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StumbleUpon. Log in. 9 Tools to Discover Influencers in Your Industry. Finding Influencers Using Your Own Algorithm. InShare38 Awareness has added an interesting feature to its social media management solution with a new release this week. It’s essentially an influencer scoring and ranking functionality that allows you to set parameters or point values for a person’s action (Tweet, Retweet, Like, etc.) then score how they react or interact with your brand or content. Scoring can be time dependent (more points if they’ve re-tweeted you in the last 14 days), geographic in nature (more points if they’re closer to you physically) and certainly reach/impact in nature (more points assigned to actions by those with higher follower counts, etc.). What this allows marketers to do is automatically pull in fan and follower data, including specific information found in their social profiles, and grade how often or well they interact with or amplify your brand’s content.

It’s kind of a CRM system meets influencer scoring to create your own internal Klout score for your audience members. How Far Did Your Tweets Travel? X-ray competition with SEO SpyGlass backlink checker. Here's a 100% proven way to quickly and easily outrank ANY site, for ANY keyword, and get a top Google ranking (read full proof below.) Dear Fellow Website Promoter, Do you own a site that needs more visitors and sales? Are you struggling to get ranked higher in Google and Yahoo, but your competition is always one step ahead? If so, do take a moment to read this message. In it, you will learn a little-known, yet 100% proven method to outranking any site, for any keyword, and getting an absolute TON of free, laser-targeted traffic from Google, Yahoo, and Bing.

Are you paying attention? First, here's something you probably already know... Is All About Getting More Links From Other Sites. The reason is simple: Modern search engines place a huge value on links. With today's Google and Yahoo, it's also the clickable part of the link (also known as "link anchor") that counts. Backlink checker Now, this all is fine, but the critical question most webmasters are struggling with is: Think about it. Screaming Frog SEO Spider Tool & Crawler Software. About The Tool The Screaming Frog SEO Spider allows you to quickly crawl, analyse and audit a site from an onsite SEO perspective. It can be used to crawl both small and very large websites, where manually checking every page would be extremely labour intensive (or impossible!)

And where you can easily miss a redirect, meta refresh or duplicate page issue. You can view, analyse and filter the crawl data as it’s gathered and updated continuously in the program’s user interface. The SEO Spider allows you to export key onsite SEO elements (URL, page title, meta description, headings etc) to Excel so it can easily be used as a base for SEO recommendations. Our video above provides a demonstration of what the SEO tool can do. Crawl 500 URLs For Free The ‘lite’ version of the tool is free to download and use. Alternatively hit the ‘buy a licence’ button in the SEO Spider to buy a licence after downloading and trialing the software.

FAQ & User Guide Updates. Keyword Tool: FREE Alternative to Google Keyword Planner. Digital Marketing, Beauty & Online Trends. Sniply. Your Own URL Shortener. About YOURLS What is YOURLS YOURLS stands for Your Own URL Shortener. It is a small set of PHP scripts that will allow you to run your own URL shortening service (a la TinyURL or bitly).

Running your own URL shortener is fun, geeky and useful: you own your data and don't depend on third party services. It's also a great way to add branding to your short URLs, instead of using the same public URL shortener everyone uses. YOURLS Features Free and Open Source software. Screenshots Download Download YOURLS from Github You can follow YOURLS' development on the commit history and get current development build Credits YOURLS is made by awesome people. Keep up to date: follow @yourls, @ozh (lead developper)and read the official YOURLS Blog Fresh Install Upgrade Backup the database! Upgrade from YOURLS 1.3 or earlier Backup the database! Configuration (in user/config.php) MySQL settings Site options YOURLS_SITE Your (hopefully short) domain URL, no trailing slash, lowercase. URL Shortening settings Plugins? Usage. Live chat application.

PowToon, free business presentation software animated video maker and PowerPoint alternative. TechValidate: The Credible Content Machine. How Far Did Your Tweets Travel? | TweetReach. Onlinemeetingnow. Diane Lefrandt | Big visibility. Big Profits. Look Stunning Online. IP Address Locator - Enter an IP address to find its location - Lookup Country Region City etc. This Geo Ip Location service (on-line IP Address Map lookup service) is provided for FREE by Geobytes, inc to assist you in locating the geographical location of an IP Address.

Map Data Map data ©2015 Google Click here to open a code sample showing how to use this service programmatically. In PHP, for example you might access this service like this: function getIP() { foreach (array('HTTP_CLIENT_IP', 'HTTP_X_FORWARDED_FOR', 'HTTP_X_FORWARDED', 'HTTP_X_CLUSTER_CLIENT_IP', 'HTTP_FORWARDED_FOR', 'HTTP_FORWARDED', 'REMOTE_ADDR') as $key) { if (array_key_exists($key, $_SERVER) === true) { foreach (explode(',', $_SERVER[$key]) as $ip) { if (filter_var($ip, FILTER_VALIDATE_IP) !

== false) { return $ip; } } } } } $json = file_get_contents(' Koinify Raises $1 Million for Smart Corporation Crowdfunding Platform. Koinify has raised $1 million to further develop its decentralized application crowdfunding platform. The platform will enable the creation of smart corporations – also known as decentralized autonomous corporations (DACs) – and decentralized applications (DApps). Upon launch, investors will be able to use Koinify to buy tokens associated with various projects using bitcoin. The round included participants such as IDG Capital Partners, Brock Pierce's AngelList syndicate and zPark Ventures. With the new round completed, the company has raised roughly $1.4m to date, including seed funding from Sequoia China. Tom Ding, CEO and founder of Koinify, said that the money will be used to both develop the platform and promote the broader concept of decentralized companies and applications. Ding commented: “The extra funding will primarily be used to continue development of a secure and extremely user friendly funding platform, as well as to evangelize decentralized application development.”

Online Marketing Tools and Reporting Software - Raven. Free Online OCR - Convert JPEG, PNG, GIF, BMP, TIFF, PDF, DjVu to Text. WeVideo - Free Online Video Editor & Maker. A guided tour to establish free webinars | BigMarker. Host free webinars and web conferences with BigMarker. Followthehashtag. Tweetping. How to Use Vocaroo to Make Voice Recordings. Yammer : Enterprise Social Network. Make Your Images Interactive - ThingLink. Polyglot Club Official Website - Find a friend to exchange languages!

Rocketboard. Diaspora* 24 Must-Have Social Media Marketing Tools. Are you looking for ways to enhance your social media marketing? Do you want new tools to simplify your job? We asked a group of social media pros for the hottest social media tools they use today. Check them out to see if these social media tools are a good fit for you!

#1: Unlock to Share Plugin My favorite social marketing tool of all time is the unlock to share plugin. Make your site go viral by requiring the user to share your link to unlock content. Why is this so valuable? In my most recent experiment, I had 452 people land on a page where they had access to royalty-free music they could use in their videos. These unlock to share plugins are everywhere. James Wedmore, co-founder of Video Traffic Academy and founder of Video Sales Magic and Video Copy Pro. #2: SlideShare This isn’t a “new” tool, but I’m amazed by the number of marketers who still don’t use SlideShare as a main staple in their social media distribution.

. #3: #4: YouTube’s Audience Retention Report #5: Cyfe #6: Cloze. RebelMouse: Let Your Content Roar. Buy Facebook Fans - Secret to Instant Social Credibility Online. Qloo. Vurb. Chat - Online Chat That Has Everyone Talking. Klout | The Standard for Influence. Build and cultivate your own community of -

50 Awesome Posts on Email Marketing. Learn the ins and outs of email marketing, including building your email list, crafting the best email content, email newsletter design, and more in this list of 50 awesome posts on email marketing from 2011. Yup, there’s 50 of them, and they’re all awesome. Bloggers, small or large businesses, and Internet marketers can all learn something from this entire collection… Getting Started with Email Marketing Hit the Internet Running: 9 Email Marketing Tips to Get You Going – It’s time to understand email marketing better and this post brings you a few basic email marketing tips that are the culmination of hours of research. Email Marketing Tools & Services Email Marketing Services Reviewed – Selecting an email marketing service can be daunting.

Building an Email List Email Content Strategies Ethical Email Marketing Good Guys Go for Ethical Email Marketing – There are both ethical and non-ethical practices of email marketing. Email Templates & Design General Tips for Email Marketing. Teams - Social Media Management. When you truly work together, you win together. Keep your team organized, create assignments, and get notifications when a task is complete with our social media collaboration features. Here’s how our social media collaboration features work Teams and departments Tell HootSuite how your company is structured and start working within teams and across departments right from your dashboard. Permission levels Give people as much or as little access as necessary.

With HootSuite Teams, admins have full control and can assign team leaders or oversee an entire group. Assignments and tasks Be in the right place at the right time. Now, anyone on your team can receive messages and assign them to the right person on your team to reply and engage. Internal Conversations Skip your email inbox and cancel unneeded meetings.