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La misión de HORTOMALLASMR es ser el proveedor número uno en las América y Península Ibérica de malla espaldera para entutorar hortalizas, logrando ofrecer el mejor producto al precio más bajo garantizado, y esto nos obliga a ser muy eficientes con la distribución y costos de operación.

Malla tutora para flores. Sin comentarios Escrito por HORTOMALLAS el .

malla tutora para flores

Posteado en Bacterias, entutorado, entutorado de tomates, entutorar tomates, General, Malla Espaldera para soporte de Hortalizas en Vertical, malla espaldera y la humedad, MALLA Espaldera y Tutora para Hortalizas y Flores... En cuanto a calidad y precios! , Malla Tomatera, malla tutora, rafia para invernaderos, rafia para tomates, reducción de fitopatógenos. Malla jitomates. Un buen cultivo de solanáceas requiere del sistema de soporte HORTOMALLAS, el cual consta en una malla para jitomates y una serie de postes plantados cada 3-4 metros (o mas con un buen cable tensor y de anclaje.

malla jitomates

En solanáceas se aconseja usar una doble malla como sistema de tutoreo ya que las ramas van a ser muy pesadas y al contrario de las cucurbitáceas con guías, los jitomates necesitan recargarse pasivamente sobre el hilo horizontal de la malla tutora. Esta operación ya elimina la necesidad de mano de obra ya que es la misma planta que busca su apoyo, y al evitar ser manipulada reduce considerablemente la transmisión de virosis por contacto. Ya que se instale en un invernadero o casa sombra o en campo abierto el jitomate necesita de un buen entutorado al ser esta una planta que se dobla bajo el peso de sus frutos, y si estos llegan en contacto con el suelo pierden su valor comercial al mancharse.

Espaldera invernadero. Escrito por HORTOMALLAS el .

espaldera invernadero

Posteado en entutorado, entutorar en invernadero, entutorar melones, General, Malla Espaldera para soporte de Hortalizas en Vertical, Malla Melonera, Malla Pepinera, rafia para invernaderos. Soporte de pepino en invernadero. HORTOMALLAS es el producto “natural” cuando se trata de soporte para pepinos.

soporte de pepino en invernadero

Soporte de hortalizas. Hortomallas — malla para guiar pepinos. Malla espaldera jitomates. Malla espaldera chiles. Malla espaldera. Malla Espaldera HORTOMALLAS. Malla para Tutoreo de Flores HORTOMALLAS™ Tamaño 25 x 25cm es ideal para Malla Espaldera y Entutorado(hortonova ) Vegetable support net. Tomato support net. The most popular vegetable crop in the world are tomatoes, so it is no surprise that tomato net has become a key element of any grower of tomatoes produced for the fresh market.

Tomato support net

Tomato Trellis HORTOMALLAS reduces pathogens and plant stress Tomato plants need some sort of support or tutoring, therefore a net that will hold its branches in place while growing and holding fruits is essential. HORTOMALLAS netting allows the tomato branches to grow through the meshes and as the branch is weighted down by the fruit load being grown, the net intervenes as a support and prevents the plant from leaning to the ground and losing the fruit to rot and humidity. Installing trellis netting in tomatoes. Solonaceae have been one of the most successful crops for HORTOMALLAS training systems. See the advantage of training vegetable plants. How the foot of the tomato plant should be tutored. Download Get_services_of_Hortomallas(hortonova ) Cucumber netting. Use these ideas to improve your cucumber crop productivity using cucumber net as crop and vegetable support.

cucumber netting

The great advantage of using HORTOMALLAS netting for your tutoring of cucurbitaceae plants is an improved phytosanitary conditions as compared to raffia, thanks to improved aeration and decreased contact with the workers´ hands, as these are a vector for disease transmission and mechanical stress. HORTOMALLAS is the most used cucumber trellis net available on the market because of its ease of use and durability (it lasts many cycles therefore allowing its already low cost to be distributed over many crops, also allowing crop rotation) Trellis Netting - HORTOMALLAS™, supporting your crop. HORTOMALLAS trellis netting will provides so many advantages against the usual and traditional raffia twine support system.

Trellis Netting - HORTOMALLAS™, supporting your crop

Plants will develop fully on a mesh net as compared to how much they can grow on a single string of raffia. Also aeration will improve as the leaves will be better and more efficiently exposed to the sun. Plants trellised on HORTOMALLAS net will not need to be touched as much to be guided and trained upwards as with other training methods. As we will discuss below, the less a plant is touched the more profitable the crop will be. Raffia for Agriculture is being Substituted by HORTOMALLAS  Trellising vegetables with raffia increases the risk of diseases spreading throughout your fields The old agricultural raffia method of plant tutoring or plant training has been proven to be infective and inefficient, due to the high labor costs, the fragility of a hand woven plant support system (all it needs –as in the picture below– is for one accidental cut of one of the threads for the whole wall to collapse).

Raffia for Agriculture is being Substituted by HORTOMALLAS 

A plant support system made out of raffia requires many man hours to be installed, and it only lasts a crop cycle. Diseases due to mechanical contact are common in raffia trellising as the hands of the workers doing the guiding will become vectors of pathogens Its creases and folds existing in the twists of the twine will provide refuge for pathogens and insects, so fumigating costs for your crop will increase.

On the contrary using a proven horticulture net like HORTOMALLAS, guarantees a faster installation HORTOMALLAS is quick and easy to install. HORTOMALLAS vegetable tutor net.