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Regular Clinics versus House Calls. When you think about going to the doctor, you likely imagine going to a clinic or hospital.

Regular Clinics versus House Calls

But did you know that before 1960, you would have been more likely to see a doctor in your own home than in a medical office? More than 60% of doctors’ visits back then were in the patient’s own home. Changes in insurance reimbursement made house calls all but disappear. Most house call companies are now concierge type practices and do not take health insurance. However, provides house calls and accepts most major insurances. Heart Disease and Cardiovascular Disease. Is there a difference between heart disease and cardiovascular disease?

Heart Disease and Cardiovascular Disease

Yes, there is. Heart disease is more specific and it only refers to the disease of the heart while a cardiovascular disease generally refers to conditions that involve narrowed or blocked blood vessels. Heart disease is the same as cardiac disease but not cardiovascular disease. It’s any kind of disease that specifically involves and affects the heart such as arrhythmia, heart failure, coronary artery disease, and some other heart conditions. Understanding Different Spinal Diseases and Conditions. The human spine or backbone is composed of 26 vertebrae that protect your spinal cord and helps with your posture.

Understanding Different Spinal Diseases and Conditions

It has three parts: cervical, thoracic, and lumbar. Injuries, infections, and illnesses of the spine will cause damages to the bones and the surrounding tissues and nerves. Tonsillitis, Sore Throat, or Strep Throat: The Differences. We often interchange the use of terms tonsillitis, sore throat, and strep throat when we feel like having inflammation in the throat area, but are these three terms the same?

Tonsillitis, Sore Throat, or Strep Throat: The Differences

As a provider of health care in Silverdale, Washington, we would like you to know the definition and differences of these terms. Let’s find out below. Tonsillitis is the inflammation of the two oval-shaped tissues at the back of the throat. You can notice the swelling of your tonsils when you open your mouth widely. COVID-19. At , we have received many questions about coronavirus (COVID-19).


There has been a lot of confliciting information, so we felt it would be helpful to clarify a few things about COVID-19. Food Poisoning: What Causes It? We’ve all encountered this sickness at one point or another.

Food Poisoning: What Causes It?

We’ve all suffered through its symptoms of nausea, vomiting, and diarrhea. But what exactly causes it and what can we do if ever we get struck with this illness? Food poisoning, formally known as foodborne illness, is caused by eating contaminated food. Infectious organisms such as bacteria, viruses, and parasites or other toxins are the usual culprits of food poisoning. Contamination can happen at any point of food processing or production. What Happens When You Have an Asthma Attack? Foods That Trigger Migraines. Having migraines can take a toll on your personal life.

Foods That Trigger Migraines

Often they are debilitating and can force you to take days off school or work and miss social gatherings. If these migraines become chronic, depression can occur. Preventing Bladder Infections: A Must. The term urinary tract infection (UTI) is a broad term that includes anywhere along the whole urinary tract.

Preventing Bladder Infections: A Must

This would include kidney infection, bladder infection, or urethral infection. The most common type of urinary tract infection is a bladder infection. This develops when bacteria enter the urethra and travel their way into the bladder. When bacteria enter the urethra, they are often cleared with the force of urination. What Can You Do to Stop Nosebleeds? Nosebleeds can range from simple to severe.

What Can You Do to Stop Nosebleeds?

Mild cases often resolve on their own in a few minutes. In severe cases, the patient will need urgent care in Silverdale, Washington. Still, there are helpful steps that should be tried prior to seeking medical care for a nosebleed. Consider the following: Tell-Tale Signs of Ear Infections in Children. According to the National Institutes of Health, five out of six children will experience an ear infection before they turn three years old.

Tell-Tale Signs of Ear Infections in Children

The reason for this is multifactorial, though relates to the fact that the anatomy of their eustachian tubes (canals that drain the ear) are more horizontal; as well as the fact that children are more likely to catch an upper respiratory infection or “cold.” Any non-verbal young child with congestion that is associated with a fever should be evaluated for a possible ear infection. Did You Also Believe in these Flu Myths? As a provider of health care in Silverdale, Washington, we take great care to provide up to date and evidence-based medical therapies to our patients.

Our practice is based on the latest recommendations from CDC, NIH, and the Department of Health and Human Services guidelines. We at believe our mission is not only to eliminate disease and ease suffering, but also to educate. One of the common ailments that is shrouded in myth and misinformation is influenza, or “the flu.” Is Your Toddler Suffering from Food Poisoning? There are practical ways that we can implement to protect our family members from food poisoning.

Yet, food poisoning can still happen. Because of that, as parents, we need to be on the lookout for signs to detect that our kids may have food poisoning. Early detection can prompt us to get urgent care to you in Kitsap County, Washington. Here is a list of the signs of food poisoning in young children that you should be on the lookout for: What You Need to Know About Fever in Seniors. The average temperature for every person is 37oC or 98.6oF. However, this temperature varies from one person to another especially as there are still other factors that can adjust the temperature. These factors include the weather, effects of exercise, and effects of what was eaten. However, even with these adjustments of temperature in certain instances, it will still resume to the average range unless the person really has a fever. Does Your Child have a Viral Infection? Unfortunately, children are very susceptible to illness. The most common cause for illness in children is due to a virus.

How Can You Prevent Asthma Attacks? Breathing is a basic function of our body. Food Poisoning: 6 Ways You Can Stay Safe from It. 5 Reasons You Need to See a Doctor ASAP. We all agree that health is wealth. But are we truly taking good care of our health as we should? The Doctor’s Waiting Room: Can It Make You Sick? How We Assist Home Care Services. Many nursing homes and home care agencies provide health care related services to their patients. How Can Housecall MD Make Life Convenient for You? Sometimes we just do not have the time or means to go down to a clinic for some proper health care in Silverdale, Washington.