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Cables, Interconnects and Other Stuff - The Truth. Rod Elliott - Copyright (c) 1999/ 2000/ 2001/ 2002Page Last Updated - 07 April 2002 Main Index Articles Index Contents.

Cables, Interconnects and Other Stuff - The Truth

Home Theater Speakers - Best Small Speakers - Orb Audio. Totaldac USB cable. The USB filter/cable is a Totaldac exclusivity which improves the sound of any DAC or music server using a USB link.

totaldac USB cable

A shielded aluminium box embeds high performance filters to suppress digital pollutions coming from the computer or the music server. The sound is then more natural, more transparent and without harshness, the result is surprising and helps to improve playback quality from a computer based source. USB REGEN™ – UpTone Audio. The UpTone Audio USB REGEN™ just might be the next big leap for computer audio.

USB REGEN™ – UpTone Audio

[The reviews from many of the over 2,500 people worldwide now using a REGEN are filled with excitement over how musically effective the device is. Drop in on some thoughtful ones here at USB REGEN Listening Impressions.] The USB REGEN takes the digital audio stream from your computer or other music streaming device, and generates a completely new USB data signal to feed to your DAC. It accomplishes this by combining a carefully chosen USB hub chip with an ultra low-noise regulator and low-jitter clock. Importantly, it does so with ideal impedance matching—right at the input of your DAC. 優化Enable. Post Views: 1,073.


COZOY. Premier Hi-Fi.

6SN7 Preamp

Tisbury Audio - Mini Passive Preamplifier. Mini Passive Preamplifier£135Buy Now • 14 Day Returns • One Year Warranty • Hand Made in England No JavaScript detected!

Tisbury Audio - Mini Passive Preamplifier

Your browser must support JavaScript in order to purchase from our website. A small and simple passive preamplifier with a precision stepped attenuator, top quality components, a hand made walnut facia and audiophile acclaimed sound quality. It can be used to control a wide range of audio systems, connect multiple sources, drive multiple amps, control active speakers or add outputs for a subwoofer, headphone amp or any line-level device. Key to the excellent sound quality is the stepped attenuator volume control, made using 1% thin film SMD resistors for ±0.25 dB channel balance at all volumes. The wooden fascia is hand made from American black walnut and mounted to an anodised aluminium body. Tc-7240 b. JOB Audio Hi-Fi Components. Shavano Music Online - Speaker SPL - How much power do you need? 1/04 - Jens Moller I want more power!

Shavano Music Online - Speaker SPL - How much power do you need?

No, you really want more SPL. Your speaker choices make huge difference in the way your amplifier uses its power. Amplifier FAQ. Amplifier FAQ * How much power do I need?

Amplifier FAQ

A typical speaker might produce 85 to 90 dB SPL at one meter from the speaker with one watt of power ( as supplied by an amplifier.) As 85 to 90 dB is loud, I hope it's obvious it takes very little power to get subjectively loud sound. As you increase volume, power needs will rapdily increase. You may have heard that you need to double power for each 3 dB increase in SPL. Summarizing, you need very little power to get a loud music or movie, but as you increase volume you very quickly run out of power. Speaker sensitivity, as mentioned above can be quite helpful in being able to play your system more loudly. In open space, for each doubling of distance away from a speaker, SPL will drop by 6 dB DPL.


Schiit Audio, Headphone amps and DACs made in USA. Articles and Papers On Hi-Fi. Audio Paper - How to choose the right preamp. Oct 2004 by Steve Deckert I’ve had many phone calls from potential customers having troubles trying to decide which preamp they should buy.

Audio Paper - How to choose the right preamp

It occurred to me that with 3 preamps of our own, this would be an ongoing question as more and more people find themselves in this position of choosing. First let me say that the goal with the addition of any preamp is to achieve synergy between your source(s) and amplifier(s). Any time you have an opportunity to audition several preamps in your system, it goes without saying the one will usually sound and work better then the others.

The reason one sounds better generally has a lot less to do with price and more to do with the circuit design of that preamp. To select an ideal preamp you must know two things: The output voltage of your source (most stock CD players are 2 volts)The input sensitivity of your amplifier (most amplifiers are around 1 volt) Lets look at these two terms so we understand exactly what they are. Weiss Software Update. MAN301 software V1.2.1 is released.

Weiss Software Update

(November 7th 2014, 15:52) Release Notes: MAN301 Basestation Operating System V1.2.1 (r5737)Requires iPad App Weiss MAN ≥ V1.7.0 V1.2.1 of the MAN301 software has just been released. It is a big step forward in terms of features and enhancements, including: Contact us_Analog Metric Limited. Super performance SP14 preamp. Introducing the super performance SP14 preamplifier I am very proud to present my best ever preamp, the SP14 Let me start with an introduction to this product.

super performance SP14 preamp

This is a major upgrade with many refinements to my previous best SP12 preamp. This preamp is NOT intended for the casual listener. Pioneer M-22. Class-A stereo power amplifier which adopted the chassis made from die-casting as the radiator made from die-casting. The Class-A operation is adopted as a whole page. The Class-A operation sends many idle currents through the transistor also in the time of a non-signal, and is a scheme which uses only operating range with the sufficient linearity of a transistor. Although a Class-A operation has a low electrical-power utilization factor and calorific value also increases, in order that the upper and lower sides may be amplified by the same wave and may obtain a synthetic output, with B class amplifier, switching distortion or crossover distortion which are not avoided do not generate two transistors of a push pull.

Yaqin SD-CD3 Tube Buffer - upgrading caps. Yaqin SD-CD3 Tube Buffer - upgrading caps Hello All, Just had the lid off and take a fancy at replacing the caps: 4x 0.47u 275v 2x 0.22u 275v Would like to replace them with ClarityCap ESAs, but they don't seem to make any to the same exact spec. Their 0.22u's are 630v and the 0.47u's are available in 250v and 630v. Does this matter if they are not an exact match on the voltage ?

Tube Amp online shop - YAQIN, MHZS, XDSE, EL34, KT88, 300B, 845, 2A3, Valve, Amplifier, CD Player. The Sound Chamber - Home. オーディオユニオン お茶の水 ハイエンド中古館. アバックUSED&OUTLET専門店/TOPページ. 中古新品買取のオーディオサウンド. オーディオを売るなら絶対ココ!! HiFi-Do McIntosh/JBL/audio-technica/Jeff Rowland/Accuphase. 聲輝音響 - Sound Glory. ARTOS loudspeakers are designed to reproduce an extremely natural, dynamic and realistic musical experience, offering impressive soundstage, basscontrol and timecoherence to set landmarks in music reproduction. Our MOONGLOW is a premium-grade speakersystem owing many features even of our State of the Art model Hurricane. Its high efficiency, linear impedance behavior and minimal phase shifting equally suit for combination with single ended triodes as well as transistor amplification.

Unconventional design solutions and perfect craftsmanship make them outstanding in many respects. A Unique Audiophile Experience. Tone Imports. Geek Pulse: High Res Audio for Your Desktop. Your LAST CHANCE to grab this ultra high-def DAC and headphone amplifier before it goes to retail. We want to give you Geek gear for free! For every $250 in contributions from people you refer, we'll give you a $20 refund after the end of the campaign. How it works: Simply log in to Indiegogo to get your personal tracking URL, then press the share buttons or share your unique URL (below the main video at the top of the page). Spread the word about us with your friends all over the Internet and you'll earn refunds quickly!

Shindo Laboratory.Inc. North Star Design - hi-end audio equipment. April Music. Emotiva. 重庆隆宇电子厂. Nakamura Corporation. Insulated Transformers. SINE AC Power Conditioner : SAF-30A / SAF-60A / Gateway SAF-80A / SAT-3KV / SAT-5KV. .: ESELAB - The Essence Of Music :. Balanced Power Technologies - Home. - Your online source for audio vacuum tubes.


Manufacturer and Wholesaler of Vacuum Tube (Valve) Amplifier, Speaker and Audio Accessories. 傲士音响 - image audio. New generation of Tube Hifi. YS-Audio. 威威音響 - 真空管專門店 Wi Wi Tubes- for audiophiles. Cheap Audiophile. Stabilant 22. This material, developed in Canada, is in service worldwide. Since receiving BYTE Magazine’s “Product of the Year Award” in 1985 it has been mentioned many times in their articles, and also in a number of other publications. It is the only material of its type available anywhere! , Audio,Amplifier,Preamplifier ,Integrated Amplifier,Loudspeaker System,Hi-Fi Audio,Hi-End Sound System: Marsh, Jamo, Aurum Cantus, Iego, Infocus, Ortofon. Hercules Fix & Treasures Workshop 小修小寶工作室. AudioGate - Audio Format Conversion Application - AudioGate has been the ideal partner for the KORG MR series of DSD recorders, allowing you to record in the ultra-high-resolution DSD format and then down- convert to the most suitable format for your needs.

It was created to bring out the unlimited potential of a DSD master, and has become an indispensible DSD recording tool used by studios worldwide. Now, everyone can experience the advantages of DSD audio with the new version of AudioGate, which can operate as a free standalone application. U-Turn Audio. How To Play a DSD File: using Foobar2000. Getting DSD to work on a PC with Foobar2000 requires the installation of three drivers—your DAC Manufacturer's custom driver, the ASIO output driver, and the SACD driver. DSD-Ready DACs. Lukasz Fikus Lampizator. Aftermarket IEM Cable List (Now more Visually Stimulating) Warning: If you are a Member of the Trade, you will get in trouble if you post about your cables in this thread. If you have any issues with the content of the list or any inaccuracies, please take a look at my profile for a means of alternative communication off of the forums and we can resolve anything needed. This is only meant to be a resource for those in the market for IEM cables and it will be shut down if MOT's post here.

Added a recent updates section right below this. Please expand the spoiler box if you are interested in the list of updates with dates. I will be changing the date of the last update as I make changes so it is convenient to see when a change was made/content added. EDIT: As of right now, I have found out this list is missing a few cables, most of them do not have any reviews. SOtM - Ultimate High Performance Audio.


LH Labs: Get Your Audio Geek On. Active Loudspeakers. 【教學】Logitech Squeezebox Touch 安裝中文字型 - 橋墩下的電影院. DAC Reviews. 24/192 USB DACs (a list) This question comes up often enough so it seemed to make sense to make a list. Here are the DACs that according to their manufacturer handle 24 bit/192kHz via USB input. I'm sure I missed some so please feel free to add your list in the comments.

Note: for those companies with more than one 24/192 USB DAC I've only listed one, typically the least expensive. I-20 - Hi-Fi Quality Dock for iPod/iPhone. Drugs Audio 解樂堂 - Home 首頁 - Audio Bulk Cables & Parts Specialist - 音響散線配件專家. Home Page.