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» Free Credit Scores from Credit Karma – No Scam. Written by Lazy Man.

» Free Credit Scores from Credit Karma – No Scam

Rethinking the Gold Bubble - James E. Miller. There has been a lot of speculation recently on whether or not gold is in a bubble.

Rethinking the Gold Bubble - James E. Miller

With Federal Reserve chairman Ben Bernanke announcing "Operation Twist" last month, gold and other commodity prices have fluctuated erratically. Immediately following the "Twist" announcement, prices of both plummeted. Gold then stabilized a few days later. To make sense of these phenomena, one must utilize Ludwig von Mises's lesson that history must be interpreted with logic and rational deduction rather than empirical evidence alone. Fortune Tech: Technology blogs, news and analysis from Fortune Magazine. The Truth About Forex Trends. Welcome!

The Truth About Forex Trends

I’ve been a full-time trader for over 22 years and, during that time, I’ve quietly mentored over 6,000 traders ranging from Wall Street pros to total beginners. 83 Ways To Be Smarter With Money While You're Still Young. 50 Plus Finance. How Bill Gates is betting on inflation - Portfolio Insights by Brett Arends. By Brett Arends, MarketWatch What’s worse is that the inflation rate used to calculate the yield on TIPS bonds is the official consumer price index.

How Bill Gates is betting on inflation - Portfolio Insights by Brett Arends

The CPI seriously flatters the true inflation picture for all of us. And it especially understates inflation for older citizens — precisely the people most likely to buy TIPS bonds. The U.S. Labor Department privately calculates a separate CPI index for senior citizens, known as CPI-E, and it typically runs about 0.3% a year above the regular CPI. So what is Bill Gates doing? Money Management Tips: Choosing the Right Savings Account. Written by Equifax Experts on October 17, 2011 in Credit | 1 comment In the first two parts of the money management tips series, we discussed the importance of paying yourself first and setting savings priorities.

Money Management Tips: Choosing the Right Savings Account

Both are key steps toward saving for tomorrow – and both are easy to accomplish. (Discover how by reading parts one and… In the first two parts of the money management tips series, we discussed the importance of paying yourself first and setting savings priorities. Both are key steps toward saving for tomorrow – and both are easy to accomplish. Online Forex Brokers - Hot Forex - Thank you. The Truth About Forex Trends. Bad Credit Loans. Analysis of Google search-data can yield stock tips. FORTUNE -- As occupiers step up their occupations of Wall Street and other places across the U.S., demanding that the financial industry be held accountable for putting the economy at risk and for sucking up the nation's wealth at the expense of the "99%," a couple of finance professors have taken on the important question of whether analyzing Google (GOOG) search data can actually help investors guess which stocks will rise.

Analysis of Google search-data can yield stock tips

Their answer is yes. "We propose a new and direct measure of investor attention using search frequency in Google," write Notre Dame University's Zhi Da and Paul Gao in the Journal of Finance. Freakonomics characterizes the study as concluding that analyzing Google search data is a "better, more direct method of measuring investor attention (a precursor to buying the stock) than traditional, indirect methods of measurement, such as news and advertising expense. " CNNMoney - Business, financial and personal finance news. Are You Financially Healthy? The 5 Stages. Last night, I was pondering the subject of cash flow (essentially how money flow through our hands) and about financial well being.

Are You Financially Healthy? The 5 Stages

I played around with various visualizations that consist of income, expenses, debt, and assets. What I came up with was the 5 stages of financial health below. I believe that all of us go through these stages at one point in time, although some may never fall into “the debt spiral” or achieve “financial freedom”. Below are the description of each stage and some suggestions on how to improve your finances if you fall into that particular category. Stage 1 – The Debt Spiral. Invest in the Markets Interview. As a member of the personal finance community, I’m amazed at how many people are a part of it.

Invest in the Markets Interview

Unfortunately that often means that I can’t always keep up with everyone. It’s a shame because there are some wonderful bloggers with their stories and advice on handling finances responsibly and with fun. To counteract that and get the word out on other bloggers, I’ve started the Sunday Blogger series. 5 Common 401(k) Pitfalls - The Smarter Investor. Roger Wohlner Participating in your company's retirement savings plan is a great first step, but that alone won't guarantee a comfortable retirement.

5 Common 401(k) Pitfalls - The Smarter Investor

When thinking about your financial goals and retirement savings, keep these 401(k) considerations in mind: Financial Planning 101: Free Financial Advice, Financial Tips. Financial Planning and Investing Glossary: Personal Finance. Financial Planning and Investing Glossary: Personal Finance. Are the Lights About to Go On at Yahoo? This morning Stifel Nicolaus upgraded shares of Yahoo!

Are the Lights About to Go On at Yahoo?

(NASDAQ: YHOO [FREE Stock Trend Analysis]) and put a $18 price target on shares, as it believes a deal is near. After last week's Delivering Alpha conference, in which Dan Loeb of Third Point hinted that something could be done relatively soon, there is more conviction now than ever that something gets done soon. He also hinted strongly that Jack Ma, of Alibaba could be involved in taking over the company. Yahoo currently owns a 39% stake in Alibaba. Loeb pointed out why he believes Yahoo is worth anywhere between $19 and $31 per share. We may also see a higher offer than anyone expects, considering how valuable the Alibaba stake is becoming. NeuralSpray Forex Trading System and the power of the neural networks. Forex Trading Journal Community. Stock Screener - Pre Trade Analysis.

Overview These pages provide some insight into the historical baseline information for each stock that we track. The alerts server automatically uses this data. - Stock Screener. Options Trading. Stock Screening. Faunus Asset Management - Trading signals & indicators for FOREX, precious metals and world indices. Trading signals for binary options is a unique new product, designed for both beginners and for experienced investors. Trading signal is similar to "Indicators" service and also consists of categories of assets (FOREX, stocks, indices, commodities), the type of option (CALL, PUT) and the reliability level.

The parameter set is ideal for trading binary options. Using the levels of reliability, you can greatly improve the efficiency of your trading, filter weak signals and enter the market only for those assets, which are expected to bring the maximum profit. Signals are available for options with an expiration period of 15 minutes, 1, 2, 4 and 24 hours. Money. Untitled. Thank You 8. The Trade of the Decade Our last Trade of the Decade skyrocketed 293% — here’s the single move to make for THIS decade. Stock Market News & Financial Analysis.

OTCStockExchange. How to build a Facebook community. Here are 14 ‘levers’ you need to be pulling Like any social tool, Facebook needs to be worked in order to achieve specific marketing, event or fundraising goals. Yes, you need to have a an effective Facebook Page where fans can easily interact (see “11 Quick Tips to Enhance Your Facebook Fan Page” by @franswaa). And yes, you need to have compelling content. 7 Financial Tips I Picked up From the Wealthy. Have you ever heard of the book, "The Millionaire Next Door?

" Stock Market News & Financial Analysis. Campbell R. Harvey's Hypertextual Finance Glossary. We Need More Gen-Y Entrepreneurs to Fuel the Wave. August 18, 2011 by Marty Zwilling. Thanks For Signing Up For The Mini Course. 7 of the Most Unusual ETFs. Global X Fishing Industry ETF (<a href=" target="_blank">FISN</a>) Retirement savings strategies: Live well on less - Sep. 12. Viewpoints: Hold banks to account for their role in crisis - Sacramento Opinion - Sacramento Editorial.

Three years ago this week, the financial system came unhinged. In rapid-fire succession, one major financial institution after another crumpled as years of recklessness on Wall Street and regulatory neglect in Washington took their toll. Before it was over, the federal government had committed trillions of dollars to bail out the nation's largest banks and the economy was in tatters, with gnawing questions remaining about what went wrong and who was responsible.

Miami & Ft. Lauderdale News, Weather, Miami Dolphins & More. Invest-roth-ira-reuters: Personal Finance News from Yahoo! Finance. Tax year 2010 lives, at least for another month, and that means people who made Roth IRA decisions last year can revisit them until October 17. Tax Credits Over Deductions for Retiree Savings Pushed at Panel. Replacing tax deductions with credits for retirement savings would benefit low- and middle- income Americans, federal economic policy expert William Gale told a retirement security forum. Credits would shift tax benefits from those paying the top tax rates to more modest earners, Gale said today at an event in Washington hosted by the Senate Special Committee on Aging. The current system of retirement savings is flawed, Gale said, because it delivers the “largest immediate benefits to higher-income individuals in the highest tax brackets.”

All Revenue is Not Created Equal: The Keys to the 10X Revenue Club. May 24, 2011: International Cost of Living Comparisons. FDX: Wish I Could Short the Post Office. - Simply the Web's Best Financial Charts. A Motley Fool Special Report. Investment and Financial Dictionary by Gold Rises Most in Four Weeks as U.S. Jobs Report Boosts Demand for Haven.

Home Stream. StockTwits® - Share Ideas & Learn from Passionate Investors & Traders. The Flags: Meet the world. print. Original Turtle Trading Systems: Learn Trend Following Systems. Online Investing: Stocks, Personal Finance & Mutual Funds at Copper slips off record high; gold ends lower - Metals Stocks.

Money, Money, Money. Stock Market News & Financial Analysis. 10+ Unusual Ways To Make Easy Money On The Internet If You Love Writing. How to start a dividend portfolio with $5,000 « Intelligent Speculator. TraderFeed.

S&P 500 Emini Day Trading Set Ups. In Graphics: What Is a Stock? The MICEX Index Continues Lower… - Gresham's Law. Forex News Trading - Fundamental News in Currency Trading. Futures Trading Education. Welcome to Trader Kingdom - Your Futures Trading Education Resource. Exchange Rates.

Currency Trading. Forex Brokers Reviews, Rankings, Ratings & Comparisons. Currency Converter. Welcome to Banking on Our Future (BOOF) Disaster Capitalism Libyan Invasion Was Planned 10 Years in Advance: Gen. Wesley Clarke. Porssi.jpg (JPEG Image, 600x518 pixels)

How-to-retire-without-any-savings-moneywatch: Personal Finance News from Yahoo! Finance.