear Gallery, Fairbanks Arts Association, Fairbanks, AK. Mark Oliver's Portfolio. Mark is a well established, professional Illustrator. Using paint, computer and/or collage, he has illustrated for Advertising, Editorial, Design and Publishing. His list of picture books include: ‘Foley and Jem’ and ‘Robot Dog’, ‘Tom’s Clockwork Dragon’, ‘Monsters.

An owner’s guide’ and ‘Aliens. An owner’s guide’. Awards include: Gold for the TfL/SAA ‘Open Spaces’ poster award. Urban Entomology is Mark's (Post Modern) bow of respect to the Victorian tradition of insect collecting, where the decaying and disposed - the ‘litter’ of modernity, is assembled to create illusory collage. Mark painstakingly crafts each insect, and in opposition to the term 'litter' that he employs, much time and energy are given to sourcing interesting materials. The bugs have been exhibited internationally, and sold through various galleries across the UK, as well as through direct contact with the artist. How to Recycle Magazines into Jewelry. September 23rd, 2010 58Email 424 users recommend Experiment with various coil sizes, and even glue coils together! Diane Gilleland Magazine paper lends itself well to this colorful little project.

This pendant is made with parts of three different pages. There are tons of design possibilities... Photo: Diane Gilleland <prev1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6 View all You can also use the bone folder (or butter knife) to flatten your coil. By the way, wash your hands between coils, because magazine print will often leave residue on your fingers. When your coil is done, or you've finished gluing several coils together, it's time to add finishing touches. Flip the coil over to the back. Press the cardstock over the glue, and allow to dry. Finally, install a jump ring and add your favorite chain, neckwire, or ribbon. View 3 member project galleries posted in: necklace, paper, recycled magazines Get special offers, FREE eLetters and your FREE PDF bonus now.

Find us on: Esprit Cabane, Le magazine des idees creatives et ecologiques. Beautiful Winged Insects Made of Discarded Circuit Boards. Portsmouth, UK-based artist Julie Alice Chappell creates beautiful miniature sculptures of insects using circuit boards found inside discarded electronics. "My art practice involves breaking down the pre-existing materials, reinterpreting them and offering them a new form with new purpose, creating something beautiful, whimsical and precious," she said. It all started several years ago when she came across a big box of tiny electronic components at the Beneficial Foundation in Portsmouth, otherwise known as the "The Craft Bank.

" The center receives unwanted items from various companies and they pass along these "hidden treasures" to schools, community groups and artists. "The first thing that came into my head when I looked at them was, 'a mass of tiny bodies and legs...ants! ' I took them home to my children and we made ants," she said. It was only years later, when she found the box again, that it sparked a new idea. Scrap Metal Art on Pinterest | Yard Art, Metal Art and Garden Art. Carl Sean McMahon | CSM Gallery & Studio. Etsy - acheter et vendre du fait main, du vintage et des fournitures créatives. Le jardin des bennes de Lilly Sunday. Altered art on Pinterest | Assemblages, Art Dolls and Robots. Metal Art Robot Sculptures & Assemblage Art par CastOfCharacters23. L A M P O N I ' S L A M P S - a r t w o r k s. Bijoux fantaisie récup et rigolos de la créatrice Fifi la Ferraille.

Gille Monte Ruici – Recyclage. Le blog de gille-monte-ruici - Adepte de la récupération et de l'upcycling; j'assemble, crée et détourne des objets métalliques sans aucune soudure. La finalité étant de faire revivre des pièces disparates issues de la récupération. Quelquefois les résult. Animal. Résultats Google Recherche d'images correspondant à. " les extincteurs " - Album photos - Richard Métais. Lampe récup, bois flotté pédalier : Luminaires par milo-kadavesky. Nous utilisons des cookies pour vous permettre de bénéficier de services sécurisés et personnalisés sur A little Market. En poursuivant votre navigation sur notre site, vous acceptez notre utilisation des cookies. Chargement en cours... Lampes design A la recherche de décoration intérieure, meubles design, linge de maison ?

Produits par page : Créations mises en avant Lampe passoire originale noire et inox Par chez-v-renise Made in Vaulnaveys le haut Guirlande lumineuse led cinq étoiles motifs bleus assortis / cerisesetclafoutis Par cerises-et-clafoutis lot de deux bougies décorées shabby chic Mme Boilève Par legrenierdelydia Bougie Noisettes Grillées - bougie à la cire végétale /- 35 h Par bougie-atelier-artisanal-des-arcades Made in Amiens Précédente 8 1 - 2 - 3 - 4 - 5 - 6 - 7 ... 100 ... 200 ... 300 ... 400 ... 477 Suivante 9 Votre sélection Maison, déco et bien être c Luminaires c c Sélectionnez vos critères pour trouver la pièce de vos rêves ! Catégoriesd Prixd Couleursd Matériauxr. Industrial Art. Bonjour, et oui que voulez-vous, je suis dans ma période industrielle... Voici donc une réalisation de plus dans ce style, avec des engrenages rouillés et pleins de graisse, de la ferraille, des vieux papiers déchirés... C'est une carte 15 x 15 cm qui s'appelle Industrial Art.

Les engrenages ont été encrés aux encres Distress : Rusty Hinge et Black Soot. Bref, je me suis bien amusée et je suis assez contente du résultat concernant notamment les engrenages... Qu'en pensez-vous ? A bientôt ! Lunar – Andrew Smith Art. RECYCLED ART JUNK ART WASTE ART - METAL SCULPTURES SCRAP STEEL GARDEN STATUES FURNITURE ORNAMENTS FOR SALE ONLINE AUSTRALIA - Your Complete Guide to Mudgee . NSW . Australia.

Turning Junk Into Gold: How To Make Money Scrapping Metal. Terrifying Deep Sea Angler Lamp Made from Recycled Objects. Probably not for the kids room, but I appreciate the effort that went into this wicked assemblage light by Justin La Doux made of bicycle parts, knives, a shovel, and other objects. The piece was entered as part of the 2010 ArtPrize contest. (via my amp goes to 11) Photo Gallery - LOAF'S SCRAP METAL ART. Favourites | James Corbett. Junk Metal Art on Pinterest | Junk Art, Recycled Robot and Recycled Metal Art.

Predator sculpture, hand made from recycled scrap metal, Scrap Metal Art. Scrap Metal Art by James Corbett. Scrap metal Morgan racer by James Corbett One man's junk is another man's art, at least it can be with a little work and a good eye. James Corbett of Australia is the latest example of an artist working in scrap metal and his pieces are pretty sweet. He uses parts of old cars to create all sorts of machines, animals and people and I think his metal work would look good on display most anywhere gearheads congregate. You don't need to be a gearhead to appreciate this work, but the transition from functional to artistic makes you look a bit longer before tossing those leftovers from your last project. Thanks for the tip, Gordon! Link: John Davies Gallery Related: Motorcycle Art from Watch Parts Related: Michael Ulman Motorcycle Sculptures More photos below: Scrap metal tractor by James Corbett Scrap metal matchless by James Corbett James Corbett with his Orangutan You might also like: Motor Art From Scrap by Lockwasher May 16, 2008 In "Motorcycle Art" Michael Ulman Motorcycle Sculptures June 2, 2006.

15 Sculptures Made from Old Watch Parts. TwistedSifter The Best of the visual Web, sifted, sorted and summarized Sep 18, 2013 15 Sculptures Made from Old Watch Parts Susan Beatrice is an artist and sculptor based out of Glassboro, New Jersey, USA. In the series below, we explore Susan’s fascinating sculptures made from old watch parts. You can find all of her amazing creations on her blog and Facebook page. [via Colossal] Artwork by SUSAN BEATRICE | ALL NATURAL ARTSBlog | Facebook If you enjoyed this post, the Sifter highly recommends: Incredibly Lifelike Animals Made from Pipe Cleaners Animal Sculptures Made from Old Tires These Functioning Watches Were Carved From Wood Categories: ART Tags: · miniature, reuse, sculpture, watches AddThis Sharing Previous Picture of the Day: Invisible Reflection Next Picture of the Day: An Albino Humpback Whale Random NBA Superstar Anthony Davis Dunks the Sun Related Artist Turns Discarded Keys and Coins Into Works of Art Trending on TwistedSifter The Shirk Report – Volume 339 50 Amazing Finds on Google Earth Email.

Metal Animals : les incroyables sculptures en métal recyclé, par Edouard Martinet. Buy work - Hubcapcreatures. EDOUARD MARTINET. John Lopez Studio. Igor Verniy : Sculptures Mécaniques - Unfamous Resistenza.

À l'ère de l'informatisation généralisée et des hautes technologies, il existe toujours des adeptes des techniques "old-school". Des nostalgiques du métal rouillé, des mécanismes et engrenages en tout genre et de l'odeur d'huile de moteur. Igor Verniy fait partie de ces gens là, il crée d'incroyables créatures à partir de morceaux de métaux, que la plupart des gens considèrent comme des déchets. Insectes, arthropodes, androïdes et autres créatures, ses créations issues d'un univers mêlant Steampunk & Cyberpunk sont articulées et uniques. -Comment en es-tu venu à pratiquer cet art ? Dès l’enfance, j’ai développé un esprit technique, mon père rapportait de son travail divers mécanismes qui ont toujours attiré mon attention.

Je n’avais pas besoin de jouets en plastique, c’étaient les objets en métal mon truc ! À 8 ans, j’ai créé mon premier jouet fait avec du métal (c’était seulement un montage à partir de fils de cuivre). -Quelles sont tes influences, inspirations ? -Tes projets ?