Hurricane Specific

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Unisys Unisys This page provides access to a wealth of hurricane information including charts on the track of the storm plus a text based table of tracking information. The table includes position in latitude and longitude, maximum sustained winds in knots, and central pressure in millibars. Current Tropical Satellite Images
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Central Florida Hurricane Center 2011 - Since 1995 SANDY - Postscript There can be very little doubt that the name will be retired, but... Was Sandy a Hurricane at landfall or not? According to the NHC, it was not a hurricane at landfall: But according to just about everybody else, it certainly was. It seems like questionable judgement to change the classification an hour before landfall since NHC had already given responsibility to local weather service offices for watches/warnings, i.e., no bulletins would need to be changed: From the NHC Glossary: Central Florida Hurricane Center 2011 - Since 1995
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