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Wideo, WeVideo, and Magisto - Three Good Tools for Creating Videos Online. This morning I received an email from a reader who was looking for a video creation tool that offers project themes like those that you can find in iMovie.

Wideo, WeVideo, and Magisto - Three Good Tools for Creating Videos Online

Here are three nice online video creation tools that I frequently recommend to teachers. All three of these tools have themes and or templates that you can apply to your videos. Magisto is a video creation tool that allows you to quickly drag videos and images from your desktop and or Google Drive account to your Magisto account. From the videos you upload, Magisto will select the best portions to remix and blend with images. GoAnimate for Schools. B&H Photo Video Digital Cameras, Photography, Camcorders. Video Production Tips for Beginners. This Wednesday, October 15th, we will hold our next monthly seminar on learning the basics of creating internal videos.

Video Production Tips for Beginners

We know that many professionals are tasked with the burden of making in-house videos even though they might lack the necessary skills for doing so. An important fact to note is that the quality of your video says a lot about the quality of your product or service. Just because you don’t use a professional video service to produce your video doesn’t mean it can’t look professional, as long as you put the time and effort into following some basic beginner shooting rules. Beginner's Guide. Skip to main content Featured Video Panasonic GH5 Review - vs.

Beginner's Guide

GH4 Currently Trending. The ABCs of Design. The principles of design can be thought of as a visual grammar.

The ABCs of Design

Using these principles, we put together the elements of design to create effective and meaningful communication. The elements are the “what” of a design and the principles are the “how.” Using the recipe metaphor – the elements are the ingredients and the principles are the directions. Unity. Kids' Vid: Video Production for Students.