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Blog Directory - Submit Your Blog to the Blogville Directory. 6 Actionable SEO Tips. Technical SEO has clearly been one of the pillars that enabled many businesses to thrive in the information age. With 3.5 billion searches being made each day (which is still stirring towards a consistent growth pattern); it only proves how more significant – and more competitive – search optimization will be for many businesses in the years to come. SEO, as a medium for traffic acquisition, hasn’t changed that much in over a decade of its existence. The primary objective of the practice is still the same – “to make it easier for people to get to the information/solution they need”.

When Google launched the Panda Update back in 2011, they’ve also created a list of questions that provided guidance to webmasters and SEOs on how they should optimize their sites, which pretty much applies up to now: Would you trust the information presented in this article? But there are still several aspects of technical site optimization that many of us tend to forget when doing site audits. Street Articles - Login. URLMoz Directory | Submit URL | Suggest Link Directory - Submit Link. Online Society - Web Directory- Submit Link.

Suggest Listing  Queue. ZaBox - Design articles and resources. Do You Have What it Takes to Found a Startup? | Growmap. Simple Steps for Selling Your Business and Retiring in Style | BudgetPulse Blog | Personal Finance Tips and News. Retiring takes planning and being able to sail off into the sunset and enjoy a comfortable retirement is not something you can achieve easily in just a few years. If you own a business and want to capitalize on the value that you have built up over the years and get a decent price that allows you to fulfill your retirement dreams, a strategy needs to be in place. There are specialists around that can help you work out the best way to get the most out of your money such as Verdure Financial Planning and others like them, and there are also some strategies that you can put into place which should improve your odds of enjoying a comfortable retirement.

Setting a goal works best We would all like to have enough money in retirement to feel comfortable but to actually accomplish this aim, it works better when you set goals for your business as well as your retirement plans. Try to envisage how you see the most likely exit from your business when the time comes to retire. Cash now and cash later. - Publish Press Release free of charge. Link Building Outreach, Twitter New Publishing Tools, Frightgeist Halloween Costumes, #Speedlink 43:2015. Hi everyone, hope you all had a great and productive week! Outreach is probably one of the most important part of a link building process—and also the most complicated grueling tasks of them all. Good personalized outreach is impossible to scale effectively. What should you be doing to maximize your success rate and to stand out from the crowd?

In the video below, Rand of, offers up some methods of bartering value to earn genuine links, catching your target’s attention, and gives actionable advice on what exactly you need to include in your outreach correspondence. Link Building Outreach in a Skeptical World Tell compelling stories with Twitter on mobile or web Twitter recently announced a new ecosystem of publishing and storytelling tools that can turn Twitter content into great stories that attract, engage, and retain an audience. Google Trends Frightgeist – The Perfect Halloween Costume?

Looking for that perfect Halloween costume this year? And as usual, in no particular order: 11 Powerful Tools to Create Brilliant Content. There are so many factors that contribute to your blog’s success. SEO? Sure. Having a good headline that will hook the readers into clicking on it? Check. Having a website that is aesthetically pleasing to the eye, but not to overbearing?

Social media presence? All of these are pretty much necessary, yet rendered completely useless if your blog is missing its most important ingredient: great content. Of course, you may be in it for the money, and that’s ok, but you still have to offer something of value to your readers, otherwise they will just leave and go somewhere else once they realize your blog’s content is subpar. Buzzsumo When it comes to trending topics, you should also check out Buzzsumo. Zite If you are still struggling to obtain readership, perhaps you need to start following what’s trending right now. However, you won’t have to give up writing about stuff you like, because Zite uses your personal preferences to deliver you the hottest trending topics out there. EduGeeksClub. Work After Breast Cancer » JAN Blog. By: Sheryl Grossman, Consultant – Motor Team One of the most positive things about more people surviving breast cancer, and cancer diagnoses in general, is that life after a diagnosis goes on, including one’s work life.

Many are able to continue working through treatment, while others choose to focus on treatment and then return to work. Often less recognized is that while a clinical diagnosis is made on a specific date, and various treatments are done on specific dates, the side effects may linger on for weeks, months, and sometimes years. Cancer, as many oncologists say, is a lifelong, chronic condition. For some this may be a direct result of the disease process, while for others it may be the result of side effects from necessary, but often potent, treatment protocols.

Just like with any other chronic condition, people who have had breast cancer can be fantastic employees. Need for ongoing medical treatment, follow-up appointments, and monitoring: Need to manage fatigue: 10 Times Reddit Engagement by Companies Succeeded. In a previous SEJ article, I wrote about the fundamentals of Reddit marketing.

In this post, I give you ten real-world examples of companies succeeding on Reddit. 1. Gecko Rock Resort After traveling for years together, Mike and his wife Aileen had a dream to create their own resort in an exotic location. During a visit to Oaxaca, Mexico, they knew they had found their spot. Two and a half years later, their dream became a reality and they opened Gecko Rock Resort. Interestingly, Mike took to Reddit to market the resort and land some of their first customers. Their first successful Reddit engagement was an AMA that shared their story with the general Reddit audience: Focusing on their story of building the resort from the ground up was a great choice for this AMA.

This AMA led to multiple Redditors booking stays at the Gecko Rock Resort. 2. Every community on Reddit has certain topics that come up over and over again. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10. Conclusion Image Credits. Problogger. Reply to comment. Printer-friendly version PDF version Why you must post press release to 50+ free PR sites? Would you like to get more publicity from your press releases or drive more traffic to your website. You can easily get better results from your press release by posting it to many PR channels/websites to reach more viewers. Search engines will give more importance to your website when they see links to your website from some of these 50+ free press release channels.

You have already written a nice press release. Posting your press release to 50+ free PR sites can consume 5 to 8 hours of your valuable time. How to order this service.? It costs $10 each for just submitting press release to 50+ free press release websites. PDF version Distribute your press release to more than 50+ (70) free PR websites in our list. You may select one or more of following optional services for additional charge. Front page visibility: Our site receives around 2000 to 3000 visits per day. Price: $10.00. SignIndustry - Characterizing Browser. Thank You for Using Online PR News. Your press release has been successfully submitted to Online PR Media. It is now in our approval queue where our trained PR editors will review your news and approve it for posting. If you need to make any changes to your release at any time, please login to your account and edit your submission.

Your release will be reviewed and published within 24 hours of submission. Our goal is to help you promote your business! However, as a press release distribution site, we do have standards that we must comply with. If your release does not meet our guidelines, you will receive an email with an explanation and general editorial guidance. Take Promotion Into Your Own Hands Why pay a public relations firm thousands of dollars to shop your press release around when you can do it yourself? 5 Marketing Mistakes Life Coaches Make & How to Fix Them. You’re probably making the same marketing mistakes life coaches everywhere are making. Remember when you completed your coaching certification? You were so excited to get out there and coach people. You became a coach to help people, to make a difference in their lives and help them make change where they felt stuck. Fast forward to where you are now and you feel more like you’re lost at sea than anything else.

You’ve done everything they told you after completing your coaching program. You got your website, wrote some pages, figured out your packages and prices. Well, I want to tell you that it’s not your fault. Let’s solve some of that today. Marketing Mistakes Life Coaches Make #1: Not Defining Your Audience This one is easy to understand. The Fix: Define as specifically as possible who you want to coach. This can be very easy if you describe a single person. Marketing Mistakes Life Coaches Make #2: No Clear Plan to Acquire Clients The Fix: Create a ‘REAL’ Plan to Get Clients. Online Business Directory | Free Local Business Listings | Ace Web Directory. ABC Directory - Free Web Directory - Business Web Resources.

AWS Directory- Submission Form. Submit. Free directories list. Link building, article posting, directory submitting by manual submission for increasing backlinks. Categorize online social bookmark submission sites | Improve website traffic with manual submission. Blogging 101: Basic Blog Tips That Take Your Blog to the Next Level. My goal is to help YOU build a better blog and create awesome content!

Perhaps you decided that you want a blog, but you don’t know where to start. Or maybe you recently launched your site but you’re unsure how to increase traffic to your blog. You might be at the point where you have a basic knowledge of SEO and already know how to drive traffic to your blog, but you want to take it a step further and get targeted traffic the leads to sales and conversions. If you came here for answers to any of those questions, you’re in the right place to get top blogging tips and learn strategies that go beyond the basics and help you elevate your blog to the next level.

This article will help you discover what it takes for you to leverage your content and begin to identify and attract your target audience using Social Media, YouTube, Email Marketing, Link Building and basic SEO (search engine optimization) techniques. FAQ’s and Blogging Tips for Beginners With all that being said, let’s get ready to: Thank You For Commenting! - All Blogging Tips. Hey, I just wanted to personally thank you for taking your time to leave Your valuable comment! You know less than 1% of our readers, take initiative to engage in conversation – THE MOST GENUINE THANK YOU!

I want you to regularly visit this blog and participate in the discussions, because I know my blog is nothing without commentators like you. I’ll make sure to respond real soon, keep returning back we have a lot of great stuff coming! But if you don’t want to miss anything please subscribe via email! Like what you’ve read? Meanwhile, if you are scratching your head on where to start on this blog, I’ve something special for you. Click Here You can also browse through the archives.

Hope to see you around. Thanks for your time. Free Press Release Distribution Service. User_info. The CGI Directory: CGI Scripts, Tutorials, and more. Writing articles for CGIDir is a great experience and you will quickly find the benefits of it. Please take of your time to share your unique knowledge with a vast audience of readers searching for qualitative articles. Our system gives you the opportunity to be awarded for your writing. Our users benefit from being updated with the latest news, technology trends and industry insights.

Keeping the good tradition of CGIDir being always a source for free help, we are glad to give the same time the opportunity our writers to get promoted for their work. Although we do not pay the authors for providing their articles, we provide the opportunity these articles to be read by our users and thus increase the author's popularity. If you want to join our exclusive Platinum Author program you can write content exclusively for our sites. After filling and submitting the form in your account, we will contact you to schedule the time table and content ideas for your best performance on our site. Submit Your Press Release to Nanotechnology Now. Home > Submit Press Release This form is for nanotechnology news and press only - all others will be rejected, as will those without a verifiable email address.

Press Release or News Article Fields Title (Maximum 60 characters. Cannot be all caps.) Source (Name of company or university) URL (Reference) Abstract (Maximum 30 words) Story (Upload WORD or Plain Text docs, no PDFs) OR Story (Maximum 3,000 characters. Contact Information This applies to the company, individual, or university that the press release or news applies to.

Comments or Questions: You may include the URL to your company logo and/or photographs here. Instructions: Enter your information To enter the press release or news article, choose either Story (Upload) or Story (Text) Click "Submit" "Submit" will send your information to our Editorial team, who will in turn format it to fit our guidelines. Go to Terms and Conditions Press and news received between 8 a.m. and 4 p.m. All press and news must be in English. New | The ineptowl Mark. Continue Reading New Stories Login New user? Create a new account Register At least 5 characters Forgotten Password? RSS to Email - Feed Mailer. Blogadr - Free Blog Directory. Web Directory - Search Engine Agency. Participatory Notes and China Scare, Sensex Take A 551 Point Dip - Article Hangout. The Participatory Notes or P-Notes recommendation by the SIT has yet again created a sense of fear in the market. On Monday, the BSE Sensex fell by 551 points to reached its 5 week low.

NSE Nifty was also not spared and took a 160-point dip. Apart from the P-Note scare another reason for the fall can be attributed to the Chinese market that experienced more than 8% drop. The SIT has asked SEBI to implement rules that will allow the government to know who is investing in the P-Notes. The assurance provided by the finance minister, Mr. He said, “The government will take no immediate steps on the recommendations given by the SIT that was made to curb black money in the country.” “Any action that disrupts the market will not be taken,” he added. The total investment in P-Notes in 2.73 lakh crore, which 11.5% of FII’s total investment. Meanwhile, China experienced its worst fall in 8 years. Flipper - The Blog. Login. Can You Correctly Answer 10 Tricky Questions? TeacherTube Official Blog. Funny Videos, Funny Pictures, Flash Games, Jokes. User. Top Best News » Payment. PR Urgent - Thank You. - Publish Press Release free of charge. Pressbox : Add a Press Release. Thank You for Using Online PR News. - Sign In. Login to PR Log Press Release Submission. Press Releases. Don’t Know Much About… Anything. Overland Agency Directory- Submit Link. Add your URL to the Infotiger. Upcoming. User Hometaurus | Submitted | NewsMeBack. Blinklist Submission. Real Estate, Homes for Sale, Apartments for Rent- Hometaurus | Punteglias Marks. New | Desert Dwellers.

Error - Error - Feed Vault. Add your Blog to Blogs Rater. Submit. Can Website Design Affect SEO? 13 Predictions for the Future of Big Data - DZone Big Data. New | My Site Vote. XING Unternehmen. Slashdot - Submission. Submit RSS Site. New | aPerfectImage Marks. BiggerPockets: The Real Estate Investing Social Network. Home Business | iHubbub The Home Business Network. Bruno linares. Hometaurus Real Estate Blog › Log In. Showthread. Post to imgfave. 1look4 - Share Products, Coupons, Recipes, Reviews | Social bookmark your website. NGOPost. Upcoming small business news | BizSugar. My Locanto - Free Classifieds - Locanto™ United States. Real estate Lead Generation Platform. Lulu - Posted! Upcoming | Emo Links. Link Submission Successful. Downloading the software - Space Telescope Science Institute Forums. Add a Resource. High Rank Web SEO Submit directory For Quality Websites including Hosing, Forex, Currency Trading and other Business- Submit Link. Site promotion directory- Submit Link. Sign In - SlideBoom. Actweb-sport. Thanks. Ask a Question. How can we turn on the mysql service on our godaddy server.