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Vers une charte universelle sur les droits des robots ? Le Parlement européen légifère sur le statut des robots une question qui peut apparaître simple au départ, mais qui se transforme vite en casse-tête juridique.

Vers une charte universelle sur les droits des robots ?

Il est pourtant important de bien encadrer cette nouvelle technologie afin de bien déterminer les responsabilités de chacun en cas d’accident. « Un robot ne peut porter atteinte à un être humain. Un robot doit obéir aux ordres d’un être humain et protéger son existence tant que cela n’entre pas en contradiction avec la première loi. » Les trois lois de la robotique écrites par l’écrivain Isaac Asimov sont bien connues des fans de science-fiction, mais aussi des parlementaires européens. Un rapport qui va bientôt être examiné en séance plénière commence à dessiner les contours d’une législation de ce type.

Une nécessité alors que les robots sont amenés à se multiplier dans notre société, mais qui pose déjà de nombreuses problématiques. Des droits et des devoirs pour les robots ? C’est un rapport qui fait du bruit. Source. CES 2017: NVIDIA-Powered AI Cars Take Over CES. The annual Consumer Electronics Show, in Las Vegas has become the best place to learn about what’s coming to cars.

CES 2017: NVIDIA-Powered AI Cars Take Over CES

This year, however, the wild new capabilities rolling through CES, and into the auto industry, went from an open secret to headline grabbing news. As a result, it was an incredible week for us. Since we unveiled our AI computing platform for autonomous vehicles at CES last year, DRIVE PX 2 has become the core of the AI revolution sweeping the auto industry. That became clear with the show’s opening keynote Wednesday from NVIDIA Co-Founder and CEO Jen-Hsun Huang, who announced our new AI Co-Pilot for the car built on DRIVE PX 2, as well as our ever expanding AI Car ecosystem of partners. Automakers Jumping into AI The next big news came just moments later, when Jen-Hsun invited Audi president Scott Keogh on stage to announce that our two companies will develop AI systems to enable fully automated driving coming to market starting in 2020. Top Tier Mapping the Road Ahead Whew. PC Gaming Thriving: Revenue Doubles, 30 New Laptops to Ship in Q1.

The PC is the driving force defining the future of gaming, and 2016 delivered in spades.

PC Gaming Thriving: Revenue Doubles, 30 New Laptops to Ship in Q1

It’s no shock that the action was focused on PCs. It’s the most open, customizable, scalable gaming platform – the home of passionate fans. Where the limits of realism, immersion and storytelling get pushed by hardware innovators and game developers. But even by the platform’s usual dynamic standards, stunning progress was made this past year.

Consider the spread of eSports, the surge in digital content sharing, the transformation of games into Hollywood-like spectacles, and the rise of VR. As one of the world’s biggest gaming brands – with a community of over 200 million GeForce gamers – we did our part to help shape the future of this incredible force. S High School Intern Builds Robots with Jetson. Most high school students save their summers for vacations, trips to the beach and generally steering clear from school.

s High School Intern Builds Robots with Jetson

Not so for Prat Prem Sankar. He spent last summer exploring deep learning, cultivating mentors and building humanoid robots with our Jetson TX1 embedded computing platform. At 16, Prat was NVIDIA’s youngest intern in recent memory. His hobby in robotics began over five years ago, when his father bought him a Lego Mindstorms NXT set, a programmable version of the toy. “I was so excited that it existed. Deeply Into Deep Learning Prat began his senior year at Westmont High School in Campbell, Calif., this fall and continues to build robots with his FIRST robotics team, the Arrowbotics. But Prat wants to discover more about the latest technology in robotics. Two months later, Prat joined NVIDIA as a summer intern and got his chance to discover the potential of deep learning by building three robots with Jetson TX1s. The Student Becomes a Teacher Putting Robotics FIRST. ADM. Presse citron. NVIDIA.