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HostSailor, provides affordable hosting services including shared SSD hosting, dedicated servers, as well as related services such as SSL certificates and domain registration.

How To Distinguishe Between Web Hosting And Domain Name? February 16, 2021 By Kiran Kesavan The majority of the population is not fully aware of distinguishing between web hosting and domain name.

How To Distinguishe Between Web Hosting And Domain Name?

This post aims at outlining the basic dissimilarity betwixt the two. Web Hosting The server space wherein all of your website’s data resides is web hosting. When a user enters the domain name of a website in the web browser, it is changed into the IP address of the server of the hosting company. Domain Name The website address which we type in the URL bar of the web browser is the domain name. Domain names will have words that can be remembered easily. - Web Hosting Services Company & Solutions Provider. Webhosting Coupons & Offers: Affordable Hosting by HostSailor. Domain Registration: Affordable Domains. Best Dedicated Hosting. A Note On The Different Classes Of VPS Hosting. February 9, 2021 By Kiran Kesavan Finding the right hosting for your website is not a simple task, as you will need to consider many things.

A Note On The Different Classes Of VPS Hosting

It will be confusing to find the type of server that is right for your website. Why Free Web Hosting Is A Bad Idea - Infographic. SSL Certificates. Why Free Web Hosting Is A Bad Idea – Infographic. Buy Domain with Paysafeguard. Romania Hosting: Data Centers in Romania. RO (M247) uses private data centers that are powered by a darkfiber ring throughout Bucharest.

Romania Hosting: Data Centers in Romania

This ring pops at NXDATA1 COLO3, NXDATA 1 COLO4, NXDATA2,M247 DC1 and DC2. From there, the datacenters are securely connected to our servers. We have about 2Tbit+ in Romania. Our routers are connected with ten 10G ports, which are redundant, but in active mode configured as one 2 x 50G LAGs. All of this means that our customers enjoy an ideal server environment, which provides efficient, reliable, and powerful performance. only utilizes the most powerful data center, which ensures that we’re able to meet our clients’ most rigorous network performance needs. What’s more, works with highly secure and safe datacenters that are routinely monitored around the clock.

Netherlands Hosting: Data Centers in Netherlands. NL (Databarn Amsterdam and Capelle) uses -NEN Certified- private data centers that are powered by a darkfiber ring throughout Amsterdam.

Netherlands Hosting: Data Centers in Netherlands

This ring pops at Globalswitch, Equinix AM7, and Equinix AM5. From there, the datacenters are securely connected to our servers. We have about 1Tbit+ of Internet capacity in Netherlands, our routers are connected with two 10G ports, which are redundant, but in active mode configured as one 20G LAG. We use HP/H3C core switches in Netherlands, our racks are connected with 20G; and our dedicated servers/vps are placed on those switches. Important Features to Look for in Secure Hosting Plans.

January 18, 2021 By Kiran Kesavan The rise in cyberattacks over the past couple of years has created many challenges for businesses in terms of keeping their sensitive information protected.

Important Features to Look for in Secure Hosting Plans

Consequently, businesses look for more secure platforms to host their websites these days so that cybercriminals cannot access their data for any malicious purpose. As the website traffic increases, many businesses go for higher tiers of Windows server hosting plans hoping that it would provide them better security features. Yet again, it is vital to do some careful research when upgrading the hosting plan so that you can ensure the optimal protection of your website data. RAID refers to a unique system that protects your data from spammers and viruses even if the server experiences any downtime. SSL Certificates. Windows VPS Server. Choosing the Right Windows VPS Servers Hosting. January 8, 2021 By Kiran Kesavan Choosing a hosting plan can be quite confusing these days with the availability of a myriad of options.

Choosing the Right Windows VPS Servers Hosting

Yet if you have decided that you are going with Windows VPS servers hosting, then you may want to keep an eye on the below features to ensure that you are making the right choice. Compatibility. Hosting Services Archives - HostSailor Services. HostSailor Case Study: Web Hosting Packages & benefits from HostSailor. The web hosting market has evolved leaps and bounds over the last few years, and new and innovative techniques and technologies are booming in the industry.

HostSailor Case Study: Web Hosting Packages & benefits from HostSailor

These days, you can expect a lot more from a web hosting company aside from the usual options to publish a website on the internet. Below is a case study of the different types of web hosting packages by HostSailor, one of the most renowned names in the arena today. The information shared hereunder would be helpful in choosing the right service provider for your needs. An All-Inclusive Solution to HostSailor Web Hosting Finding a one-stop solution to all your needs related to web development and hosting would obviously be of great help.

Know About Our Latest Offers And Discounts. The One of a Kind VPS Hosting from HostSailor HostSailor’s VPS hosting services stay unique because of a lot of features. Our XEN, KVM and OpenVZ VPS servers offer high security along with impressive speed and remarkable performance. We allow you to customize your website as you wish to, install any necessary software you need and even scale the VPS server to meet the needs of your fast-growing website. We also have our servers located in Romania to provide our customers with exceptional performance. In addition, when you sign up for our VPS servers, you get unlimited domain names with no extra cost. 24/7 customer service, automated off-site backups and server monitoring are the other added advantages that come with all of our servers.

Benefits of Hosting on A Linux Server – Infographic. What to Look for in the Cheapest VPS Service. December 29, 2020 By Kiran Kesavan Finding the cheapest VPS provider can be a lot more confusing than what it may seem like.

What to Look for in the Cheapest VPS Service

The burgeoning number of VPS providers and the features they offer in their different plans always makes the decision tougher. In any case, you need to keep an eye on the below factors when choosing a cheap VPS service so that you can make the most of your investment. Bug Bounty Programme. We are setting up a reward program for security researchers who believe they have found vulnerabilities in our security defenses – the Bug Bounty Programme.

Bug Bounty Programme

The security of our client's systems and data is of paramount importance to us at Host Sailor. We continually strive to have the strongest and most up to date security hardware and software in place and continuously monitor for any possible security threats and breaches. We also know that we do not have a monopoly on wisdom and recognize the value external security researchers can bring to HostSailor systems' security. Superior VPS hosting. Does the Location Matter When Choosing the Cheapest VPS? December 17, 2020 By Kiran Kesavan VPS offers a host of benefits to business owners looking to employ digital channels for promoting their brand.

Does the Location Matter When Choosing the Cheapest VPS?

Even the cheapest VPS hosting provides the added benefits of scalability, superior security, and faster speeds that you cannot expect from shared server hosting. The numbers of VPS managed and unmanaged providers have grown immensely over the past couple of years. Unmetered Dedicated Server. Unmetered Dedicated Server. Unmetered Dedicated Server.

Determining the Amount of Resources in Your VPS Plan. December 10, 2020 By Kiran Kesavan VPS providers these days offer multiple plans with different pricing tiers and features to suit the varied needs of their customers. That is why you need to carefully evaluate the VPS plan and see whether it has all the features and resources that you require to perform your tasks. Storage KVM VPS. Is Cheap Windows VPS Hosting the Right Choice for you? November 28, 2020 By Kiran Kesavan VPS or Virtual Private Server offers you an affordable option to get powerful resources and features for hosting your website. However, choosing a cheap Windows VPS hosting may not be ideal for all businesses. Although the hosting platform will give you a user-friendly interface and great cost savings, there are some risks associated with choosing cheap VPS plans as well.

When you go for a cheap Windows VPS plan, the vendor may not provide you high-end services that are usually offered with top-tier plans. There can also be risks of poor infrastructure that can affect redundancy and overall security of your website hosted on the cheap Windows VPS service. Shared Hosting Providers. Webhosting Coupons & Offers: Affordable Hosting by HostSailor. Shared Hosting Providers. Ensuring the Utmost Security of Your Virtual Private Server.

November 18, 2020 By Kiran Kesavan Virtual Private Servers or VPS refers to a type of hosting where the same hardware is fragmented into different virtual compartments to host different websites. This means that even though multiple websites are technically hosted on the same server, they all have their own dedicated resources and features, which do not affect other users.

Best Dedicated Server Providers. VPS Hosting. Domain Registration: Affordable Domains.

Whether its website domain name selection or registration, our industry experts will help you choose and register a domain name that best captures the gist and reflects the core values of your business. Get Domains Now : – hostsailorhosting

Superior VPS Hosting. What is a Traceroute and How Can You Run it. October 28, 2020 By Kiran Kesavan A traceroute refers to a function that traces one network’s path to another network. It is done to identify many types of problems in the network and fix them in time. Note that you must run the traceroute right when you experience a problem as well as from the device that is experiencing the issue. Then send the complete results to your ISP for analysis and problem resolution. How to Traceroute on Windows Use the Windows + R shortcut key combination to open Run. Shared vs VPS vs Dedicated Web Hosting – Infographic. The Importance And Uses Of Redundant Servers. Best Dedicated Hosting. Romania Dedicated Servers. Tips to Compare VPS Server Price. October 17, 2020. Netherlands Virtual Server. Should You Choose a VPS Hosting Cheap Plan? October 8, 2020. Unmanaged VPS Server Hosting – Know Its Pros And Cons.

September 29, 2020. 5 Signs That You Need To Upgrade To VPS Hosting - Infographic. September 21, 2020. DDOS Protected Web Hosting.

HostSailor offers 24×7 network monitoring, superior security protocols, automated backups, and an intuitive interface for all their customers. We also have an excellent support team to deal with the queries all the clients in the least time possible. Unleash the power of HostSailor’s innovative & customizable hosting solutions. Visit: – hostsailorhosting

Know About Our Latest Offers And Discounts. Buy Domain with Paysafecard. Managed VPS Hosting – All That You Should Know. September 18, 2020. What Are The Benefits Of Using SSDs In Web Hosting? - HostSailor Services. Why Choose the Best Windows VPS for WordPress Hosting. Tips To Choose The Best Web Hosting Service. Having a website has become a necessity for businesses to attract their customers. Whether you own a small business or a large organization, maintaining your online presence is important for building brand awareness and credibility among potential customers. Dedicated Server Hosting.

Offering more facilities than a typical hosting environment, our Romania servers can also be customized to create an overall great hosting platform. Initiate a live chat via our website or call us at +971 7 222 1602 to learn more. – hostsailorhosting

Why Should I Consider Using A Dedicated Server? - Infographic. August 20, 2020. How to Configure Windows VPN Manually. IP Announcement Services - Announce Your IP. Vlan Network. What Are The Pros And Cons Of VPS Hosting? - HostSailor Servers. Benefits of Using a VPS Server as a Virtual Desktop. Superior VPS Hosting. Is HostSailor the best hosting provider in 2019? - HostSailor Web Hosting Services & Reviews. Shared Hosting Providers. VPS Servers Hosting – Know The Pros And Cons. Managed Hosting - Infographic. Shared Hosting Providers. OpenVZ vs KVM – Understand The Differences. Advantages Of Hiring Managed Web Hosting From HostSailor - HostSailor Services. Best Offers and Discounts.

Looking for some great offers on hosting? Best offers/discounts we have right now on Avail it today and make the most out of it. Hurry Up and don’t miss this great chance. Best Deals: – hostsailorhosting

How A DDoS Attack Affects A Dedicated Server? - HostSailor Servers. How Hostsailor Dedicated Servers Improves E-Commerce Performance? - HostSailor Servers. Cheap Comodo SSL Certificate. Pros and Cons of Managed WordPress Hosting. Role Of Web Hosting To Your Website - Infographic. Hosting with Smart security.

Take your privacy to the maximum with the highest level of security with HostSailor Servers. Our virtual servers provide the best in functionality, flexibility, security and control at competitive prices, making them an ideal choice for small and large businesses alike. #hostsailor #hostsailorservers #managedvps #sharedserverhosting #unmetereddedicatedserver #vpslinux #bestdedicatedhosting #bestdedicatedserverproviders #bestvpshosting #litespeedssdhosting – hostsailorhosting

How to Install WordPress in cPanel Manually. Best Dedicated Hosting. How The Server Location Can Influence Business? - HostSailor Servers. Choosing from the Different Types of WordPress Hosting. Hosting2RO. HostSailor - HostSailor is one of the best SSL certificate... Important Factors For Selecting Web Host For An E-Commerce Website - HostSailor Services. HostSailor - Enjoy the benefits of incredibly fast hosting... Forms Of DDOS Attacks - Infographic. Dedicated Customer Support. Pros and Cons of Using Cheap Linux VPS. Factors to Consider When Choosing a VPS Reseller. Shared Hosting Providers. Shared Hosting Providers. Web Hosting Services & Reviews. Comparing HDD and SSD in Free Windows VPS Hosting. The Benefits Of Shared Hosting - Infographic. Different Types Of Web Hosting Services - HostSailor Servers. HostSailor (@HostSailor) Romania Hosting: Data Centers in Romania. Netherlands Hosting: Data Centers in Netherlands.