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Dramatenbloggen1’s Blog Dramatenbloggen1’s Blog Rikard Lekander. Foto: Jacob Andrén. Hösten 2013 sätter Rikard Lekander upp skräckmusikalen Necronomicon på Unga Dramaten/Elverket. Pjäsen är skriven av Gustav Tegby, och baserad på författaren H.P. Lovecrafts mytologiska universum. Dramatenbloggen bad Rikard berätta lite mer om sitt intresse för skräck och om föreställningen.
UK Bubble Just when you think you have heard it all, Lord Turner-head of the FSA-comes along with the following outrageous admission: Part of the story of the FSA at that time is that we did have, we never used the word, a somewhat light touch regulation in particular in those areas of wholesale conduct. We were only to a small extent focused on the activities of investment banks. We only had about five people on Barclays and five people on RBS. At one stage we only had one person that was shared between Barclays and RBS. UK Bubble