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Microplastic beads: how your exfoliating scrub might be harming the ocean – Features – ABC Environment. The exfoliating 'microbeads' added to common bathroom scrubs may be wreaking havoc with life in the ocean from the tiniest worms, to humans having fish for dinner.

Microplastic beads: how your exfoliating scrub might be harming the ocean – Features – ABC Environment

SPARKLES IN YOUR toothpaste. Exfoliating body scrub. Deep facial cleansers. When reading through the ingredients on your bathroom items, one item you wouldn't expect to see is plastic. However, a significant number of personal care and cosmetic products contain tiny particles of plastic, called microbeads. While the idea of plastic flecks in toothpaste is alarming enough, of far greater concern is emerging evidence that these plastic microbeads and other tiny particles of plastic are finding their way into our waterways and embedding themselves in the marine food chain. How plastic microbeads are causing big problems. Homemade DIY Natural Beauty Recipes. SAFE COSMETICS AUSTRALIA. Safe Cosmetics Australia - Nasty Chemicals To Avoid.

Acetone Solvent; formaldehyde releasing, development & reproductive toxin Acrylamide Imported into Australia to produce other chemicals known as polyacrylamides used in waste water, sewage & water treatment, insurface coatings & adhesives, leather processing, manufacture of paper and cosmetics.

Safe Cosmetics Australia - Nasty Chemicals To Avoid

NICNAS 2004 Report concluded that serious health effects can occur including irritation, sensitivity, nerve damage, cancer & damage to genes. That Acrylamide is a serious health hazard - It is permitted for use in Australian personal care & household products. Aminophenol Sulfonic acid considered toxic; this chemical is classified as a hazardous according to the National Occupational Health & Safety Commission NOHSC. Infographic Make up. The Australian Business Awards 2015. Lushopaedia - Coconut Cream. The Coconut palm (Cocos nucifera) is thought to be a native of Polynesia, Malaysia, and southern Asia.

Lushopaedia - Coconut Cream

The trees may yield up to 200 coconuts in a year, but more commonly yield sixty. The trees bloom and fruit all year round. Nearly every month, a new flower spike emerges from the tree's crown, developing into a cluster of six to twelve nuts. Each nut takes a year to mature and is the largest seed known. Infographic fragrance in make up. Infographic the ugly truth about cosmetics. Top 12 Natural Skincare & Cosmetics Ranges - As Voted By You - The Whole Daily. I’ve always bought things here and there that are labelled as all natural, chemical free and not tested on animals.

Top 12 Natural Skincare & Cosmetics Ranges - As Voted By You - The Whole Daily

It was only recently that I started to research typical store ought ‘big brand’ cosmetics, creams, lotions and potions that I had a huge ‘WTF?’ Moment. I wrote a little about that here. My Facebook audience are literally amazing. Super engaged, really helpful and women (and a few men) after my own heart. I’ve compiled a list of the best natural products for you based on the recommendations of some of the 7,000 women who follow my page. Natural skin care, natural beauty products. Free shipping on orders over $130* It's free to order online & pick up in store!

Natural skin care, natural beauty products

Cart product (empty) No products $0.00 Shipping $0.00 Tax $0.00 Total Prices are tax included Check out Shop by brand Categories New products. Australian Certified Organic Skin Products. 100% Natural, Organic, Eco Friendly, Luxury Beauty Care Products. Parabens. Chemicals, Heavy Metals In Makeup And Cosmetics. Doc-244-watershed-natural-personal-care-key-points.pdf.

The Truth Revealed: Parabens in Your Cosmetics. The Environmental Damages Of Cosmetics - Simple Luxe Living. The public is becoming increasingly aware of the health dangers posed by cosmetics and personal care products.

The Environmental Damages Of Cosmetics - Simple Luxe Living

Many consumer agencies have made great strides in educating consumers about the health risks of these products but their disastrous effects on the environment are less well known. Here’s a look at what the beauty industry is doing to the world around us. The production of cosmetics products causes many detrimental effects to the environment, here are a few of the main concerns: The Cost Of ‘Natural’: Companies are cashing in on the word ‘natural’ , they seem to think by putting a few natural ingredients in their product makes their product natural – even though it is laden with other chemical and toxic ingredients. LUSH Shampoo Bars - 15 Greatest Eco-Friendly Beauty Products. Sponsored Content:Sponsored Content:Sponsored Content:Sponsored Content:Sponsored Content: LUSH Shampoo Bars 14 of 16 LUSH makes up for three entries on this list, and it's easy to see why.

LUSH Shampoo Bars - 15 Greatest Eco-Friendly Beauty Products

Toxic skin infographic ingredients 12 avoid(s) A joint environmental effort-L’Oréal Group. L'Oréal has long been engaged in taking responsibility for its ecological activities and has extended its ecological footprint to include its suppliers.

A joint environmental effort-L’Oréal Group

All along the production chain, the group involves its suppliers in its policy of environmental conservation and the protection of natural resources and biodiversity. It also favors local suppliers, using a single production company in each geographical region. In this way L'Oréal promotes the economic development of the regions in which it produces, limits the impact of raw material and goods transports and favors cooperation with new suppliers located closer to its markets. Responsible packaging management The packaging policy is a cornerstone of L'Oréal's environmental program. Responsible management of raw materials See Research Innovation values : Access to the official website of the Carbon Disclosure Project Favoring local suppliers. Green Choices - The environmental impact of toiletries, cosmetics, shampoo & perfumes. Common cosmetics use can negatively impact the environment as well as the user.

WNN Earth Watch The United States EPA – Environmental Protection Agency now says that PPCPs – Pharmaceuticals and Personal Care Products, including cosmetics, do have a negative impact on our environment.

Common cosmetics use can negatively impact the environment as well as the user

Image: Ookikioo (WNN) Washington, D.C., UNITED STATES, AMERICAS: While natural body-care products represent the fastest growing segment of the cosmetics market, your local pharmacy shelves are still full of products laden with toxic chemicals linked to cancer and reproductive harm. To address this problem, today, U.S. Eco friendly makeup. Ranges include: Organic, vegan & natural ingredients.

DIY Organic Cosmetics. You are perfect.

DIY Organic Cosmetics

But we understand that, every now and then, you need to add a little color to your cheeks and a little smoke to those eyes. Most cosmetics contain toxic chemicals that may cause harm and age you prematurely. Soap, Shampoo, Bath Bombs & More. Makeup safety chemicals in your body from cosmetics. Microbeads_Enviro_V3_01.png (PNG Image, 732 × 1059 pixels) - Scaled (94%) Luxury beauty products top 10 eco friendly beauty picks. All about skincare - unbiased skincare advice, skincare news and industry trends.