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Clara Hooper

Slow Writing eBook – contributions wanted. Hey all! In a flush of Twitter inspired enthusiasm, @redgirob, @bryngoodman and I have come up with a crazy idea. What if we put together a crowd sourced, not for profit eBook detailing the various uses, applications and examples to which my idea of Slow Writing has been put?

Hang on, I hear you cry, what bleedin’ ‘eck’s Slow Writing? Where’ve you been? For any cave dwellers, you’ll be pleased to know I’ve written several posts about it: Slow Writing: how slowing down can improve your writingBlack space: improving writing by increasing lexical densityThe art of beautifully crafted sentencesA new twist on Slow WritingRevisiting Slow Writing – how slowing writing might speed up thinking But if you can’t be bothered to wade through that lot, this sums it up: I first came up with the idea when teaching an intervention class of Year 11 C/D borderline boys in about 2008. Also David Riley produced a web-based Slow Writing app as part of his Triptico suite of teaching tools Like this: Like Loading...