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Air pollutants. Potentially, air pollutants can be found in air anywhere - outdoors and indoors.

Air pollutants

Air pollutants can be divided into three groups: Criteria pollutants. UK Supreme Court Orders Action On Air Pollution; Australia's Air Declining As Well. The Supreme Court of the United Kingdom has ordered the British government to draw up plans to bring air pollution levels into line with European Union standards, just days after a United Nations report estimated the cost of dirty air to Europe at a “staggering” $1.6 trillion every year.

UK Supreme Court Orders Action On Air Pollution; Australia's Air Declining As Well

In the UK, 29,000 deaths are caused by air pollution each year, according to a 2010 study, and the Supreme Court’s unanimous judgement yesterday highlighted the inadequacy of the government’s efforts to tackle the problem. Despite European Union law requiring member nation’s governments to reduce pollution to a benchmark level by 2010, the UK government’s own plans projected that air pollution would continue to exceed legal levels until 2030. EarthClient, the environmental group that brought the case, focused on 16 cities and regions known to be air pollution hotspots, including London, Manchester, Leeds, Birmingham and Glasgow. Water and Air Pollution. In the latter part of the 13th century, in an effort to reduce air pollution, England’s King Edward I threatened Londoners with harsh penalties if they didn’t stop burning sea-coal.

Water and Air Pollution

However, the king’s regulations–and those of subsequent leaders–had little effect. By the late 18th century and first part of the 19th century, coal came into large-scale use during the Industrial Revolution. The resulting smog and soot had serious health impacts on the residents of growing urban centers. In 1952, pollutants from factories and home fireplaces mixed with air condensation killed at least 4,000 people in London over the course of several days. A few years earlier, in 1948, severe industrial air pollution created a deadly smog that asphyxiated 20 people in Donora, Pennsylvania, and made 7,000 more sick. Outdoor_air_pollution. Delhi Wakes Up to an Air Pollution Problem It Cannot Ignore.

Photo NEW DELHI — For years, this sprawling city on the Yamuna River had the dirtiest air in the world, but few who lived here seemed conscious of the problem or worried about its consequences.

Delhi Wakes Up to an Air Pollution Problem It Cannot Ignore

Now, suddenly, that has begun to change. Some among New Delhi’s Indian and foreign elites have started to wear the white surgical masks so common in Beijing. The United States Embassy purchased 1,800 high-end air purifiers in recent months for staff members’ homes, with many other major embassies following suit. China air pollution far worse than thought: Study. A U.S.

China air pollution far worse than thought: Study

-based nonprofit group called Berkeley Earth has released a report, based on data collected by a network of sensors across China, that said more than 80 percent of Chinese people are regularly exposed to pollution that far exceeds levels deemed safe by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency. In its efforts to combat the problem, the Chinese government has set up a nationwide network of sensors, and regularly publishes data online. The Berkeley Earth researchers used this data for their report, along with data collected by a large international air quality-monitoring organization called Graph 1. TECMASK.

Associations Between Outdoor Air Pollution and Daily Mortality in Brisbane, Australia. 3 Ambient air quality and other atmospheric issues. State of the Environment 2011 Committee.

3 Ambient air quality and other atmospheric issues

Australia state of the environment 2011. Independent report to the Australian Government Minister for Sustainability, Environment, Water, Population and Communities. Canberra: DSEWPaC, 2011. OUTDOOR AIR POLLUTION & LUNG DISEASE: Australian Lung Foundation selected Information sheets: NEVDGP. What is air pollution?

OUTDOOR AIR POLLUTION & LUNG DISEASE: Australian Lung Foundation selected Information sheets: NEVDGP

Modern industrial society produces a large number of gases and particles which can pollute outdoor air. In the past, one of the major sources has been the burning of coal in power stations, other industries and homes. European coal has quite a high sulphur content, so it produces a lot of sulphur dioxide and fine particles (smoke) when burnt. Fortunately Australian coal and oil has a much lower sulphur content and this sort of pollution has never been a major problem in our capital cities.

Nowadays the main problem is motor vehicle exhaust. Asthma-air-pollution. Air pollution takes toll on Australian lives, economy: OECD report. It is a grisly statistic, and it comes with a cost.

Air pollution takes toll on Australian lives, economy: OECD report

The number of deaths related to air pollution in Australia has increased significantly, when most of the world's major economies have seen their death rates decline. A new report from the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development, called The Cost of Air Pollution: Health Impacts of Road Transport, shows Australia has failed to halt the dangerous rise in air pollution. It estimates the economic cost of that failure has run into the billions. The report shows that between 2005 and 2010, the number of deaths from air pollution in Australia jumped from 882 to 1483, representing a 68 per cent rise. Outdoor air pollution, low birth weight, and prematurity. Air pollution kills 1600 Australians each year. Air pollution hot spots infographic. Industrial air pollution control equipment market in australia 8 728. Australian Air Quality Forecasting System. You are here: Home | Air | Australian air quality forecasting system Notice: Due to technical issues the forecasts are not available.

Australian Air Quality Forecasting System

Forecasting is expected to resume shortly. Norberry.pdf. National standards for criteria air pollutants in Australia - Air quality fact sheet. Air quality fact sheetDepartment of the Environment and Heritage, 2005 Protecting Australia's air quality.

National standards for criteria air pollutants in Australia - Air quality fact sheet

1383.0.55.001 - Measures of Australia's Progress: Summary Indicators, 2009. Overall, air quality in Australia is relatively good. Fine particle health standards (Endnote 1) were exceeded in the selected urban areas on average between one and three days each year between 1997 and 2007 with the exception of 2002, 2003 and 2006. In 2002 and 2003, standards were exceeded more often, mainly because of severe bushfires and dust storms around the Sydney and Melbourne areas, which caused the National Environment Protection Measure (NEPM) for fine particle (PM10) concentrations in the air to be exceeded on 13 days in Sydney (Liverpool) in 2002 and 10 days in Melbourne (Footscray) in 2003. This NEPM standard was also exceeded on eight days in Brisbane (Rocklea) in 2002. In 2006 it was exceeded on 11 days in Adelaide (Netley), mostly due to smoke haze from bushfires and strong winds and windblown dust.

The standards were also exceeded on 11 days in Melbourne in 2006, with fire the likely cause for 10 of those days. 1. 2. Document Selection. Clean Air Make More Take Action. Residents, business owners and visitors living in Maricopa County can take small, simple steps to make a big impact on the air we breathe. 7 Ways To Reduce Air Pollution In Your Home And City. Ebd5.pdf. Outdoor air pollution: assessing the environmental burden of disease at national and local levels. Causes and Effects of Industrial Pollution. With the coming of the Industrial Revolution, humans were able to advance further into the 21st century. Technology developed rapidly, science became advanced and the manufacturing age came into view. With all of these came one more effect, industrial pollution. Earlier, industries were small factories that produced smoke as the main pollutant. However, since the number of factories were limited and worked only a certain number of hours a day, the levels of pollution did not grow significantly.

But when these factories became full scale industries and manufacturing units, the issue of industrial pollution started to take on more importance. Plant-a-Tree - Carbon Neutral. Create Your Program I would like to help the environment and commit to the Plant-a-Tree program as follows: For every $2.75 (plus GST) we plant one biodiverse native tree in rural Australia. (eg. '10 trees per invoice raised, 4 trees per conference delegate') Once you reach the minimum purchase amount applicable to the size of your organisation, you automatically become a Carbon Neutral 'Partner'.

Top 10 Benefits of Trees. Mestes76 / Flickr Can you put a price tag on a tree? Those who sell timber for paper and other products certainly do, but what about the worth of a living tree? Tree_Air_Qual.pdf. 10 Reasons to Plant More Trees Poster. Main air pollution linfen bicycle. World Health Organization. Health effects of outdoor air pollution. CFP-%20Health%20effects%20of%20Air%20Pollution%202011%20(2).pdf. National Clean Air Agreement - Fact sheet. Most jurisdictions have legislation in place requiring that only new wood heaters that meet the relevant standards can be sold in their State/Territory.

Health effects of outdoor air pollution. Plain English Guide to The Clean Air Act. Environments Tracking Air Quality - CDC Tracking Network. NEW Mortality benefit estimates associated with reducing PM2.5 are now available for Coronary Artery Disease as well as deaths from all causes. Very small particles that are less than 2.5 micrometers in width are known as fine particulate matter or PM2.5. These particles are less than 1/30 the width of a human hair. Fine particulates can play a role in causing serious illnesses and death because they are small enough to be inhaled deep into the lungs. Once fine particles are in the lungs, they can affect the heart, blood vessels, and lungs.

Ambient (outdoor) air quality and health. Factsheet-clean-air-agreement.pdf. What We Can Do to Improve Air Quality. Getting a breath of fresh air isn't as easy as it used to be. We've loaded the atmosphere with all kinds of pollutants that have triggered a number of serious atmospheric ills. The atmosphere is, in effect, talking back. It's warning us that it can't sustain more of our abuse without causing harm — not only to humans but to the planetary ecosystem. We now have the power to destroy the delicate balance that sustains the Earth's many kinds of life, including human beings.

Department of the Environment, Australian Government.