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It's okay puppy, it's the thought that counts! - StumbleUpon. Humorous, Funny and Cute Animal Photos: Humor Page: Archive. - StumbleUpon. - StumbleUpon. - StumbleUpon.

Perls before Swine. Perro Beatbox. Cat vs Hair Dryer - CollegeHumor Video. Cat Loves Water from That Happened! & 50 Random Cute and Funny Pics (part 3) A dog and his blanket picture, in album: Another 50+ Animated Gifs. This Cat Just Beat Your Fruit Ninja High Score. ... but it is soooo much fun to watch a cat try and jump up onto something without the use of their front claws.

This Cat Just Beat Your Fruit Ninja High Score

You mean cats aren't meant to entertain us? (Seriously, I'd never declaw my cat unless it started to willfully go out of its way to scratch my kids. If my kid screws with the cat and gets some claws then he'll hopefully learn to stop doing that or I'll buy the kid a helmet. On the other hand, if the furbag decides to go apeshit on the kid when he's minding his own business then furbag is going to lose. A Cats Christmas - StumbleUpon. ( 2nd page added!

A Cats Christmas - StumbleUpon

Be sure to check it out AFTER this one More laughs and new great photos - link near bottom of page or click) Your instructors, Iris and Fern will demonstrate how to assemble and decorate a Christmas tree. Animal Humour.