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Glencar Waterfall and Lake - Leitrim - Choose Ireland. The beautiful, romantic Glencar Waterfall in County Leitrim is well hidden off the road between Sligo and Manorhamilton/Enniskillen, at the bottom of Kings mountain. With a drop of about 50 feet, it is a small but enchanting cascade — its lush foliage and craggy, layered rocks offering offering a “lost world” atmosphere. The waterfall has two stages, with the shallower, stepped pool the first you will encounter as you begin ascending the slope. A charming walkway and wooden handrail helps you climb towards the top so no special footwear is required, although there are a lot of steps involved, which may be difficult for those with mobility problems.

After about 5 minutes, (for a person of average mobility) you will reach the higher, more impressive waterfall. Glencar is particularly impressive after a night’s rainfall (this being the west of Ireland, your chances here are good!). Nice Clip of Glencar Waterfall Facilities W.B. The Stolen Child (Verse 3) Glencar Lake Getting There Map Data Map. Tollymore Forest Park - Down - Choose Ireland. Tollymore Forest Park The first state forest to be granted Forest Park status in Northern Ireland, Tollymore Forest Park celebrated its 50th anniversary in 2005. This attractive park features the whimsical designs of Thomas Wright (1711-1786). It contains caves, bridges, and grottoes, some natural and some man made.

The Gothic gate near the entrance was part of the original estate owned by Lord Clanbrassil. The forest is full of traditional growth as well as exotic surprises such as the monkey-puzzle tree, huge redwoods and unusual pines. About Michael Heraghty Michael Heraghty is a user experience designer who grew up in the beautiful county of Sligo in the West of Ireland. Lough Leane - Kerry - Choose Ireland. Lough Leane Lough Leane is the largest of the three Lakes of Killarney. Lough Leane is approximately 19 square km (4,700 acres) in size and is the largest fresh body of water in the region. The three lakes of Killarney are: Lough Leane (Lower Lake)Muckross Lake (Middle Lake)Upper Lake The Lake of Learning – Innisfallen Monastery The Irish name Loch Lein means Lake of Learning and is a reference to the monastery on Innisfallen, an island on the lake.

Founded in 640 by Saint Finian the Leper, during the a period when Ireland was referred to as the Land of Saints and Scholars, the monastery served as a centre for teaching, and remained occupied for over 800 years. The island is quiet and not trammelled with tourists, since the larger tour boats pass the island without stopping. Ross Castle In addition to Innisfallen, the other noteworthy island on the lake is copper-rich Ross Island, on which Ross Castle was built in the 15th century by the O’Donoghues. Scenery and Features Map Data Map Satellite. Killarney National Park - Kerry - Choose Ireland.

Killarney National Park Killarney National Park is a special place where visitors can experience the best of Irish culture, outdoor fun and glorious scenery all in one location. Once known as Bourne Vincent Memorial Park, this American gift to Ireland was originally an 11,000-acre parcel donated by Mr. and Mrs. Bowers Bourne of California U.S.A. in 1932. Much of the park is located on the shores of the Famous Lakes and now spreads across more than 24,000 acres of native habitats and plant and animal species, including oak holly woods, yew woods, and red deer. The entrance is 4 km (2 1/2 miles) from the town of Killarney on the N71 and has sign-posted, self-guiding trails. Although the park is dotted with ruined castles and abbeys, the lakes are the focus of attention.

Places to visit within Killarney National Park Official Website Killarney National Park About Michael Heraghty Michael Heraghty is a user experience designer who grew up in the beautiful county of Sligo in the West of Ireland. The Burren - Clare, z_Top Ten Outside Dublin - Choose Ireland. The Burren is a vast, other-worldly landscape in County Clare, created in the ice age by karstic limestone rock. An area of about 100 square miles (160 sq km), The Burren is located in the north-west corner of county Clare. Bordered on the west by the Atlantic Ocean, with Galway Bay to the northwest, the Burren gets its name from the Gaelic word Boireann, meaning rocky place.

Formed by glacial action, this wilderness of sparse soil is at times flat and sloping, at others broken by hillsides of limestone. These are in turn separated by imposing cliffs, containing tranquil valleys, peacefully meandering streams, and beautiful beaches. Visitors typically take a drive or bus through this region after visiting the nearby Cliffs of Moher, stopping off in Lisdoonvarna — the main (albeit small) town in the Burren — before heading north to Galway city.

Natural Features With a bleak but beautiful appearance often described as lunar, the Burren holds many delightful secrets – such as Megalithic Sites. Benbulben | Attractions | Natural Landscape | All Ireland | Republic of Ireland | Sligo | Sligo Town. Benbulben is known as County Sligo’s 'Table Mountain' and is part of the Dartry Mountains. Benbulben was formed as a result of the different responses to erosion of the limestone and shale of which the mountain is formed.

A hard and resistant limestone forms the upper cliffs and precipices. Benbulben was formed during the Ice age, when large parts of the Earth were under glaciers. It was originally merely a large ridge, however the moving glaciers cut into the earth, leaving a distinct formation, now called Benbulben.

The steeper sides of Benbulben are composed of large amounts of Dartry limestone on top of smaller amounts of Glencar limestone. Benbulben hosts a unique variety of plants, possessing some organisms found nowhere else in Ireland. The Sligo Tourism Office do not recommend climbing Benbulben. Home - The Giants Causeway Official Guide. St Stephen's Green Park | The Office of Public Works.

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Dalkey. Cliffs of Moher Tourist Attraction in Ireland, Things to Do in Ireland | Ireland’s most visited natural attraction.