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Thursday With Coffee. THANK YOU BASED MADOKA. Sweet southern soul. Sweet southern soul home message about this soul instagram submit archive theme feel the rain "They call me observant. That’s not particularly true. People are so easy to read - we bleed emotions even in the way we drink our coffee. No one seems to notice though. (via sheathegay) (Source: c0ntemplations, via thegoldenanchor) "I love late night conversations, late night drives, late night snacks, late night showers, everything’s better at night. " (via wrxst) (Source: frenchinhalechanelxoxo, via helterandskelter) "It’s funny. Danzy Senna (via observando) #finland #whereishome (via karithenelizabeth) (Source: observando, via coffeeinthemountains) Sosuperawesome. Skyrim cloth and cosmetic armor | MMO Gypsy – Wandering online Worlds. Following up yesterday’s announcement, I’ve prepared an overview of what I believe to be some of the nicest available cloth or “cosmetic” outfits for Elder Scrolls V.

I’m putting cosmetic in brackets here, because strictly speaking all armor in Skyrim is cosmetic if you happen to be a non-melee class. The best available gear for magic users comes from enchanting – meaning, you chose whatever gear you enjoy the most (you can wear any armor class too) and add the most powerful enchantments which you will have to earn by skilling up the profession, learning recipes and creating powerful soul gems. Likewise, the best armor for warriors and thieves come from professions too; while there’s no “tailoring” in Skyrim, there sure is armor-smithing and leatherworking which creates the best sets combined with enchanting. An interesting approach to gearing up, in my opinion. Skyrim “cloth and cosmetic” armor – some picks A) Festive clothing 1. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. B) Mage outfits 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 1. 2. SkepticArcher - ART BLOG. Shy Kingdom : Photo.

Shingeki no bloggin. Bigsackofballs replied to your post: hello! Wow, its been like 4 months sin… Um I’m sorry I’m on mobile so I can’t see anything but.. could you maybe link your art blog ; n; I’ve missed your stuff! Oops! Yeah, id left it out in the last post b/c i just thought ‘well its in my dropdown menu in my sidebar so its ok’ and totally forgot it doesnt work for mobile. here it is! Hello! Anyway, in case you havent figured out already, this blog’s inactive. my interest in SNK waned after the anime ended, and then some frankly upsetting stuff about isayama came out and i kind of just never really bothered coming back into the fandom afterwards. i’m going to keep the blog up since there’s art on here that’s not on my art blog (and im not about to go reblogging everything im missing over to it) and some text posts im still fond of, but i doubt i’ll actually be using this blog again. sorry. guess who got fire emblem awakening last friday <_> lol i think i ship pigtails and blondie w/ levi already *lol*

Shakespeare Illustrated | The Artists | Hamlet. Sashkash.tumblr. Putoshop. Commission!! Kind of hoping for one last outfit change awkward rises from the grave to post one piece ogrl asked: are commissions re-opened yet?? Ive been putting off making a post about it but yes commissions are open! Meruz asked: YO CONGRATS ON RUNNER UP!! Oh thanks!!!! My design for the shirt contest! All this old art going around is bugging the hell out of me so here is a quick redraw of this ok last one dumb anime hair dumb anime boys.

Items similar to PURPLE- the sugar series. Precious Memories. Precious Memories home • ask • archive • theme Older 3,555 notes / REBLOG 703 notes / REBLOG 24,081 notes / REBLOG 4,151 notes / REBLOG 8,379 notes / REBLOG 160 notes / REBLOG 15,007 notes / REBLOG 2,409 notes / REBLOG 23,390 notes / REBLOG 87 notes / REBLOG 37,193 notes / REBLOG 2,404 notes / REBLOG. Pinalinet • Happy new year!! from Colorado where I’ve spent... Phantasmagoria Cafe. Can we get a little info on our servers before we start? Yknow, so we can pick the one we like based on personality and not just looks? Anonymous Mr. Manager: Yes of course, I have prepared performance reviews for the boys, filed under the “The Staff” link on our sidebar! Tacitum.

Original Hiroshi Yoshida (1876 - 1950) Japanese Woodblock Print Tea House in Azalea Garden, 1938 Kiyomizu Temple in Spring by Ito Yuhan (1882 - 1951) Mystic Places. Some of you who follow me on instagram (@myrollingstar) might know that I switched dorm rooms recently from a double to a single! I’ve gotten several requests on posting up a room tour, but I’ve been real busy :( So I got out of classes early today, and instead of studying for my mountain of midterms next week like a timely student, I cleaned my room and took a nap. And then I woke up and took some pictures! So here’s my current little dwelling Bed!! Where I read, drink tea, and cry over exams and big textbooks (who needs a proper desk anyways?) My little plant family that keeps me company View of the giant tree in our courtyard outside my third floor window One of the many little things hanging on the walls. And that’s my little space at university \o/ Most of my decorations are from Ikea, online, handmade by me/friends, or little local craft shops.

Back to those midterms! My Daguerreotype Boyfriend. Horace Hopkins Coolidge, age 22, on his graduation from Harvard College, class of 1852. (Harvard Archives) Among the many gifts his fairy godmother endowed on Horace Coolidge were a genial charm of manner, a rare tenderness and a spirit of living kindness, and a loyalty in friendship which made him dearly loved by all who knew him. After graduating, he did what many young men of his time did, and traveled to Egypt for two years, returning to Boston to marry his sweetheart and become a lawyer. Apogee69. Lunatic. Ming Doyle, My thoughts on photo-referencing: I don’t do it... Luigi D'Albertis. Luigi Maria D'Albertis (21 November 1841 – 2 September 1901) was a flamboyant Italian naturalist and explorer who, in 1876, became the first person to chart the Fly River in Papua New Guinea.

He took eight weeks to steam some 580 miles up the Fly River in an Australian launch, the Neva. On board as engineer was young Lawrence Hargrave, later to become an aviation pioneer. D'Albertis kept a pet python on board to prevent his motley crew from pilfering the stores. He also fired off exploding rockets to keep any hostile natives at bay. He was born in Genoa. A number of reptile species from New Guinea were named in honour of d'Albertis but most have subsequently become synonyms of other species.

Only the python carries d’Albertis’ name today. Several of these species were described by the German naturalist Wilhelm Peters and Giacomo Doria, the Italian naturalist and founder of the Natural History Museum of Giacomo Doria. Publications[edit] References[edit] Edwards, Ian. External links[edit] Lowlighter. Currently romancing Cassandra, bc WHO ELSE sairobee: Last night I dreamed I unlocked a super secret mode in DA:I that let me play through the story as Cassandra. no-puppy-eyes: I had a pretty good life. Virtuousmission: Destiny Typography, Textiles, Symbols and Signage.Art By: Joseph CrossI had the distinct pleasure of interviewing Joseph last year for one of my Studio courses.

Men’s eyes were made to look, and let them gaze;I will not budge for no man’s pleasure, I. I made a short animatic called Hellsmouth based on a game idea last year, about a lamp that reveals hidden demons. vimeo link & some concept art! Left Hand Black. Planetory Program Parameters. Am I the only one who wants to see ️sollux with bitty tits? Anonymous variablejabberwocky: my dash did a thing! *bursts out laughing* Oh god! Dang it, Jesse, every time you’re on my dash reblogging knit stuff I get into a knitting mood. Plant Mega Pack Mod for Minecraft 1.8/1.7.10 vastderp: marron5blr: This mod offers a rich variety of plants, items, recipes and features to enhance your worlds.

Mod Spotlight: How to Install Plant Mega Pack Mod:You need install Minecraft Forge firstDownload this modThen, go to %appdata%.After that, go to .minecraft/mods folder.Paste or Drag/Drop this mod (jar or zip) file into that.If that one does not exist, you can create this oneAll done! For 1.7.2 1.7.10 1.8 oh WOW, what a lovely mod! It’s an up and down thing. *shrugs* To be fair, my first internal reaction was “You really don’t like this idea.” and lack of considering it. I’m worried she’s right though. I don’t know. Intertitles. I sure am spaghetti. Uploading these took me several tries this is a sign why did i even post that who cares about Tarzan McAirbud Things that make Koga laugh rlly hard: the WASTED meme with dog themes Favorite pastime of mine is applying logic to where it doesn’t belong in this case how for every bridal-style Kagome you can count a dead one cause being held like that at break-neck speeds would. yknow. break her neck.

So Sonic the Wolfhog-chan would have to support her head and upper body with immense strength to keep it from just ripping off however funny that would be lets be real, they’d be the best of friends they are perfect for each other does this even need a caption. Anonymous asked: Will we be seeing Brian and Jasmine again? Basically if you see a certain fanart on my blog go dark for a while, expect it to crop up somewhere else C’mon guys lets keep it clean, we got a reputation to uphold here. based off this gifset.

Alexisparade's art blog. Rkchav tumblr. Hexafusion / Triple Fusion | Know Your Meme. About Hexafusion, also known as Triple Fusion and /co/ Fusion, refers to the fan art practice of creating a composite character by combining the physical features of three fictional characters from different universes, which is typically visualized in a hexagonal schematic detailing each component of the fusion process. Origin On November 20th, 2013, a fusion of the character Wendy from the animated TV series “Gravity Falls” and Frankie from the animated TV series “Foster’s Home For Imaginary Friends” called “Wanky” was posted on 4chan’s /co/ (Comics & Cartoons) board (shown below, left).

Shortly after, a chart was created featuring both characters with the addition of the character Vicky from the animated TV series “Fairly Oddparents” (shown below, right). Precursor Spread On November 22nd, 2013, the same chart was posted by Tumblr user plagueofgripes, gaining over 280 notes within the first month. Notable Examples External References. Ambitions like ribbons. 死んだように. Art blog (pastel mermaids are my aesthetic ) Mesperyian. FantasyAnime, The Ten Commandments of RPGs Lol, very true. Do... Psychotic autistic and winning. Sσnαtα. Dark Puck. Hello Batty's Personal Tumblr — Dice necklaces are up on the shop!!!!!!!! ...

Begin Again. Got some draws here. It’s finally midnight on the west coast so… HAPPY FRESH FRIDAY GEOFF!!! Wild sea is such a charming, fun comic so far and I’m excited to watch the story progress, so I just had to draw these cuties!! (if you haven’t read Wild Sea you should def check it out!). And Geoff, as you know, I too, love this stupid evil sonic motherfucker, so enjoy this bonus Scourge!! As always, thanks for organizing Fresh Friday for the 4th time Rachael and Suppi! I’m always really happy and thankful for every year I’ve gotten to participate! Anonymous: how do you like living in los angeles as an artist? I’m gonna be extremely biased because I’ve lived here all my life and I seriously love LA with all my heart and all the friends I’ve made here. For the most part I’ve found that people who weren’t happy here either visited temporarily and only went to tourist attractions, didn’t like the “shallow culture” (which is easily avoidable), or moved here without a car, which is an absolute must.

Knockout!! Beanstalk. Brutal moineau. Captured Emotions. Cat horror story: An eerie cartoon about mothers, daughters, and felines. Coffee made me do it. Ink and thunder. Food > the world. Crapmachine. Delacroix's Hamlet lithographs. Denae*sketch. Design for the cast iron door at Petit Palais, Paris by Girault. Everything's coming up Milhouse. Fashion from old people. Fisheye Placebo. Gallimaufry. Smite the fiend. Untitled Document.

God Bless Male Models | Adonis Bosso @ Richard Chai Love S/S 2015... Kill ur elf, syderp: LON COOL. I’m switching back and forth between working on... - rainy day ricochet. Her Tea Leaves. 小竹. 二月-六月. ホモ. 【オリジナル】「部分」イラスト/てもし@ブログ更新してません. 【艦これ】「潜っちゃいます?」イラスト/Violetshit. Beepunk.tumblr. My homestuck porn blog, yummytomatoes: dirtytomatoes: dirtytomatoes: ... Tumblr_lt4ayhEKJY1qjikvno1_r1_1280.jpg (JPEG Image, 781 × 1121 pixels) - Scaled (89%) Touch the stars without fear. The Adventuress. THANK YOU. AND YOU. R@ND0M*CR2P. Oc posts - (((o(*゚▽゚*)o))) Oh Boyzies. NOTHING LEFT TO DO BUT DANCE. Judgmental Shrek. (`σ▽σ)人(ㅎ-ㅎ*) Lanimalu. Kira kira. Kiss Kicker. Karoline Pietrowski Illustration. Jen Bennett | Posts Tagged ‘margin doodle’ I FOUND MYSELF ANNOYED. Be bebeb b ebe be b e b eb eee. Fat Aggie Variety Hour. Elasmosaurus.tumblr.

Den ame tumblr. Areyoujun tumblr. Clio Chiang. Claire Keane. BUTT THEN. Brittany Myers. Just The Two Of Us. B A J S. Lexxy's Draw Blog. Remarkable Pencil Drawings That Blur Photorealism and Hyperrealism.