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Taking Care of Your Aging Parents. As children, we often worry about the health of our parents.

Taking Care of Your Aging Parents

We know that as they grow older, they will tend to forego healthful practices that they find burdensome to do. This is why we should be the ones to take the first steps in helping our parents live a healthy lifestyle. One way to achieve this is by regularly checking up on them and availing of in-home care services. When you visit your aging parents in their homes, pay attention to their physical appearance. See if they are keeping up with their personal hygiene such as bathing and brushing their teeth. It’s also important to check and survey their living environment – proper lighting, clutter-free floors, presence of assistive devices such as handrails, and properly tended grass in the yard. Having conversations with your parents will also help you evaluate their physical, mental, and emotional health. Managing the Behavioral Changes with Alzheimer’s Disease. Alzheimer’s disease lessens or reduces brain function among those who have it.

Managing the Behavioral Changes with Alzheimer’s Disease

The disease causes brain cells to deteriorate and eventually die. As a result, people with Alzheimer’s experience a change of behavior and personality. 5 Ways to Improve Sleep for Seniors. Do you find yourself tossing and turning more in bed or often waking up earlier than you did in your younger years?

5 Ways to Improve Sleep for Seniors

The National Sleep Foundation pointed out that changes to our sleeping patterns are a normal part of the aging process. However, disturbed sleep, waking up tired, and other effects of not getting enough sleep are not a normal part of aging. Sleep is just as important as it was when we were younger. 4 Notable Assisted Living Facts. Moving an aging loved one into an Assisted Living Facility is often an emotional step for the family.

4 Notable Assisted Living Facts

That is why each member of the family needs to weigh the options well for the welfare of their aging loved one. Assisted Living communities are great options for older adults who want to balance independence and assistance. They allow seniors to receive assistance with activities of daily living while enjoying their own way of life. So, what are assisted living communities really like?

Here are four notable facts from Hope Private In-Home Care, your trusted source of Assisted Living in Snellville, Georgia. They aren’t the same as nursing homes. Are Your Elderly Parents Moving-In with You? Our parents aren’t getting any younger, and at some point, we’ll have to face the reality of caring for them.

Are Your Elderly Parents Moving-In with You?

One option you may face is moving your elderly parents into your own home so you can keep an eye on them. According to a study by the AARP and the National Alliance for Caregiving, 17% of Americans care of someone who is 50 or older. “Healthy” Foods Seniors Should Really Avoid. Eating healthy plays a major part in maintaining optimal health but did you know that there are many “healthy” foods that seniors shouldn’t really be eating?

“Healthy” Foods Seniors Should Really Avoid

A lot of these foods are off-limits due to their high-bacteria content or food poisoning potential, which may jeopardize the health of seniors in their older years. It’s generally best for seniors to avoid the following foods: Soft Cheese Soft cheeses like chevre, Camembert, blue cheese, and brie are normally unpasteurized and can allow bacteria to breed in large amounts. Signs You Are in Need of Home Health Care. It may be difficult to transition to home health care.

Signs You Are in Need of Home Health Care

We may occasionally hear about the benefits of in-home care services, but think that we are still capable of living alone. Some may be worried they would lose a sense of independence when someone helps them with daily tasks. Combating Social Isolation in Seniors. There will be times in people’s lives that they want to isolate themselves from people.

Combating Social Isolation in Seniors

However, there are times when people become isolated, not by choice. These include retirement, death of a spouse, disability, the moving of family, among others. Taking You to Places Safely. Most seniors have a hard time going outside and running their usual outdoor activities and whereabouts due to aging and a decline in physical strength.

Taking You to Places Safely

With our help here at Hope Private In-Home Care, a provider of senior care service in Georgia, you or your senior loved ones can now have the chance to go out and not miss a single appointment you have planned. We offer in-home care services in Georgia with a wide range of medical and non-medical home care services that will surely meet your standards and cater to your care needs at home. Other than that, our company also has transportation services.

This service is especially beneficial for the aged and disabled individuals. The care attendants in this service are warm, friendly, and highly-trained to ensure your safety and security wherever you go. Providing Proper Care With the Help of a Care Manager. Taking care of an aging loved one while also being employed full time can be overwhelming and complicated, especially when they have a chronic illness or condition.

Providing Proper Care With the Help of a Care Manager

How Important Is Dietary Fiber and Where Do You Find It? Food and its nutrients are essential for the body and help keep us healthy. With our years of experience as a provider of Senior Care Service in Georgia, one note-worthy nutrient that is beneficial for your health is fiber. Fiber is found in plants and is unable to be broken down and digested by the body but remains intact through your digestive system. It can either be soluble or insoluble. Soluble fiber dissolves in water and helps with cholesterol and blood sugar. Insoluble fiber, on the other hand, doesn’t dissolve in water and makes your stool bulkier, so it’s easier to release. Our years of providing Assisted Living in Snellville, Georgia, helped us to familiarize food that contains fiber.

Choosing the Right Type of Companion Care. Having access to companion care programs under In-Home Care Services is crucial for seniors who live alone. With someone to share stories and do activities with, the likelihood of seniors having feelings of isolation and loneliness lessens. Studies have shown that seniors who engage in communication with other people – friends, caregivers, etc. – can reinforce their mental acuity, which then causes a delay in developing Dementia or Alzheimer’s Disease. A Healthier Thanksgiving Dinner.

Thanksgiving is the time of year where people anticipate the food. Who can’t get excited at the thought of the tasty turkey, the delicious stuffing, the creamy mashed potatoes, the delectable apple pie? Our Veterans Deserve Only the Best. Veterans have made many sacrifices for our country. More often than not, they face many health issues when they get back, mainly due to their experiences during combat duty. When you have a loved one who is also a veteran, it can be a challenge to deal with the health issues they bring back home. But, we at Hope Private In-Home Care, a provider of In-Home Care Services in Snellville, Georgia, believe the same thing as you: that they deserve the best care possible. According to the U.S. National Library of Medcine, the issues experienced by our veterans can be threatening.

Creative Activities for Seniors. If you’re already a senior, then you might be thinking of ways to spend retirement. The usual activities that come into mind are spending time with your family and doing things that previously didn’t fit your busy schedule. But before long, you might find yourself bored and might even feel that you have no direction anymore. Continue Living Independently, Together  What Medicare Advantage Means for Your Loved One. How much do you know about the recent changes made to Medicare Advantage, otherwise known as Medicare Part C? Brain Games to Promote Cognitive Health. Researchers believe that “brain” games are crucial to your loved one’s quality of life. Yet, before anything else, let’s give you the lowdown on what these activities are. While these games don’t, in any way, prevent the brain from aging along with the rest of the body, they do help keep it sharp, healthy, and alert. Why Do We Need a Constant Friend? We need friends to age well. Friends we share good memories with and those whom we will be sharing new memories – these are exactly what will make our lives even more meaningful.

Breakfast for the Bones. Breakfast is an essential meal of the day. Through a healthy breakfast, we get to have a good head start for the whole days’ activities. We need a good meal in the morning to keep our bones healthy too. 3 Great Exercises You Can Do at an Advanced Age. 3 Healthy Tips for Managing Your Diabetes. Diabetes is a serious condition that impairs the body’s ability to produce insulin, thus making it difficult to control the levels of glucose in your system. 5 Ways to Combat Stress in Aging Loved Ones. People encounter a variety of stressful situations in any given day.

Stress can be from work, from school, or even from home. Helping Seniors Wake Up to Better Mornings. For many seniors, their emotions upon waking up may dictate how their day goes. If they wake up grumpy, they might be grumpy all throughout the day, too. Supporting a Loved One’s Post-Stroke Recovery. Heart-Healthy Exercises for Seniors. What’s your first thought about the term “aerobic” exercise? If you’re thinking about routines that comprise of a lot of jumping, leaping, and other active movements, you’re right. However, that’s not all there is with aerobic exercises. 3 Ways to Keep Boredom at Bay in Your Advanced Years.

3 Easy Tips for Finding Exceptional Home Care Services. Getting More Energy in Your Golden Years. Preventing Falls through Exercise. What Can You Do to Keep Boredom at Bay in Your Golden Years? Finding the Best Home Care Services for an Aging Loved One. Ensuring Your Senior Parents' Good Health Through a Balanced Diet. In-Home Care Services. 6 Senior Fitness Tips You Can Use for Your Aging Parents. Caregivers: Givers of Hope and Inspiration. Christmas May Not be so Christmassy for Seniors – How to Deal with Shorter Days.