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Facebook Twitter Dyeing Acrylic with Basic Dye. You are here: Home > All About Hand Dyeing > Dyeing Synthetic Fibers > How to Dye Acrylic Yarn and Fabric Note: The predecessor to this page, "Dyeing Acrylic With Basic Dyes", has been split into two different pages: the one you are currently viewing, which is "How to Dye Acrylic Yarn and Fabric", and another page, "About Basic Dyes".

Dyeing Acrylic with Basic Dye

I'm very sorry to have to tell you this, but dyeing acrylic yarn at home is not necessarily a good idea. Dyeing wool yarn can be easy and safe, but dyeing acrylic is less so. For your first dyeing projects, please try natural fibers, instead. There are two types of dye that can be used on acrylic: one is called disperse dye, and the other is called basic dye (also known as cationic dye). Rit dye won't work! Ordinary dyes used for wool or cotton will not color acrylic. Digitgrade Legs and Hoves. Well, here's a short description how I made the Legs of my Beastman-Fursuit.

Digitgrade Legs and Hoves

The following picture shows how hoof and Padding is done: This shows the whole leg from the side. You can easily see how simple the illusion of a digitgrade-leg is created, while the wearer stands pretty normal.Here we have a closeup of the foot/hoof it's basically a shoe with a plastic piece attached to it.This is how the plastic-hoof is made: I used a piece of plastic Gutter (shown from the side here and gut it diagonally as shown by the thin line.Now we cut each of the pipe pieces open in the place where would be the back later. (whole thing is shown from above restuing on the cut-side)Then use some heat to make the Plasic soft enough to bend the ends open until it has roughly this shape and (more important) fits over the shoe!

This is how the whole thing looks from the side now. This is one leg on the left it is shown from the front and on the right from the back. Well, that's it! Fursuit - Community Profile. Furries, Scalies, Avians, and everything in-between, are all welcome here!

fursuit - Community Profile

This is a community for those who want to create and build a fursuit. For example: How to carve heads, sew, glue, choose fur, etc. Feel free to post URLs to your personal fursuiting websites, show us how you build stuff, post pictures of your work, or even concepts of what you would like to do! Fresh Again for Uniforms and Costumes: on dry cleaning fursuits: (Please, post on these Communities if it doesn't have to do directly with making fursuits!) FursuitloungeTo find Fursuits for sale, to Sell your stuff, or ask for Quotes, Get Concept Art, use LJ Community: Home With constructing any costume there must be a start.. a concept or inspiration.

Its not just good enough to say I want to make a wolf.. or another character. You must see what you want in your mind's eye, and then either draw it or get someone to draw it for you. Once you have your character - in my case the wolf pictured below - think on how he will act and react to people and situations. This will go far in working out his expression and body shape. For example - like the Verdum Manor wolves - they are made to be scarey - so lots of teeth, claws, and glaring eyes. Once you have the shape you want - think about how YOU will fit into that shape, what changes do you need to do. Also - what do YOU want to do with the character. A classic problem for myself was the legs. Subjects:- Click on a cell to view the details Todate. But then - he is a labour of love. En:Fursuit building - Aus, der freien Wissensdatenbank Hi, I'm Markus G.

En:Fursuit building -

Nowak (AKA Tioh). I've written several german tutorials on how to make fursuits on my webside ( Some english speaking friends constantly reminded me of the fact that the english translation is missing. I can't translate them all - sorry, got to much else to do -, so I decided to mend all the useful information into one document. Keep in mind that the pictures shown belong to different fursuits.