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Education. Targets. The Conversation - Education Equity. Australia’s appalling record of equity in education has once again been confirmed in the latest Closing the Gap report.

The Conversation - Education Equity

Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull announced the report’s dismal findings present an opportunity to “recommit to achieving equality of opportunity for all Australians”. But first we must agree on what we mean by “equality”. Is equality in education achieved by giving everybody the same thing? Or is it achieved by giving everybody what they need in order to achieve the same outcome? The latter is the premise of the now-defunct Gonski model of education funding – where each student is given what they need in order to achieve, and that means some students would be given more because they need more. Close the gap report. Kakadu National Park. Our land has a big story.

Kakadu National Park

Sometimes we tell a little bit at a time. Come and hear our stories, see our land. Australian Recommendations. Background on Global Context: Afghanistan. Aid Afghanistan for Education. The Benefits of Education. Recommendations for Global Context.