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Pippy Houldsworth > Tania Kovats. Recent - Work - Val Britton. Sign In. Why is science such a difficult subject? Dr Mayank Vahia looks at the various aspects of Science Education and understanding and says that it is taught wrong.

Why is science such a difficult subject?

I have never understood why. After all science is logical consistent and demonstrable. I mean you cannot bring the share market to school, or the government’s finance departments or farms where wheat is grown into the classroom. You certainly cannot bring into the classroom the experiences that make authors write the books that they do. You can’t bring past into the school and the Earth is simply too large and countries too far apart.

Yet the problem persists. Top universities shouldn't discriminate against 'soft' A-level subjects. I study sociology, media, English language and maths: a mix of "soft" and traditional subjects.

Top universities shouldn't discriminate against 'soft' A-level subjects

I find the "soft" subjects are interesting and useful in my daily life – so why do elite universities prefer more traditional A-levels? The Russell Group publishes a guide called Informed Choices, which lets students know the most common subject requirements for different degree courses at those universities. It features a list of "facilitating subjects" and advises pupils to pick two of them as part of their A-level mix. The subjects are mathematics and further mathematics, English literature, physics, biology, chemistry, geography, history and languages.


Why Math Is Difficult - Math and Brain Types. In 2005, Gallup conducted a poll that asked students to name the school subject that they considered to be the most difficult.

Why Math Is Difficult - Math and Brain Types

Not surprisingly, mathematics came out on top of the difficulty chart. Should art count as an academic subject? A level results 2015: Which subjects did students do the best and worst in? Are some A-level subjects better than others? Modernism. 1 of 3 Modernism, which gathered pace from about 1850, proposes new forms of art on the grounds that these are more appropriate to the present time.


It is therefore characterised by constant innovation and a rejection of conservative values such as the realistic depiction of the world. This has led to experiments with form and to an emphasis on processes and materials. Modern art has also often been driven by various social and political agendas.


Barbara Hepworth. Lines and string. Pablo Picasso - Bull: a master class in abstraction. PABLO PICASSO (1881-1973) 'Bull - plate 1', December 5, 1945 (lithograph) Pablo Picasso created 'Bull' around the Christmas of 1945. 'Bull' is a suite of eleven lithographs that have become a master class in how to develop an artwork from the academic to the abstract.

Pablo Picasso - Bull: a master class in abstraction

In this series of images, all pulled from a single stone, Picasso visually dissects the image of a bull to discover its essential presence through a progressive analysis of its form. Each plate is a successive stage in an investigation to find the absolute 'spirit' of the beast.

Ben nicholson

Henry Moore OM, CH. Henry MOORE b. 1898 Sculptor in stone, wood and later in bronze, and draughtsman.

Henry Moore OM, CH

Born 30 July 1898 at Castleford, Yorkshire, son of a miner. Taught at Castleford Grammar School 1916. Organic architecture. My life in art: The day Bourgeois moved me to tears. I have been married for 15 years and I think things have gone pretty well.

My life in art: The day Bourgeois moved me to tears

We have four perfectly acceptable children, we all get along OK, and as husbands go, I'm not a bad lot. Exquisite corpse. John stezaker. Scientific studies. Digital Prints.

Joan fontcuberta

Identities - woman and the default man. Ralph steadman & gerald scarfe - political work. Egon schiele. George grosz. Postmodernism. Martine Bedin (for Memphis), Super lamp prototype, 1981.


Painted metal with lighting components. V&A: M.1-2011 Ron Arad, Concrete Stereo, 1983. Stereo system set in concrete. Museum no. Of all movements in art and design history, postmodernism is perhaps the most controversial. Postmodernism shattered established ideas about style. Defining Postmodern Architecture and Its Characteristics. Postmodern architecture style and comfort addresses the needs of the present generation.

Defining Postmodern Architecture and Its Characteristics

Building Modernism: How Architects Influenced Mid-Century American Design. Regina Kolbe.

Building Modernism: How Architects Influenced Mid-Century American Design

Robert Hughes on the modernist movement. Modernism is a weasel of a word, whose meanings slip and slide. They always have. Keep It Simple: The emergence, characteristics and influences of Postmodernism. Jing KeNov. 2007Course Title: Media and Culture Analysis. Architecture + Art : Crossover and Collaboration. Events11 June - 2 November 2009 How does an artistic approach change the practice and products of architecture? What alternatives can collaborative and trans-disciplinary thinking bring to the search for new ways of building and living?

The Architecture Foundation, in conjunction with Tate Modern, presents a series of chaired conversations that will explore these questions with practitioners from around the world. Events will examine projects including buildings co-authored by artists and architects, collective models of practice and inhabitable installations. Dolls' houses with a difference! World-famous artists and architects - including Zaha Hadid and Chris Offili - design tiny homes for charity auction. The Cathedral Group commissioned 20 of the world’s top architects and designers to build housesEach house had to include at least one feature that makes life easier for a child with a disabilityOn Monday they will be exhibited and auctioned at Bonhams, London, with all proceeds going to KIDS charity By Deni Kirkova Published: 09:51 GMT, 8 November 2013 | Updated: 12:25 GMT, 8 November 2013 Sophisticated dolls' houses boasting groundbreaking design are to be auctioned at Bonhams, London on Monday.

The pint-sized masterpieces have been created by 20 of Britain's top architects - including Zaha Hadid - to raise money for UK children's charity KIDS. Property developers from Cathedral Group who commissioned the project briefed designers with just one requirement: each house had to include at least one feature that makes life easier for a child with a disability. Paintings on easel and stretched canvases reside in the mini property, perhaps in the art studio room. Need help on extended project on Architecture please? When you mention Renaissance, Two big Italian names come to mind:- Bernini who designed S. Peter Square, and, Vanvitelli who was a Royal palaces designer. But have a look at the following sites too. # Renaissance architecture - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Renaissance architecture is the architecture of the period between the early 15th and early 17th centuries in different regions of Europe, in which there ... - 180k - Cached - Similar pages - # Italian Renaissance - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia It was during this period of instability that the first Renaissance ..... the role of the Papacy as the largest patron of Renaissance art and architecture. ... Photography.tutsplus. 100 Ultimate Examples Of Architecture Photography. Fig.5. Fig.3. Fig.4. Fig.6. Fig.2. Fig.1. Architecture: Past, Present, and Future. The Church and the Baroque. The Influence of Art History on Modern Design – Baroque Style. In the previous post I started writing about some of the most important styles of art history, and I began with the Gothic Style from the Medieval Period.

Today I am moving on to another important style, this time from the Western Art: Baroque Style. Architecture's debt to Picasso. Learning Zone Class Clips - Cubism and contemporary architecture - Art and Design Video. Jane Rendell. The traditional boundaries between art and architecture are increasingly blurred in work that has been variously described as site-specific art, public art and urban intervention. ART TO ARCHITECTURE. It was once thought that architecture, sculpture, and painting belonged together. Indeed, they were admirably intertwined at various points in history—in the ancient cultures of East and West, and in the European Gothic, Renaissance, and Baroque periods.