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6SN7 Preamp

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Custom line stage. © Don Sachs, 2015 Latest: I am not alone in my opinion of this preamp.

custom line stage

I have gotten two very nice reviews lately from customers who have them. They are too long to post at the bottom of the page so check them out here..Update: I am having 10 preamp cases made out of cherry. Super performance SP14 preamp. Introducing the super performance SP14 preamplifier I am very proud to present my best ever preamp, the SP14 Let me start with an introduction to this product.

super performance SP14 preamp

This is a major upgrade with many refinements to my previous best SP12 preamp. JE Labs phono and line preamp. Phono stage For severaI years I have been hacking the Dyna PAS chassis with various cascoded and cascaded phono circuits all employing negative feedback RIAA EQ in search for a circuit that will satisfy my musical requirements.

JE Labs phono and line preamp

My research ended when I discovered this unglamorous 2-stage cascaded passive RIAA EQ phono preamp circuit at the back page of an RCA tube manual. The most important lesson I learned in this excercise is negative feedback chokes the sound! I did not alter any component values except for using Ni-mH batteries for cathode bias which I thought improved detail and definition.

I strongly advice against the use of a cathode follower and make sure the circuit drives a minimum load of 220K as originally specified otherwise you will lose bandwidth at both frequency extremes. Untitled. The Metis Magnum presented us with a significant engineering challenge; to create a truly high end preamp at an entry level price.


We believe we have succeeded! The Metis offers outstanding performance and build quality that is accessible to almost anyone with a love for great sounding music. Entirely hand built in the USA, the Metis is assembled to the same exacting standards as our most expensive preamplifiers. Since its introduction the Metis has won numerous industry awards only a few of which include: The Absolute Sound "Budget Component of the Year", Hi-Fi + "Product of the Year", Soundstage "Reviewer's Choice Award" And "Exceptional Value Award.

" Download product literature here - General Features and Specifications: Audio Electronics Constellation Preamp **DEMO, BLEMISH** at Music Direct. Audio Electronics AE-3 DJH. Audio Electronics AE-3 DJH (open stock) - Open but brand new with warranty!

Audio Electronics AE-3 DJH

This preamp was sold for $1599 factory direct by Cary and Upscale Audio. But still not enough profit. Cary Audio. Welcome to the B-stock section of the Cary Direct Store!

Cary Audio

The phrase B-stock can imply one of several or multiple scenarios such as; returned or open box products, previously repaired products, demonstration products used at industry shows or in dealer showrooms, cosmetic flaws such as scratches or dings in chassis, faceplate, paint surfaces, or other visible areas. B-stock may be current or past production models in addition to one-off items. The reduction in price is due to the B-stock status and the prices are not negotiable. If you prefer new A-stock product with full warranty, we are happy to refer you to a local dealer or sell directly to you if you qualify based on location. We do not provide specific details or histories of these units as to how they fall under B-stock status other than cosmetic issues.

The below B-stock sales will only be sold and shipped within the U.S. Express U.S. shipping is available for all items. List Price: $8,995 NOW 25% OFF! Sale Price: $6,746. AE by Cary Audio Constellation Tube Preamplifier. When music is the goal, the new Constellation tube preamplifier is a perfect choice.

AE by Cary Audio Constellation Tube Preamplifier

The Constellation uses the excellent 6SN7 tube running in Class-A triode mode that is coupled to a fully-regulated power and heater supply. The transformer is a custom R-core power device designed to our own specifications. The preamplifier was built using premium parts, and a simple signal path was designed with sonic purity in mind. The Constellation was developed to offer the absolute best in sound quality without adding all the bells and whistles. Whether enjoyed in an existing system or coupled with the new Hercules power amplifier, the Constellation will be a source of years of musical enjoyment for you without breaking the bank. Please Note: We only supply 230V @ 50Hz version. Features. Tip_44. The Blue Velvet Line PreamplifierA DIY Project Design by Dick Olsher and Kara Chaffee Article by Dick Olsher Intro Why another line preamplifier?


There is certainly no shortage of commercial models, in a variety of flavors and price points, to satisfy even the most jaded of audiophile palettes. The BV had to meet the following criteria: a single 6SN7 per channel single-ended, class A topology tube rectification tube-regulated B+ using gas regulator tubes filament voltage regulation and cold filament current inrush protection a beefy power supply a fairly hot quiescent operating point of about 10 mA/200 VDC An output impedance of no greater than 500 Ohm A moderate gain of about 12 dB.

The first two criteria are based on the desire to keep things fairly simple and to allow the 6SN7 to dominate the sonic signature of the preamp. Criterion #5 follows logically on the heels of #4, as it is important to stabilize filament emission. That brings us up to #7. Circuit Evolution Construction Notes 1.