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disco naïveté It’s pretty inevitable one day Florrie is going to be a proper pop star - in the build up to yet another EP (which is apparently the build up to a proper (!) full-length record), the blonde unveiled a second taste of it with new song Free Falling. The chorus is big (as usual), the beats are somewhat nasty with these guitar twitches, plus the lyrics are quite simple so you’ll find yourself singing along by the second time you hit replay (and believe us, you will).

disco naïveté

Yumi Zouma, “The Brae” 15 Jan 2014 — Parker Bruce According to The Free Dictionary, New Zealand-originating band Yumi Zouma are singing about a Scottish word for 'a hillside' or 'a slope' in their song "The Brae", and based off what I've read in Chris Kraus books as of late, there are braes in New Zealand. Yumi Zouma make something you can wade and bob around in. The movement it inspires is flowing and loosey goosey with the song wafting around. Their EP, also called Yumi Zouma, will be brought to us by Cascine February 11. No Fear Of Pop

No Fear Of Pop

PORTALS | Do It Together
verb/re/verb verb/re/verb Heartbeat(s) - Les Bois He finds himself standing, but doesn’t remember himself getting out of the car. He leans over the bridge like a cliff-diver, trying to seem to be interested in the beneath, but nothing is happening beneath, and nobody is interested. He digs his hands in his pockets, finds three coins, removes them, examines them, looks at them without looking, and waits for a car to pass on the beneath highway.
Flashlight Tag Flashlight Tag Friday, October 11, 2013 Yuno - Grapefruit Oh buddy I can finally see the sun I can finally hear your voice. Download Here
Dear god, the moon was so large. Round and yellowing, sitting smugly just beyond the tops of buildings. We'd never seen the moon so close before. He was tired of being lonely, hanging back way, way up in the sky and so here he was. He wanted us to marvel in him and we did. East to West East to West
Its with a bit of sadness and relief that I announce that Life Aquatic will no longer be an active blog. I guess to a large degree I’m just not inspired the way I used to be to find new music and post it to the world on a regular basis. Another factor would also have to be that I just don’t have as much time any more. I am incredibly thankful to everyone who supported this blog, came out to some of the events, bought some of our records and in particular the artists who submitted their music. Life Aquatic Life Aquatic
Hearing Gold “Perfect Melody” is the soul-soothing new track from California-based producer Zuper (a.k.a. Carlos Aiono). A wispy and seductive vocal sample floats atop a gorgeous percussive arrangement that’s light and unobtrusive–a quality that renders... Read More → Hearing Gold
NO CONCLUSION February 3rd, 2014 Portland based duo HURTR is a collaboration between vocalist Heidi Hull and producer Derek Stilwell, whom you might know from the witch-step powerhouse Bruxa. Bleak vibes and heavy beats are all here, but on the whole, this side project is a rather different affair from Stilwell’s full-time band. A break-up EP of sorts, HURTR’s self-titled effort is a collection of five mostly gloomy and atmospheric pop tracks that only occasionally delve into more upbeat realms. Stream the whole EP here. NO CONCLUSION
Smoke Don't Smoke

Don't Die Wondering.

December 17, 2013 20 Favourite Tracks Of 2013 In alphabetical order: Arca - &&&&& Mixtape Banks - Change Benoit & Sergio - Shake Shake Don't Die Wondering.
Dead As Digital Dead As Digital {*style:<b> </b>*} {*style:<i> </i>*}I love everything about the way Purity Ring has approached their first release.
ROSE QUARTZ Rose Quartz Radio's September 15 edition saw special guest Richard MacFarlane representing 1080p for one hour of goodness, rounded out by another hour with Shea. Tracklist below and tune in next Sunday, 12-2pm EST on Newtown Radio, where will have guest DJ Max McFerren. Richard: Angel1 - mg Galcher Lustwerk - ???


To anyone who noticed our cold turkey blog detox, we’re very sorry for laying dormant in this small corner of the internet over the past few weeks, but what more apt way to crawl out from bleary-eyed hibernation than with this Ferry Gouw directed video for the carefully building, cavernous and cathartic, back-alley ballad “Sleep Paralysis” by gravel-voiced Transparent favourite/friend Gabriel Bruce . “Sleep Paralysis” is released through Off Modern on 7” vinyl on December 5th, accompanied by an illustrated book on the song title subject.


The following was sent to me as a Letter to YVYNYL, but Mark Trecka also wrote it as “a reflection on travel, in general, and on experiences accrued while traveling in October 2013 while on tour with Angel Olsen and her band.” He is one third of Pillars and Tongues, along with Ben Babbitt and Beth Remis. Listen to their latest End in Memory EP, released last week. On the night of December 8th, 2012, while sleeping in a dank room at a decaying resort in a small vacation town on the southeast coast of England, I dreamed the kind of intoxicating, deep dream that can leave one altered for days and weeks following.
No Novelty and Nothing to Ignore: An Interview with Molly Bartlett of Sauna Sauna is a garage pop group started by four high school friends in Denver, Colorado: Molly Bartlett (lead vocals), C.J. MacLeod (guitar), Ethan Hill (bass),... Read More » Symbiosis: A Conversation with Woodsman’s Mark Demolar Decoder Magazine ©2K†2