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Hwee Xin/Religious

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World of Temasek. Focus on the Docks, the Market and the Forbidden. The description of the religion places in the cities before 1819. World of Temasek/The people. Description of different people and religions in Singapore before 1819. Different races in Singapore. Facts and Statistics Location: Southeastern Asia, islands between Malaysia and Indonesia Capital: Singapore.

Different races in Singapore

Description of different races, names and the gifts thet others give. FCPAncientHistoryTrail. Gold armlet found at fort canning park. The description of the gold armlet. Singapore economic history. Detail of a glazed ceramic mural at the Chinese Chamber of Commerce in Singapore.

Singapore economic history

Established just over one hundred years ago, the organization has a membership of 4000 local ethnic Chinese enterprises. An alleyway. A group of Chinese stand outside a store on an impeccably paved street, selling fresh dim sums. Look at the culture and religion before 1819. Description of the religion between Singapore and other countries.