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Free Crochet Pattern: Vanna's Choice® Amigurumi Penguin. PENGUIN EYES (make 2)With B, ch 2.

Free Crochet Pattern: Vanna's Choice® Amigurumi Penguin

Rnd 1: Work 6 sc in first ch. Rnd 2: 2 sc in each sc around – 12 sc. Fasten off. BODYWith A, ch 2. Rnd 1: Work 6 sc in first ch; place a marker to indicate beg of rnd; move marker up as each rnd is completed. FEET (make 2)With C, ch 2. WINGS (make 2)With A, ch 2. BEAKWith C, ch 2. FINISHINGFold Beak in half to make a half-circle, stuff lightly and sew closed. Ideal Crochet Sphere (Mathematically!) with pattern. Whenever I have to crochet a sphere, I always pull out the tried and true method: increase by the same number of stitches each row for a little while, work the rows even for the middle bit, then decrease by the same number of stitches each row until you're finished.

Ideal Crochet Sphere (Mathematically!) with pattern

Once it's stuffed, this makes a decent sphere! Plus, it's a super easy pattern to remember. But it got me to thinking, how would I go about making an ideal sphere? After I got bored asking google, I threw a little bit of math at it. Turns out the the number of stitches in each row should scale with sin(theta), where theta is the polar angle. These are two spheres that I made this way: I included the pattern for the 2 spheres at the end of this post. I found it tricky to figure out how to squeeze a weird number of increases into a row where they in no way fit evenly, so let me know how these patterns work out for you if you try these! Also, math is fun! The Patterns: 20 Row Sphere: 26 Row Sphere: Download free amigurumi patterns. Yanaknits. Here is another one in the series of cute crocheted animals - this time it's a giraffe.


I think he's a nice companion to the moose and the sheep. And he's made entirely out of leftover yarn from the striped scarf. It's a win-win situation: you end up with an adorable toy and you use up the yarn that's not enough to make anything big. Yarn and Crochet Crochet size 5/3.75mm (F) 1/2 skein of yellow (Brown Sheep Sunburst Gold) yarn less than 1/4 skein each of purple (Brown Sheep Plum Line) and gray (Brown Sheep Ash) yarn Body & Neck Chain 3, join with a slip stitch Head Legs With purle yarn chain 3, join with a slip stitch Work same as legs but reduce the number of rounds for each color: 6 total for purple, 4 total for gray, and 11 total for yellow. Horns With gray yarn pick up and single crochet 8 st at the top of the head where the horns should go. Ears Chain 10 st, turn, and double crochet 8 st. Crochet Sock Monkey. Crochet Sock Monkey Written by Teresa Richardson Video Tutorial: Crochet Sock Monkey Video Tutorial: Left Hand Crochet Sock Monkey Skill Level - Intermediate Abbreviations HDC - Half Double Crochet CH - Chain SL ST - Slip StitchSC DEC - Single Crochet Decrease FSC - Foundation Single CrochetFHDC - Foundation Half Double CrochetFDC - Foundation Double Crochet Materials Size G/4.0 mm crochet hook 4 ply yarn - 3 colors - Colors of your choice.

Crochet Sock Monkey

Tapestry NeedlePolyester Fiberfill or stuffing of your choice Stitch Instructions and DefinitionsSingle Crochet Decrease - This is joining 2 single crochet together and reducing them down to 1 single crochet. Yarn Marker - I just use scrap piece of yarn to mark rounds. Time Code is noted in this video on each segment. This is an alternative to the foundation stitches.